Smiley Toe Tattoo

You know what the best part of these übercute toe-smiley tattoos done by Stacy from Electric Graffitti in Muscatine, Iowa are? They’re on a kickboxer!

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7 thoughts on “Smiley Toe Tattoo

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    Posted on 10-27-2005 02:34:53 by katie k
    that’s so fucking cute i can’t contain myself. geez.

    Posted on 10-27-2005 18:27:53 by footlover
    it’s too bad they didn’t make little piggy faces on them instead!

    Posted on 10-30-2005 00:40:57 by Antishock
    There’s actually an ad in a Runner’s World magazine for Reebok shoes with the exact same “tattoos” (obviously its drawn on for the ad).. saying that rebooks make happy toes…. since alot of marathoners lose their toenails and cripple their toes during training.. anyways.. blabbing.

    Posted on 11-03-2005 09:04:32 by Poppie
    That is so sweet!

    Posted on 11-22-2005 20:50:05 by Melissa Lissa
    thats the greatist
    i draw that on my toes sometimes when im bored but i make each face differnt.
    i cant believe someone got that as a tat!

    Posted on 11-29-2005 05:11:46 by dutchweirdo
    I have similar tattoos on to of my toes, which are grown together at the bottom, so the two faces actually hugh each other.
    But looking at these toes, I wonder if the ink will realy hold well. You have to put in the ink rather deeply…

    Posted on 12-15-2005 00:26:19 by Chaps
    they appeared in a television ad. The smileys sang “born to be alive” in chorus.

  2. I think this is sooo awesome. I’m thinking about getting it myself now that I’ve seen it. That is, if I could stand the pain on the bottom of my toes. It would make me happy everytime I looked at my feet! :)

  3. i am actually very interested in tattoo’ing the bottom of my big toe, and found this whilst researching (great tatts :) )
    can anyone share their experiences please?! i am worried about the healing process, what with feet being sweaty and walked on all day, and also have been hearing that they may wear off there? i thought tattoo’s couldn;t wear off?!

  4. Danni, I recently got my tattoo done on the underneath of my toes, one foot saying vicky and the other chris as you can see there are five letters in mine and my fiance’s name and they look wicked, but and there is a big but here! They are wearing off now and I only got them done a couple of weeks ago!!! After getting it done i was walking on them straight away as there was no pain at all, and they didnt really hurt either, but i cant compare it to anything else as it was my first. Maybe it didnt hurt as he (tatooist) didnt go deep enough!!!!
    GOOD LUCK, i think there great

  5. I just got different faces put on my right foot toes. My girlfriend did them at home one afternoon. It didn’t really hurt and the ink has held well… I love my ‘kids’

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