Now that’s what I call a tongue

I know I said I wasn’t going to post today, but I wanted to make mention of the network problems we’re having right now (affecting BME,, IAM, and more) — as far as we can tell, a significant percentage of networks in Toronto are having serious intermittent connectivity and routing problems. I don’t know the source of the problems, but it’s unrelated to our servers. It sucks for me as well because my home connection is barely functional (and the home connection of friends on different backbones as well).

Anyway, you know that this orally well-endowed guy has got to be a big hit with the ladies! Piercing by Brandy Moore.

If I’m to believe stereotypes, once you go black…

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3 thoughts on “Now that’s what I call a tongue

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    Posted on 02-12-2006 20:16:36 by dream3r
    yummy. simply yummy.

    Posted on 02-12-2006 20:55:01 by buy buy buy!
    with all that real estate? he currently has ONE?!?

    (agreed, the things that muscle could do! bring it on!)

    Posted on 02-12-2006 23:07:12 by Steve
    yummy yourself Dream3r :) all i gotta do to get ya is grow about another 8 inch of tongue, suppose its more realistic than 8 inch elsewhere :)

    Posted on 02-12-2006 23:35:04 by Curious
    Isn’t it possible to lengthen your tongue? I’m not implying that this guy did it, but it just got me thinking. Like think I read about that somewhere, that you could stretch your tongue gradually to increase the length. There’s a little on that here (

    Posted on 02-13-2006 00:11:01 by herekittykitty
    Oh my! He’s certainly gifted!

    Posted on 02-13-2006 01:31:46 by Kea
    Now if he could only use his toothbrush…

    Posted on 02-13-2006 01:50:52 by me!
    That looks photoshopped. Cool, but it just looks fake to me.

    Posted on 02-13-2006 01:57:17 by unconvinced
    Er, how do you get from “large tongue” to “knows what he’s doing,” exactly?

    Posted on 02-13-2006 02:23:08 by Jets

    Posted on 02-13-2006 09:28:15 by Sade
    my tongue is that long but it doesn’t look that awkward.are we sure that the picture is real?

    Posted on 02-13-2006 11:33:08 by sara
    Agree with Sade. Mine is that long but it surely doesn’t look like that…

    Posted on 02-13-2006 13:44:40 by Acacia
    Has everyone forgotten Gene Simmons’ tongue? Its certainly possible to have a tongue that big.

    Posted on 02-13-2006 23:53:17 by Steve
    unconvinced: there is no proof to what he knows, its purely based on thought. Like if you see a 7ft, Well Built Man you think “fucking hell look at that mean ass bastard” :) altho he maybe a nice guy, but you passed a stereotype-esque judgement on it.

    Posted on 02-14-2006 02:15:54 by la negra
    its real? dont have phoshop?
    woaw..that guy have future!!!

    Posted on 02-14-2006 14:06:14 by .
    Or this one

    Posted on 02-16-2006 18:25:13 by Brandy Moore
    I did this piercing.. its real and he’s gay ladies!

    Posted on 03-07-2006 21:56:13 by s
    Brandy Moore…

    It figures :/

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