The benefits of a scrotal tunnel

Perhaps the above entry got you wanting to see a post that’s a little more explicit? I’ll aim to do that here by telling the guys reading this why it’s in their best interests to get a scrotal piercing and stretch it up nice and big so it can fit a tunnel like most people wear in their ears.

So, you’ve got this kind of funny looking tunnel in your nutsack. Doesn’t seem like it’s doing much for you, right?

But don’t sell it short. People will think it’s, like, neat-oh!

They’ll want to look through it — is it really that big? Does it really go all the way through?

And they’ll want to play with it.

They’ll be thrilled to discover that it actually improves cell phone reception. And with their mouth so close, how can they resist a lick? Yeah, and it’s pretty much just all downhill from there. Or should I say uphill? I don’t know. Whichever you prefer.

Trust me. You won’t regret it.

As always, become a member if you want more photos and at higher resolution.

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of a scrotal tunnel

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 12-15-2005 23:06:09 by cellfire
    haw haw…that’s me! i didn’t think the pics would get -this- much attention! :)

    Posted on 12-15-2005 23:14:32 by glider
    The series is hilarious, thank you!!!!
    (I saved the three monkeys gag for the main site)

    Posted on 12-16-2005 02:05:38 by cellfire
    we weren’t even trying to be funny….i just like to put random objects through my scrotal piercing…figured i should take pics for a change

    Posted on 12-26-2005 02:23:30 by Ghost Surfer
    From the earlier comments:(haw haw…that’s me! i didn’t think the pics would get -this- much attention!.)No and the rest of the world probably didnt either ha ha ……

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