Breast Cutting

I am posting these pictures of IAM:fabulous muscles for one reason: I am a bad man with bad fetishes. She says she’s “far too young for you, but you can try anyway.”

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2 thoughts on “Breast Cutting

  1. The following comments were imported from our old comment system:

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:39:27 by Blackwell
    pictures can not be seen for some reason

    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:46:35 by Blackwell
    sorry its working now..

    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:20:25 by b
    You have a self injury fetish?

    Posted on 02-22-2006 23:27:01 by Eternal_Ice
    When people take their bodies, bodies that could be deemed normal and even perfect by society and scar them heavily, for some reason I think it’s beautiful

    Posted on 02-22-2006 23:38:56 by b
    I didn’t mean my comment to seem snarky, I was generally interested. I have self injury scars and have never had a man look at them as anything other then disgusting.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 00:02:57 by b
    Oh my, my brain is malfunctioning tonight. I meant genuinely not generally. I think it is time for me to go to bed.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 14:43:27 by randomspectator
    They look hot, in a very bad “i’m not sure I should think that’s hot” way…

    (similarly the idea of Shannon saying “i’m a bad man” hehe…)

    Posted on 02-23-2006 16:47:30 by b
    But would they be hot if not on her breasts? Or on her breasts but with no cleavage showing?

    Posted on 02-23-2006 19:06:50 by o
    how can you show breast without cleavage?

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:16:50 by b
    With cutting in a location like that, I believe if the camera was pointed up instead of down, or even straight ahead, it would not contain cleavage, unless the woman was very large breasted, wearing a push up bra or purposfully pushing her breasts together.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:19:31 by b
    Ok, I didnt explain that well… what I mean is if it was shot, with a bra or without, straight on, or from the bottom, while you would se the roundness/line of her breasts, it would not be like teh cleavage in that photo. You would see the valley between the breasts, but nothing else likely. Anyways, the question was rhetorical, I was just wondering if it is the cuts themselves that are sexy to some or just the fact that they are on an attractive womans breasts.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:30:38 by o

    Posted on 02-23-2006 23:54:31 by b
    Okay, good to know thanks.

  2. wow, maybe i’m just naive but i have never seen or heard of anyone cutting themselves there.

    i’ve never really understood the whole self inflicting pain thing. hmm

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