Endless wonder

While Shannon is still out I wanted to drop in with a photo that was submitted to BME yesterday.  I found it quite beautiful and wanted to share.

This was sent in by Pink_Jonka in Croatia.  There is something so serene about it.  While I’ve never suspended, I have been there for several suspension events and there has always been something really beautiful about the atmosphere, the way everyone comes together and supports one another, that I really love.


Photo by Katja Goljat.


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5 thoughts on “Endless wonder

  1. i have to give credits to the photographer! i forgot to do it when i submitted the photos .. so .. photo was taken by katja galjot – https://www.facebook.com/katja.goljat – her facebook .. she made a series of photographs for here university degree .. i think most of the photographs were taken on suspension events made by Badaku team in Rijeka, Croatia ..

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