Rev. Aaron "Tattoo" Davis

Damn Darn, what’s with all the religious posts recently? I just got an email from police officer and Christian preacher Aaron Davis showing me pictures of his new tribal work. Aaron just put out a book encouraging Christians not to judge others — including those with tattoos.

Can’t say that I can entirely at all support his D.A.R.E. stance, but I suppose this trend in Christianity to embrace different ways of living is a good thing — certainly better than the extremism that’s brought us, oh, a couple thousand years of war!

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  1. My Hebrew is pretty close to fluent, but I cannot figure out what word that is supposed to be. It’s not in my Ben-Yehuda pocket dictionary. And come to think of it, the spelling seems somehow extremely unnatural. I’m sounding it out as “imichdal” (note that natural Hebrew normally inserts an extra letter ‘yud’ after the vowel sound ‘i’). Does anyone have any ideas, or could this be a Near Eastern spin on the classic kanji-gone-wrong?

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