Body Piercing for the Amish

Purple666 sent us this funny picture of a pierced beard, done at the first annual Porto Alegre Tattoo convention (that’s in Brasil for the geographically challenged).

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5 thoughts on “Body Piercing for the Amish

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    Posted on 12-02-2005 12:47:40 by Katie
    WOAH. That’s crazy.

    Posted on 12-02-2005 13:35:36 by Chester
    My wife complains that my beard is scratchy…

    Posted on 12-02-2005 18:46:55 by joshua
    is that an ear pointing on top of that beard??

    Posted on 12-02-2005 23:57:53 by an0nymous_vamp1re
    Wow, interesting!

    joshua-It looks to me like it is.

    Posted on 12-03-2005 01:08:50 by shona
    that is a pretty extreme piercing.

    Posted on 12-03-2005 02:25:37 by eggtea
    oh jeeze!

    Posted on 12-05-2005 08:56:29 by Poppie
    That looks really pretty. I assume he isnt keeping it though, those are just curved bbs.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 14:40:29 by ginette
    your a fucking loser

    Posted on 12-07-2005 14:42:10 by ginette
    that is fucking disgusting, why would you make yourself more ugly?

    Posted on 12-07-2005 14:42:39 by ginette
    that is fucking disgusting, why would you make yourself more ugly?

    Posted on 12-07-2005 15:22:34 by jason
    hey ginette if you can’t say anything nice then kindly shut the fuck up.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 15:23:50 by nicole w
    that is just nasty like if he does keep that for some reasonwhet he gets stuble to full beard its goiong to look ugly

    Posted on 12-14-2005 01:27:48 by gir
    it looks very cool now but how will he shave? If he doesn’t the beard will just cover it up…then its even more pointless.

    Posted on 12-17-2005 17:19:50 by me, MA in art hist
    This is quite artistic, although I’m sure it’s also impractical. “in Brazil for the geographically challenged” sounds like someone who knows every town, city and hamlet in the whole world; unlikely I think. Also “If you can’t say anything nice then kindly shut the fuck up.” Ever heard of ‘free speech’ or do you think speech should be policed, or thought whilst were at it. (and you sound like my grandma).

    Posted on 12-18-2005 02:43:44 by fuck
    hi, i’m a dumbass, and probably will never be able to get a job anywhere.

    good news though, when my kids kiss me they will get cut!

    Posted on 12-18-2005 16:07:34 by What the fuck
    This is too excessive! Not finding a job is the least of his problems he looks like a fucking tool! Talk about trying to stand out in a crowd!

    Posted on 12-27-2005 13:52:43 by Mandee
    I like it!!!
    It looks pretty wicked and that was probably really painful! but’ts pretty neat looking.

    Posted on 01-23-2006 20:20:46 by SheWontBurn
    If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.
    People really need to watch Bambi.
    I’m listening to who killed Bambi:)

    Posted on 01-23-2006 21:51:47 by blackbird__fly
    What is wrong with people? Haven’t they ever heard the term ‘play piercing’? And hey, why read modblog if you don’t like mods?

    Anyway, I think this looks fucking awesome.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 04:22:39 by Iam
    There’s a sh ow called american dad, well haley his hippie loving daughter sang a song against guns, it said tupaq would still be tapping ass bambie’s mom would still be eating grass if you hated gun.

    sorry the comment about bambi reminded me about that

  2. This is what happens when you have a journal/blog that isn’t IAM-only.

    Shannon has a feature in his personal blog on IAM every so often about all the hate mail and “your gross you fucking loser who would do that yo mama must have hated you, your ugly already your website is disgusting and gods gunna punish you…” mail. (grammar and vocabulary mistakes intentional since most hate mailers are uneducated ingrates apparently).

    Anyways, my point is that its inevitable to have haters and people who selfishly expect people to follow their personal standards and expectations post here when its open to the general internet public just like alot of BME.

    Hearing people talk shit about our lifestyle just makes me shake my head in shame. In Shame that i’m the same human race as the one who criticizes me like that. Goes to show you the amount of people who expect the world to have their eyes closed to the many lifestyles and beliefs out there. They think their choice is the right one and everyone else who’s different, in physical appearance or lifestyle or beleifs, is wrong and should be treated like shit.

    I guess it takes an upper level of intelligence and understanding to be able to turn your back to conformity and be yourself.

  3. I haven’t gotten anything done recently. I’ve just been hanging out doing nothing. I haven’t been up to anything these days, but it’s not important. Today was a total loss.

  4. Wow.
    I thought that it was understood when you entered a site such as Modblog, when there is such a WIDE range of possible ways to modify the body, that you would require some tolerance to stay around for long?
    It’s likely a play piercing. This will not affect his ability to get a job or kiss children or whatever other ignorant nonsense was posted as a possible repercussion. If it is not a play piercing, then perhaps. But use the beautiful masses of gray matter in your heads for a moment; is it practical for him to keep the piercings for long? No. Some of them may reject. And as his facial hair begins to grow and he’s unable to shave around the new piercings, it will become tangled, et cetera, and he’ll eventually remove them.
    Good gods, there are pictures of men with their testicles hanging out of their nutsacs, and you choose to attack something as comparatively docile as this?

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