Tina Maria

Tina Maria just joined IAM so I thought it might be a good time to mention her amateur site babeink.com. Check her out either there or on BME (the first link). You can never have enough tattooed and pierced pinups!

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4 thoughts on “Tina Maria

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    Posted on 01-29-2006 02:52:24 by Saul
    oh my goodness….

    Posted on 01-29-2006 05:22:22 by C
    Natural small breasts! Wonderful to see.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 07:03:05 by tokyowars
    She’s hot.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 08:25:49 by .
    man didnt anyone see this post? http://modblog.bmezine.com/entries/200601182111.html

    Posted on 01-29-2006 17:08:23 by BadlyDrawnGirl
    can you have FAKE small breasts..?

    Posted on 01-29-2006 17:53:42 by .
    they didn’t say NATURALLY small breasts.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 18:52:08 by verucassault
    Lovely :)

    Posted on 01-29-2006 19:36:07 by princess
    more more more!

    Posted on 01-29-2006 21:29:07 by MishMosh
    how adorable

    Posted on 01-29-2006 23:11:30 by C
    Certainly one can have fake small breasts.

    Posted on 01-29-2006 23:36:21 by nana
    she’s pretty cute… the way she pinches her nipples… i don’t know if it excites me… or… worries me.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 06:10:52 by HUngry for Tina
    Hmmmm she is so sexy lookit those lips…..
    and i love the silicone free breasts, nice to see for a change

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:30:16 by Mona
    looks a little like masuimi, only not as good.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 13:45:27 by Anna
    She’s pretty, but I wish she wouldn’t put in every picture. It’s so much sexier to see a girl smiling and having fun.

    Posted on 01-30-2006 15:21:52 by Jets
    I actually thought she was Masuimi at first, until I saw the tattoos.

    Posted on 02-11-2006 02:25:17 by Derrrv
    Fake lips?

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