More copied tattoos

Copy someone’s tattoo, and you will get outed, and your peers will laugh at you next time you show your face at a convention. I realize copying of tattoos is going to happen, and there’s probably nothing that will entirely stop it, but it can’t happen in the shadows. You will be named as a plagiarist.

Original by Cory Ferguson

Rip off by King of Kings

This dirtbag even has the gall to include the photo in his online portfolio — that is, he’s using it to advertise what a good “artist” he is. Cory designed the piece from scratch for a dear friend of his. It’s an original custom creation and it reflects Cory’s skills as an artist. The cheap copy on the right reflects only their ability to copy. It’s false advertising, and puts customers at risk by effectively lying to them about the actual qualification of the “artist”.

I’d say King of Kings at least owes Cory Ferguson a royalty payment.

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7 thoughts on “More copied tattoos

  1. The fact that these tattoo’s are similar, does not mean that king of kings is not a artist,I myself,know for a fact that he is a GREAT tattoo artist with a GREAT creative mind!!!

  2. SIMILAR??? You’re fucking kidding me right? If he were such a great artist wouldn’t he be featured on here for something other than ripping off others?

  3. O Lord wtf are you talking about. Imitation copy whatever you want to call it is cOOl and flattering. one mans cover band is another mans copy cat cheat. Artist here that I see posted copy every1 else from famous photographs to builders to nature to fuckin brands name soup cans but then it’s cool?I just get the feeling that to many artist take themselves way to seriuos( and dont really understand the true meaning of art ) after all the universe copies itself in shape and form from the small atoms to the shape and form of galaxies 100′s of millions lights in distance .It’s called a fractal universe and ;;;it’s just that it complies with tattoos. It’s just dissapointing that the dim view came from Shannon P.S. here’s a link to the fractal universe may it open your mind and soul to the universe and all it has to offer P.P.S. ~OM~

  4. Just my 2 cents but when I went to Cory’s site while the work is nice there is no way that it rates $150 an hour..there are many many more talented artist that charge $100 an hour to start… but like I said thats just my opinion… I guess all that really matters in the end is how saitisfied the chicks are in the photo’s are with the work done on thier back’s.i hope they are both very pleased with thier pieces. :-)(-:

  5. Stop crying, the client may have brought him the picture as a drawing and asked him to do it for him and in good faith he did his best, you should be flattered.

  6. hahaha. “that bitch ripped off my tattoo” “ah shit! does it hurt?” “what?” “she ripped it off, right? like off your skin?” “no you tard. she copied it” “oh”

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