BME 2004 Year-End Awards (Top Contributors of 2004) [The Publisher’s Ring]

2004 Year-End Awards

“Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

- Special Olympics Motto

For the past few years (2002, 2003) I’ve cataloged the top contributors every year. I don’t know if it’s related, but every year since doing that the number of contributions from the top people has escalated — it was absolutely staggering just how much some people helped out. This article recognizes those people who went above and beyond in contributions to BME, as well as giving public thanks to the many “pseudostaff” members that actually keep the site alive and running… and as I finish up this article, I already have thousands of submissions in my queue for the 2005 awards. Let me begin by showing you what the people on this page got for their work (other than warm feelings of course, but that won’t keep you clothed).

One of the prizes for making it to the list of people in this article is that you get a staff shirt. These staff shirts are utterly unavailable in any other way and are never reprinted or offered for sale. So if you see someone wearing one, they’re someone you can say “thanks” to (either that or they killed someone you can say thanks to and stole their clothes).

The shirt is meant to be reminiscent of a classic sacred heart, although in truth, like most things on BME, the reality is much dirtier. If you won one, if anyone asks, I’m sure you can concoct your own “if you don’t know, you don’t want to know” answer, but in truth it’s a rendering of the amazing Enpassant’s heavily modified (and in this case saline inflated) genitals that appeared on the cover of BME. You can visit his BME/HARD gallery as well if you’d like.

If you are on the list of people on this page, you should have received a message on IAM and via email explaining how to get your shirt (and possibly other prizes). If you didn’t, drop me a line ASAP to make sure your shirt is in the print run!

And now on with the awards!


Experience Review Team

2004 saw 9,081 new articles and experiences posted to BME. Before being added to the site they are moderated (reviewed) by a panel of IAM members — they read everything that’s submitted, and then decided which should make it to the site. A total of 1,386 individual IAM members took part in the review system, but the following reviewers approved the most number of experiences to the site in 2004 (this doesn’t include the ones they rejected).

Note: Links go to IAM pages and/or BME/HARD galleries as relevant.

first place second place third place

Don, rather appropriately a librarian from Coventry, UK, does much of the running of the experience review system for me. With 2,666 experiences personally approved this year he’s reviewed almost a third of all experiences added.

BlueStar, a twenty year old Photonics Engineering student from Niagara Falls, Canada approved 2,348 experiences this year.

IAM:deadly pale
Deadly Pale’s 1,917 approvals this year put Poland on the top-three map as well, so you won’t be hearing any “but you forgot about Poland” coming from BME’s competitors.

Cerra is in the #4 spot, representing Halifax, Nova Scotia with 1,631 approvals.

Rounding out the top five with 1,525 approvals is Buffalo, New York’s xPurifiedx.

Rebekah (who’s also the queen of the BME newsfeed) places sixth with 1,497 approvals.


Just squeezing past a thousand is New Orleans’ Purrtykitty4m with 1,046 approval reviews.


With 1,010 reviewed stories posted this year, Drip ensures that iam:Christian is well represented in spot number eight.

The folks above are all in the “over a thousand” club in terms of successful positive reviews for the year. Below are the runners up (who also deserve a lot of thanks for their help) — each of them reviewed over five hundred approved experiences this year:

  1. der_narr (903)
  2. The Stolen Child (891)
  3. WasabiTurtle (694)
  4. instigator (679)

  1. Fuzzybeast (635)
  2. seahorse girl (613)
  3. Bear151556 (551)
  4. Uberkitty (539)

  1. Shit Disturber (520)
  2. Doldrums (509)
  3. cuthalcoven (505)

Top Experience Authors

Those 9,081 experiences had 7,277 distinct authors, many of whom wrote more than one story. The top BME authors of the year 2004 in terms of number of stories written were:

first place second<br />
place third<br />

Chapel Hill, North Carolina’s Uberkitty wrote a truly staggering thirty one experiences for BME in 2004. That’s more than one every two weeks!
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31

Dawnie, a charming (and kind of pervy) Southern Belle, is responsible for a total of twenty five experiences, many in BME/HARD, putting her in second place.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25

Rounding out third with an incredible twenty two stories is BlueStar, who’s also a medal-ranked winner on the review team.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

With seventeen stories written this year, Duisburg, Germany’s der_narr ties for fourth place.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Also with seventeen stories this year and tying for fourth place is Michigan pagan Mythernal.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

Placing fifth with a still impressive sixteen stories written this year, Purrtykitty4m ranks as both a top writer and top reviewer on BME.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Placing sixth with fourteen stories in 2004 (plus an interview she did with her mother) is Toledo’s Cuthalcoven.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Ranking lucky number seven is Porcelina from Perth, Australia.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The runners up for top experiences are as follows (many are tied, thus the repeating numbers):

8. Flutterfly (11 stories)
8. KoLdFroNt (11)
8. Cerra (11)
9. hunterjackson (10)
9. The Stolen Child (10)
9. Marsdweller (10)
9. rwethereyet (10)
9. DirtyPrettyThings (10)
10. JuanKi (9)
11. Orilind (8)
11. Asurfael (8)
11. SadisticSarah (8)
11. Shamus Greenman (8)

Top Image Submitters
Warning: This part of the article contains some
adult photos!

This is where things really get crazy! Of course the largest section of the site is the image galleries; this year 130,319 pictures were added by a total of 14,668 separate people. The top submitters donated truly staggering quantities of images, and competition was tight and fierce. Skipping over Kokomi’s almost ludicrous quantity, the next three were separated by only fifty images! The top BME image submitters of 2004 are:

first place second<br />
place third<br />

Writing anonymously from Germany, Kokomi has this year submitted 3,170 new images to his popular bonus gallery in BME/HARD — and he’s ranked every year we’ve tracked submissions!

Not only did Walkerton’s rwethereyet submit 1,881 images to both his bonus gallery and other parts of BME, but he also designed a BME shirt based on his interests!

A generous person and talented piercer, as the number three image submitter and the top piercer for 2004, Kivaka represents Lockport, IL’s Tattoo City. 1,844 images have been added by him this year.

With 1,828 Marty came so close to the top three, and were it not for being fired for refusing to pierce a minor, he’d be there. He currently pierces at Worcester, MA’s Piercing Emporium.

Bea & Lehni
With 1,368 new pictures added to their gallery, these kinky German swingers stay quite popular!

Perhaps tired from submitting well over two thousand images last year (he was the top contributor of 2003), with 1,366 pictures in 2004, Japan’s Nobcatz again ranks among BME’s most prolific photographers.

With both a popular bonus gallery and images in nearly all sections of the site, Andie has sent us 1,288 photos this year.

With 1,277 photos this year both in his ritual gallery, his scarification gallery, and across the site as a piercer, D-Markation, Quebec City’s Efix is eighth on our list of contributors and the third piercer on the list.

With 1,227 photos this year, this UK photographer (watch out for him at conventions!) has extensively documented BE and Vampy’s work.

Having added 1,124 to his creative bonus gallery in BME/HARD, Ars rounds out tenth place on our contributor’s list.

Always gonzo, Philadelphia’s Perk900 has added 1,084 pictures to BME this year, the last on our list to crack a thousand.

WenchyBev & Neil
With 933 new pictures resurrecting their gallery in 2004, WenchyBev and Neil’s bonus gallery in BME/HARD continues to grow.

At the core of Brasil’s +3 suspension team, dsw has contributed 821 pictures over 2004.

Photographer x31337x has contributed 784 images this year, many of them documenting Rites of Passage.

The only person to be a ranking experience reviewer, top writer, and image contributor for 2004, Cerra added 821 images.

My kinky friend UrbanSoul from Italy has added 671 new pictures to his BME/HARD bonus gallery this year.

Scandinavia’s Asurfael has contributed 670 image in 2004, injecting some much needed rock’n’roll into BME/HARD via her bonus

The naughtiest housewife I know, VEAL has added 652 images to her bonus gallery and elsewhere in

The runners up for top image submitter were as follow:

  1. Codezero (644 pictures)
  2. jonathanpiercing (640)
  3. AlmightyStudios (629)
  4. MontanaPiercer (623)
  5. Joao_Malabares (587)
  6. lilfunky1 (552)
  7. stainless (551)
  8. j_scarab (540)
  9. Cenobitez (536)
  10. shadow (523)

  1. babakhin (505)
  2. (anonymous) (490)
  3. glider (467)
  4. Kirsten (451)
  5. Vex Hecubus (427)
  6. theSearcher (422)
  7. MiZ C (413)
  8. inksation (412)
  9. Alcan (387)
  10. hypermike (379)
    vampy (379)

  1. Big Rick (362)
  2. Sicklove (360)
  3. Foxx (341)
  4. LargeGauge (331)
  5. mac13mac13 (318)
  6. brian (303)
  7. ScabBoy (285)
  8. PiercedPuff (283)
  9. peco (281)
  10. la negra (279)
  11. luvpain99 (269)

BME/News Team

BME/News is one of my favorite sections of BME. It includes a number of columns and articles from the top body modification writers (and doers) around the world, as well as a newsfeed which tracks articles in the mainstream news that are of particular relevance to BME readers. Below are some of the people who more actively made BME/News possible in 2004.

The Lizardman
The incredible, amazing Lizardman, Erik Sprague, writes both a monthly column for BME and a regular “ask the Lizardman” Q&A. Visit him on IAM or at his website for more on his adventures (and his tour

Jim Ward
Jim Ward, founder of both the world’s first piercing studio and piercing magazine, documents that history in his fascinating Running the Gauntlet. Visit him at Gauntlet Enterprises.
Fakir Musafar
I’m deeply honored to have the legendary Fakir Musafar, who should need little introduction, writing for BME. Visit him at to learn more about his many other projects.

(The late) Cora Birk
You feared him as yttrx and then cried with him as he transitioned to a woman under the name Cora Birk. This gender swap, documented in his Shapeshift column, was ultimately cut short as he became Jamix.
Stay tuned?

Marisa Kakoulas
Marisa’s new column Legal Link addresses legal issues for the modified community, and is a companion to her upcoming book on tattoo law. And yes, she’s a real NYC lawyer, so don’t mess with her.

While other people help as well, Rebekah’s contribution of 2,256 stories to the BME Newsfeed were absolutely essential in keeping it running (and put her nearly two thousand stories ahead of any other person).

QOD Staff

BME’s “question of the day” service remains hugely popular, having been asked thousands of questions over the last year. Not including me, the following staff members helped out this year by each answering over two hundred questions a piece from readers:

This years most prolific QOD answering, slightly exceeding “of the day” with 387 answers in 2004, performance and body artist Vampy is currently best known for her work with UK
suspension team Body Evolution.

IAM:Lori St. Leone
One of BME’s many expats, Alaskan Lori St. Leone owns Darwin, Australia’s Vogue Body
. She’s answered 375 questions for BME readers (and her fans) this year.

IAM:Derek Lowe
Derek Lowe, APP piercer at Saint Sabrina’s in Minneapolis masculinizes our top three
by answering 238 QODs in 2004.

Additional work was done by Gary, Sean Philips, Monte, Shawn Porter, Rachel Larratt, Phish, and Ryan Worden.

Other BME Staff

Finally, the people below are some of the core individuals who kept BME running in 2004.

Hey, it’s me! I think you know what I do already, right?

My beautiful and brilliant wife Rachel writes and photographs for BME, handles all of our
finances, and is the publisher of her own magazine LOOSE.

Jen handles all of BME’s online customer support, out of a cold, cold office in the Maritimes.

Apparently having forgiven me for endangering his wedding ceremony, Mike takes care of many of the emergency technical issues on BME and IAM and helps keep everything online (either that or he’s planning the greatest revenge of all time).

For years now Dita has worked hard to maintain the BME
portal and has brought BME to hundreds of thousands of new readers through it.

Jon has written (and maintains) many of the software tools on BME like the link engine and
iam.crush2. He’s also one of the core forces behind Fishing Fury.

Ryan and Corrie Worden run BMEshop start to finish. I don’t know if that makes them “staff” or not, but they deserve to be here!

Not quite so “vanilla” in real life, Danielle not only provided essential help on IAM management in 2004, but she also maintains the wonderful IAM:INFO help site.

Hailing from exotic Madagascar, Toronto designer Badur is responsible for the better looking
parts of BME’s look, was half of the BME Road Trip, co-organized BMEFEST 2004, and more.

There are a lot of people I’ve missed I’m sure (and if you think I missed you and you want
your shirt, don’t be afraid to write me — I’m talking to you, Blake, co-organizer of BMEFEST 2004).
You’ve seen the numbers though — you know that this is only the tip of the iceberg when
it comes to BME’s nebulous staff of hundreds of thousands of contributors around the world. I
wish I could thank every one of those people here, but clearly that’s not possible. However,
BME stands as a legacy to their efforts, and everyone who’s helped make it happen deserves

See you in 2005!

Shannon Larratt

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