Yes, it’s a MY SPOON IS TOO BIG tattoo. If you’re not sure what this is about, you can watch the inspirational video here (if that link is broken, just search online for “my spoon is too big”).

I think I may have confused my records, but if I didn’t, that’s done by Rev. Marshall at Exotica Tattoo in Madison, WI. Marginally related are these wedding tattoos by Alastair “A.J.” Cameron-Hodges at Mom’s Tattoo in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Now I feel dumb because I can’t remember the origin of this tattoo… Phil told me about it (and the first one in the entry too) when it came in, but he’s gone fishing today… So someone post in the forum about these!

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5 thoughts on “MY SPOON IS TOO BIG

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    Posted on 12-20-2005 13:23:51 by squara
    matchgirl and stickboy, a love that could never last…story by tim burton.

    Posted on 12-20-2005 13:33:24 by cherry
    i love this story. great idea for a tattoo..

    Posted on 12-20-2005 13:43:31 by volatile

    Posted on 12-20-2005 14:42:16 by Jets
    Oh, man, those are amazing

    Posted on 12-20-2005 15:23:50 by 13lotusflowers
    I am a banana.

    Posted on 12-20-2005 15:41:26 by savagerabbit
    I came in to say it’s Match Girl and Stick Boy as well, from The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories by Tim Burton. :)

    Posted on 12-20-2005 16:25:10 by HocusPocus
    Stick Boy and Match Girl in Love:
    Stick Boy liked Match Gilr,
    he liked her a lot.
    He liked her cute figure,
    he thought she was hot.
    But could a flame ever burn
    for a match and a stick?
    It did quite literally;
    he burned up pretty quick.

    Posted on 12-20-2005 20:23:31 by valentxne
    reminds me of salad fingers

    Posted on 12-20-2005 22:03:28 by dream3r
    omg, that is the best series of rejected animation ever. props to the My Spoon is Too Big tat, and much love for Tim Burton references.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 00:21:51 by suspiciousmysterytrain
    Don Hertzfeld – rejected will probably give you the best results

    Posted on 12-21-2005 03:35:20 by crypulse
    oh my. all my favourite things, all wrapped up in ONE MODBLOG ENTRY!!!
    wonderfulness all around.

    Posted on 12-21-2005 04:28:35 by Lauren
    That animation made me laugh so much, and it’s only nearly 9am(!)

    My spoon is too big..


    Posted on 12-21-2005 04:34:06 by kittiegurl03
    Isn’t “my spoon is too big” FROM salad fingers?

    Posted on 12-21-2005 05:47:50 by Lauren
    No, thats all about Rusty Spoons.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 03:59:03 by Me
    A friend of mine has the Hertzfeld tattoo, in the same place, but I don’t think that pic is of him. He’s thinking of getting a bracelet of the “MY ANUS IS BLEEDING!” dancers around the ankle under it.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 05:14:41 by PhilipBarbosa
    when the matchgirl and stickboy tattoo came in i grabbed it an put it aside for a modblog post immediatly mostly for [iam]Catertot[/iam] since it was her who first introduced me to the story.

    i am really happy more people out there apreciated it.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 14:06:52 by dream3r
    i’ve honestly never heard of matchgirl and stick boy before this entry.

    Posted on 12-22-2005 23:45:54 by godlike
    pure genius, i rolled on the floor laughing

    Posted on 12-23-2005 20:20:38 by Roxy
    Take the quiz to find out which ‘Rejected’ character you are. How funny!

    Posted on 12-30-2005 01:51:54 by coiffed
    oh, my, goodness. Everyone I have met since eleventh grade has had some form of running joke with one of the many don hertzfeltd (sp) cartoons… That is absolutely inspired! ROCKS MY SOCKS

    Posted on 01-31-2006 10:30:38 by mei
    I love both tattoos. The Rejected tattoo is awesome. I absolutely love it. And the matchgirl and stickboy are also done really well. It all looks great!

  2. OMG when i first saw trhat cartoon on my lil brothers laptop i laughed so hard i think i wet myself haha jj… hmm i wander what the teachers at skool are gonna think when he shows the kids at skool…(hes in the laptop class)

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  4. A great idea for a tat! No offense though, but the “Rejected” artwork is weirdly off-model and kind of poorly done. Did your artist have an original copy to go off, or did he guess-timate it or something? It looks like it was drawn from someone’s memory of these characters and not Hertzfeldt’s original. Like the banana’s eyes are way off-model, as are his hands. Anyway just a suggestion! Cheers

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