"Tattoos of chicks with big boobs and guns"

So I recently asked what people wanted to see on ModBlog, and the above title is what I was told. Let’s get started on that with this tattoo by JR at HellCat Tattoo in West Palm Beach, FL, done on Turps211. You’ll also notice that there are some ads on ModBlog right now. Sorry to have to add them, but it’s become a financial reality — and big thanks to our sponsor (check them out and sign up for a free membership), and a big old “get the hell out of the conservative dark ages” to Google and all the other online ad agencies that refuse to deal with BME.

For now the ad is just on the front page, but assuming it goes OK I’ll put it on subpages as well, but I’ll keep it as discrete as possible. Oh, and if anyone from an advertising agency is reading this, feel free to contact us with a proposal ([email protected] is who you’d write).

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3 thoughts on “"Tattoos of chicks with big boobs and guns"

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    Posted on 01-25-2006 23:31:39 by Yarram
    Heh. Me, I vote for tattoos of nekkid men. I mean, hey, big boobed women are so cliché, but how many folks out there sport tattoos of naked men? ;)

    Posted on 01-26-2006 00:42:30 by kudos
    a bit of a cliche, but shes close to being the tomb raider, poetic license maybe…and YES i do agree with shannon! after all, how much PORN do they expand on, but no BME? ampallang! (play on the word apalling)

    Posted on 01-26-2006 01:38:43 by Bottlepndr
    Feel free to throw those ads in there Shannon. As long as it doesan’t turn into a pop-up hell, I think you should def have ads up to help out with the revenue.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 09:33:17 by doomedcactus

    Posted on 01-26-2006 13:25:16 by Bas
    This is most certainly my favourite content :D I can imagine that some people would also like to see modded male nudes.
    A fifty-fifty solution?

    Posted on 01-26-2006 18:44:01 by jer
    is it just me or are all the names (for “illustrative purposes only” of course) a bit too focussed on infant cats to be believable? (also, infant chickens?)

    Posted on 01-26-2006 20:00:37 by camilafs
    guys guys guys \o/

    Posted on 01-26-2006 21:39:18 by tanyasmith
    I dun mind ads, but these ones are deceptive. It’d be too much of a coincidence to have two members with hot photos saying they’re from a town with a population of 20. :P

    Posted on 01-26-2006 22:32:19 by NewfieChick
    I’d actually be more interested to see the tattoo she has on her breast.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 23:17:00 by Esquiar
    I, for one, miss the crab post.

    Posted on 01-26-2006 23:29:50 by outmywindow
    Neither of the guns the woman in the tattoo is holding would actually fit in her holser (you can take that in the dirty sense if you want, though it’s not actually what I mean). I love the tattoo, but that detail would bother me.

    Posted on 01-27-2006 01:44:02 by JR
    sorry not a big demand in teh tattoo word for tattoos of naked men… [email protected]

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