More nice big angel wings

A while back I showed you the long wing tattoos on winged_boi. Presumably you already know about Elayne Angel‘s pioneering wings (also covered on BME), but I thought that I ought to show you Catie’s wings as well, done by Shaf at Painless Steel in Missoula, MT:

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11 thoughts on “More nice big angel wings

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    Posted on 12-23-2005 16:02:04 by littleskittles
    so beautiful :)

    Posted on 01-08-2006 20:30:12 by eggtea
    i ussually don’t like wings, but i would have to say this is surly an exeption. very nice work!

    Posted on 01-15-2006 15:51:41 by nowheregrrl
    nicely done, but you’re not an angel, accept it! pls don’t get wing tattoos! Anyone!

    Posted on 02-08-2006 09:03:37 by kelbat
    They are beautiful.

    Posted on 02-14-2006 03:51:00 by allyse
    oh my god – i abslutely adore this….

    Posted on 02-18-2006 19:26:04 by Kelso
    those are amazing wings. i would love to find a tattooist that could do wings for me like that!

    Posted on 04-05-2006 18:54:25 by zero -/-
    i love them! the shadowing is an awsome job!

    Posted on 04-22-2006 15:02:59 by sqrl
    Absolutely amazing. She flys off the site.

  2. that is the most amazing tattoo i have ever seen ive been wanting wings for some time know .. i went to the tattoo guy this week to desigen then so im going to go on tuesday n see wat they look like n then i start so if u want to keep track of it ill post some things here if u want thnx for reading be back soon with some more

  3. thoughs wings are rockings.. I’ve been thinking about wings for awhile, now.. I just wanted the wright feather. lookingat your disgn helped alot.. thanks.

  4. WOW!!! Those are awesome! My artist is drawing my wing design up as we speak!!! i go in on the 14th of Sept. But those wings are exactly how i want mine! but the feathers are a little too big!

  5. wow.
    im speachless
    thats amazing.
    you must be very proud to have that tattoo.
    i would be.
    im so jelous :]

  6. wow those wings are f*****g lush they must have cost a bit.
    Nice photo job too cool contrasts. i love the shading on the feathers, but im affraid ill ahev to agree with shane on the feathers being a little big but still that is an awesome tat, LOVE it.

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