They pierce dogs in Hungary?

…or is it a gag photo? You decide.

“Hi. My name is Bea. I’m Sanjin’s dog, and I also have a piercing. I had it done one year ago and I’m very happy with it!”

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6 thoughts on “They pierce dogs in Hungary?

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    Posted on 12-03-2005 23:31:02 by shona
    that is wicked cool.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 01:57:59 by Micrurus
    I don’t think a dog would be very happy with a septum.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 02:43:36 by joshua
    or at least a ring through a septum.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 05:38:17 by Solanum
    yeah, i’m not happy with my septum at all. I’ll have it removed surgically.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 09:46:08 by Micrurus
    Haha, good correction :D I should have said septum piercing.

    Posted on 12-04-2005 13:15:26 by joshua
    we’re buttholes

    Posted on 12-04-2005 22:48:48 by poorpuppy
    i really hope its a gag

    Posted on 12-04-2005 23:29:30 by Micrurus
    The ring looks very thick. If it’s real it must have hurt a lot.

    Posted on 12-05-2005 00:50:41 by SavageGypsy
    I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s real. If they crop their dogs ears, what more is it to put a ring through his/her septum

    Posted on 12-05-2005 01:53:12 by Twitch
    If it’s real, how did they keep the dog from ripping it out? Even after it healed, you’d think it would bother the dog enough to try and get it out.

    Posted on 12-05-2005 13:36:29 by Micrurus
    I’m not a fan of cropped ears either but after that the dog has no more problems with that, but a septum piercing is a constant irritation for an animal whose acutest sense is smell (specially with a ring so big)

    Posted on 12-07-2005 12:03:13 by Halo
    I think it’s a fake. The ring’s way too big, and on the left side of the image (right side of the dog, for those who prefer to be correct), the ring doesn’t even look like it’s attached.

    Posted on 12-07-2005 23:21:50 by Branden
    Dude, I know that looks sick, but my Mom’s dog just totally chewed it’s own tail off.

    Posted on 12-17-2005 17:13:03 by fresh air is good
    They do this to bulls; I would still say this could count as animal cruelty in some countries.

    Posted on 12-27-2005 13:56:37 by Mandee
    thats just grosse and ignorant :(
    People have different opinions but the dog cant speak. Plus its dangerous..what if he gets it caught of something and tears it out :(
    Poor Puppy :(:(

    Posted on 04-14-2006 12:47:05 by cheese
    thats one horrible looking sofa

  2. it should not be done to bulls either!! People make me sick, you cant be happy enough with your animals companionship, that you mutulate them with peircings and tattoos. Its so rediculous,and cruel. Any one who does this should have there pets removed from them, and they obviously dont love there pets. They are not toys, and ear and tail cropping is also cruel, saying that happens doesnt make it ok!!!

  3. well id say its a fake..well id hope it is!!! im such a massive doggy loving gurl and if this is for real then its way over the line..n cruelity..but hey im 99.9% its a bullsh** pic so im not gonna go grey over it. xxx [gotta run need change dressing on my doggys new tattoo!!]

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