Everybody into the pool!

Quick, someone save Meizy, she’s being attacked by an octopus!  Oh wait, that octopus isn’t attacking her.  It’s actually a photo from Julian Murray’s new book Tattoos and Tentacles.  I heard about the book a few months back, however the bookstore up here didn’t have a copy.  The holidays are coming up if anyone is feeling generous.*

*don’t actually buy me anything, Rachel will kill me if she thinks I’m using ModBlog to get presents

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One for the road

Nick Whybrow is one of the many talented artists at Self Sacrifice in London.  Recently he packed up his bags and has gone on an extended vacation to spend some time with his loved ones in the southern hemisphere.  Before he left he did have time to do this one final tattoo at Self Sacrifice.

Don’t fret, Nick will be back eventually, and while he’s on the road he’s still going to be working and sending in his newest creations.

The Iron Fist of Stalin

It is said that Joseph Stalin ruled Russia with an Iron Fist.  So who better than Stalin to represent one of the favorite activities of the notorious Jersey.

And in case the placement seems odd to you, here’s where it’s located.

As anyone who has been to an East Coast BME event can attest, if there’s fisting going down, Jersey is sure to be involved in some way, shape, or form.