What’s cooler than being cool?

Friends don’t let friends choose their own nicknames.

[LINK via IAM:Mikesch.]

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56 thoughts on “What’s cooler than being cool?

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    Posted on 03-12-2006 08:02:55 by dano
    oh, what a winner this chump looks like. well done.

  2. he told his friends to start calling him mr. cool ice. and the artisy only capitalized the L on his frontside. hahaha what a moron (both the artist and the canvas)

  3. Check out just the CAPS

    M.C. LICE

    I look at tats as things for the future…. I dont know what I like now and even though I have a nick now it has changed…. GOOD luck with a freakin COVERUP.

  4. You don’t have to say “Cool Ice”. Ice is always cold, you don’t have to point that out! You wouldn’t say “Wet Water” would you? If those are fake, it’s funny as hell. If they’re real…..well I don’t know.

  5. who would agree to do these tattoos?! they’ve got to be equally idiotic, or just mean!!! :o

  6. LOL, I never thought I would see a friggin idiot as stupid. I bet he thinks he looks so coooool.
    The only thing thats iced is his brain for having such tasteless tattoos.

  7. did anyone else notice the sun glasses on the back of his head? He’s unique, I’ll give him that.

  8. Lol so funny but i guess he could come in real handy .Id pay him to carry in the keg for a party and sevre ICE cold beer and mingle with his shirt off …or if things were going rapidly down hill and needed some back up .Im sure MR. COOL ICE could be counted on.Does any 1 know what trailer park he lives in? Id like to meet him in person one day?But hey to each his own…~_0

  9. this is why you take your shoes off before you pass out at a party.

    I should be the sharpie spokesperson.

    “kids, don’t let this happen to you”

  10. I think that is skin deep ink ~_0 He could marry cream and they could give thier kids cOOl names like cube & watter..

  11. This guy is %100 real. He doesn’t live in a trailer park, he lives in Mainz, Germany, and I have seen him in person there. I saw him a few years ago when I was there, and it only just occurred to me to Google him…funny that he’s all over the internet now. He also has a jacket with that same stupid skull tattoo on it.

  12. I am real gladd to see him bumped today I needed that.Btw even if he lives in Germany in a crystal palace ….he is still trailer park ~_0

  13. Hmm, so he’s German and got all these awful tats in English to look “cool” — just think, this is how thousands of Americans with big, incorrect Kanji tattoos (on hansismatter, etc.) must look like to Asians…

  14. I’m usually not one to dis on anyone who is passionate about any particular thing….but seriously….what a dumbfuck!!!

  15. Why? For the love of God, why? Why would, why did… that dumb shit has got to be the village idiot. That’s it. He’s just slow. Nobody in their right mind would do that for real. He seems to be desperately trying to making up for a lack of… other physical attributes.

  16. I saw him at the 15th Annual Tattoo Convention in Frankfurt. Luckily he had a shirt on so the only tattoo I noticed on him was the sunglasses on his head. I was like WTF?!?! Kinda wish I would have seen the rest cause it was a bad day and I would have laughed my ass off.

  17. I like the Capital L on the front. “Mr Coo Lice” Dou think the tattooist was taking the piss?

  18. My my my, what happened to the oh-so open minded group of people this community is meant to consist of?
    Granted I wouldn’t tattoo my nickname on one or several bodyparts, I don’t see how it’s cool (pun not intended) to for modblog to mock tattooed people. But whatever.. Just a thought..

    ..By the way, maybe he’s an ice-cream seller with a real sense of closeness to his trade!

  19. Yeah it sucks sometimes bme sensors my thoughts when im not thinking. the fuckin dirty rats …but if we all gang together at the mall food court they cant stop us all !!!

  20. If your looking for a way to make some money I do believe there are too many people running around with bad tattoo’s. Maybe a good business venture to remove tattoo’s. Maybe the world will turn into a Mad Max nightmare and these folks will fit right in? Maybe he could get on the Jay Leno show and earn some money to help pay to remove them? Some folks really live for that kind of attention? I would like to think there was a story behind the Mr. Cool Ice theme?

  21. Great tattoos. All of you people dissing this guy: I wonder if you’d have the courage to tattoo yourself this way, irregardless of what people think / say about it. This guy had the courage to show the world how he defined himself / what he called himself, doubtless knowing that people might make fun of him. I say he’s more confident and assured than 99.9% of people. This guy obviously REALLY dosen’t care what people think, he 100% has the courage to be himself. Good for him!

  22. This German man shows that Americans aren’t the only morons in the world. Sadly, this is the only real purpose Mr. CooL ICE serves with his tattoos.

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  24. If you look on Youtube, you can find a video about him on a talk show. He’s real.

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