I don’t know if this Tim Horton’s tattoo will be hilarious to anyone who doesn’t live in, say, Hamilton (or at least Canada — you may be amused to hear that Canadian troops in Afghanistan insisted on Timmy’s coffee because “American coffee just isn’t the same thing“), but here you go! It was done by Dale Parent at Tribal Sun in Cornwall, Ontario.

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10 thoughts on “Timmy’s!

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    Posted on 02-19-2006 20:57:30 by Dan
    Tim Hortons is deffinitely an all over Canada thing. I actually see a lot less of them in Ontario than I do in NB and NS.

    Posted on 02-19-2006 21:03:59 by foryourmalice
    I cant live without tim hortons coffee, this tattoo makes me smile lol

    Posted on 02-19-2006 21:12:36 by Cristina
    Hey, Greg and I live in New York City and it’s hilarious to us. :)

    Posted on 02-19-2006 21:25:36 by lala
    cornwall AND tim hortons, this guy is a proud canadian.

    Posted on 02-19-2006 21:29:43 by agnostic
    finally a place to brag about living 5min away from the very first tim hortons!

    Posted on 02-19-2006 21:34:46 by Jol
    I love Tim Hortons, I honestly dont think that theres a better coffee (and everything else they sell) anywheres.

    Posted on 02-19-2006 22:15:41 by j.
    that’s awesome.

    Posted on 02-19-2006 22:19:55 by dazy
    i saw a tim hortons south of here in south portland, maine but i’ve never stopped in before

    Posted on 02-19-2006 22:23:24 by NewfieChick
    I used to live a block away from the first Timmies (it’s on Ottawa St., Hamilton) about 2 months ago. Now it’s a 15 drive to the closest one. I’m po’ed, having a timmies a block away was a sweet deal.

    I’ll die before I give up my Timmies fix though…

    Posted on 02-19-2006 22:23:55 by NewfieChick
    15 minute* oops.

    Posted on 02-19-2006 22:45:21 by nurse gracer
    One of my buddies in northern Maine (Canada border) would walk across the border to get Tim Hortons every morning because (back 15 years ago) it was easy to cross the border and the USD was strong.

    Posted on 02-20-2006 00:42:17 by dreaMING4444
    Edmonton’s radio station Sonic doesn’t do traffic reports, it does reports on how busy different Timmy’s are. When I worked in an office this winter we had “tim’s runs” and everyone in the office would pitch for donuts and coffee…we spent over $100 once :)

    Posted on 02-20-2006 00:49:17 by ChopperMark
    If by “American” you mean Folgers or for that matter sTarbucks I will say anything is better including warm motor oil. My personal favorite is Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland Oregon. For a national chain I would go with Peet’s. If IAM ever in Canada I will check out this Tim Horton Coffee thing.

    Posted on 02-20-2006 01:46:20 by mitch
    we have Tim Horton’s in Dayton, OH. it’s definitely just a “Canadian thing”.

    Posted on 02-20-2006 01:47:45 by mitch

    Posted on 02-20-2006 02:00:40 by billiejane
    timmy ho’s!!!!!

    Posted on 02-20-2006 03:02:53 by Cenobitez
    Is it just me or does he look like he’s stuck a straw into his muscle and is inflating it ?

    Posted on 02-20-2006 10:22:45 by medlabchick
    I love Timmy’s!

    Posted on 02-20-2006 11:33:16 by blastphem0r
    yeah, starbuck’s is a terrible basis for juding coffee in the states. i won’t drink that garbage. with the coffee craze around here, it’s just as easy to find a mom and pop shop that carries a more local fair trade roast, and you can find some damn good coffee that way.

    Posted on 02-20-2006 12:14:33 by Atomika
    fucking yes

    Posted on 02-20-2006 13:35:17 by Teiris
    Haha I can’t believe I haven’t seen a Timmy’s tattoo until now. Timmy’s apple cider is THE BEST though. Mmm…

    Posted on 02-20-2006 15:18:41 by Burning Angel
    Timmies always means Canada to me…If u drink it…ur a true Canadian

    Posted on 02-20-2006 22:02:13 by J
    i have that mug! :)

    Posted on 02-20-2006 22:09:26 by z
    I went to comedian over the weekend and he referred to it as Tim Heroin….when you need a fix go to Timmy’s!

    Posted on 02-21-2006 00:35:47 by Holy Flesh
    what i have heard from a friend who either managed or owned their own timmy’s was that there is nicotine in their coffee, just so people get hooked on it.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 03:32:16 by shell
    i’d rather have it spiked with cocaine.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 15:04:40 by nyx
    Your friend’s fucking with you, man – I worked there a long time. No nicotine in it.

    Posted on 02-21-2006 18:39:38 by 5am

    Posted on 02-21-2006 23:46:26 by seth
    they’re popping up everywhere in maine…i’m an fan. big fan.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:48:15 by KitaKita
    i’d rather have a cup of starbucks

    Posted on 02-23-2006 21:07:07 by defekter
    Heh, you’re not Canadian, unless you can enjoy a Horton’s fix every now and then. Bah. That’s awesome. Dale’s a great guy, he’s my artist too! :D

    Posted on 02-24-2006 21:56:09 by Katie0
    “finally a place to brag about living 5min away from the very first tim hortons!


    I second that WHOLE HEARTEDLY!! =D

  2. Bad Ass Coffee in Calgary had their rent doubled and they had to close, then Tim Horton’s moved in. I hate Tim Hortons.

    They never have cute pierced girls working the counter like Bad Ass did.

  3. timmys does have the best coffee around, but i’d like ta hear more about the artist of that tat….

  4. I have a Tim Hortons tattoo, I got it four years ago but it doesn’t look like that. I live about an hour south of Buffalo ny.

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