There’s something in your eye

It’s hard to believe that it’s going on 11 years since Rachel and I took a trip to The Netherlands so she could have her jewel eye implant.  11 years!   Not too long ago I was actually thinking that it’s still not something I ever really hear about.  Well, yesterday bodmodpunky sent in the photo below:


Artist: Danny
Studio: Rock the Body Studio
Location: Baden CH

This looks really nice and I’d love to hear the reactions when people realize, hey, you’ve got a skull in your eye!  I’ll be honest, I tend to forget Rachel even has it, it’s such an unobtrusive thing and so far as I know she hasn’t had any issues with it.  I’m not suggesting everyone should run out and get this done, if you do decide to get it done, make sure you do your research and find someone who knows what they’re doing!

Ear Pointing By Implant

Now I may have just been slacking on my ear pointing updates, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen ear pointing done this way before (feel free to post in the comments if you have and I’ll update!).
earpointI have never personally performed ear pointing but this looks like its much less invasive (albeit a bit less extreme looking) than conventional means. I don’t have much background on this photo, if anyone can shed a little light in the comments by all means do so!

Eyeball Implants Hit The Mainstream?

Nearly a decade ago Modblog covered Rachel’s extraocular implant.

Recently there has been a surge in news sources covering a woman paying $3,000 to have the same procedure done in New York City. Comparatively Rachel paid about $900 USD including the flight! Six months after Rachel’s procedure there were a few cases of  the media claiming that a few people in California were the first Americans to have it done. So not only is this topic not a new trend, it’s already been done in the United States, been covered, and it was already full of misinformation!

Now we all know more “conventional” news sources aren’t always up to date on what’s going on with the body modification community, but waiting almost 10 years to tout something as a “new fad” is a bit excessive. Even a quick internet search would let you know this has been going on for years, and that for 3 grand you could have a hell of a vacation in the Netherlands AND have the procedure done! It seems like there should be a bit more investigation work when it comes to hyping a body modification publicly.

It has always been interesting to me as a body piercer to see certain things randomly gain popularity. Forward helix piercings have been around since the dawn of time but I can’t begin to explain how frequently I’ve been asked about them this year. It leads me to wonder what else the mainstream media may finally discover and decide is the new cool and/or a danger to your children.

How do you feel about popular news sources picking up on body modifications? These articles expose a new audience to things they have never seen, but are often times filled with misinformation and spun in a negative light. Is it our job to shout back?

 Personally I’m holding my breath for when USA Today figures out what a subincision is, what a headline that will be!

Full Metal Alchemy Implant

While most implants are still basic shapes or “flash” selected from a limited portfolio (skulls, spiders, biomech ribs, and so on), these days it is possible to get cast custom implants made at a reasonable price and within a reasonable timeframe. Because of that, interesting new markets are starting to evolve that haven’t really existed until now — for example, the person below is a customer of Hugh Mattay’s (fb/hugh.mattay) who has no tattoos and no piercings — just implants! Hugh had already done a finger magnet on him as well as a pair of circular implants on his forearms, but this time he came in with something more complex, a printout of the Fullmetal Alchemist logo (a Japanese manga and video game series), which he wanted to have capped with an eye containing a magnet. Hugh got in touch with Max Yampolskiy (fb/max.yampolskiy) who created this and just three weeks later the customer was getting it implanted in his chest.

I really love that these days people who don’t enjoy the look of tattoos, scars, or piercings — the traditional forms of body art — have this 3D sculpting as a viable alternative. I’m really looking forward to seeing what other projects Hugh and this customer are going to get up to — for example, they’ve discussed stretching his lobes, but using internal implants, without piercings! Below are the Fullmetal Alchemist implant, right after draining 46ml of fluid (eww) (Hugh figures the unusually high amounts of fluid buildup are due to the difficulty of placing the complex shape), and also a picture of the client’s forearm implants.



Silicone-encased Sacred Object Implant

Jonah Wagner’s girlfriend, Namru La Vey, had a lapis lazuli stone disc, something that she’d treasured for thirteen years before giving it to Jonah, making him swear never to lose it. About three years ago Jonah crossed paths with Steve Haworth ( at the BMXnet conference, where he asked Steve whether he could build a a silicone implant around the disc — because lapis contains a wide cross-section of minerals, it’s unlikely that it could be safely implanted without being sheathed in a biocompatible scabbard to isolate it. Steve did some experiments to figure out the best way to cast silicone around the stone, and two years later sent Jonah a large silicone cross with the stone suspended in the center. Because of its size, he had Samppa Von Cyborg help out as well by cutting down the implant slightly so it would be more suited to a hand, and finally the pact was sealed as Jonah’s girlfriend, the original holder and gifter of the stone, implanted the cross into Jonah’s hand (with help from their boss Andrea Venhaus) at the Dortmund, Germany studio they all work at, Deep Metal (

The pictures below show the project the day of implantation, in November 2012, and in healed pictures taken a few days ago. Same drill as always — click and for the big pic.

lapis-implant-1t lapis-implant-2t lapis-implant-3t lapis-implant-4t

Tattoos with Boob Jobs

Some of you may remember five years ago when Lane had Brian Decker give his tattoo a boob job, which unfortunately came to an unpleasant demise. Amusingly this is a not uncommon gag, and I know a few other people with it as well. For example, I suspect after seeing Lane’s (although I don’t know that), my friend YK did his own breast implants on his tattoo, hand carving a piece of silicone and putting it in himself. Another friend shaped his tattoo into a more subtle form by injecting wax underneath it, and I suspect that as custom implants become more available, the art of mixing tattoos with implants will mature by leaps and bounds.

PS. Because I’m currently working on interviews, you may notice me posting some pictures that have already been featured some time ago in the main BME archives, as I run across things that also make an interesting ModBlog post.