Chest star cuttings

Pretty cutting work by Oscar Navarro at VOID in Barcelona, Spain.

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One thought on “Chest star cuttings

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    Posted on 02-22-2006 17:56:23 by jaelbait
    that’s got a wicked look to it, what with the fade out on the neck and sides.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:01:11 by Poppie
    That is such a beautiful piece that it made me gasp (:

    Posted on 02-22-2006 18:08:12 by kumquat
    oooh. i like those.
    reminds me of the heart cutting vampy did.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 21:00:27 by misplaced_ice
    That is so beautiful!
    I wish I had the balls to get a chest cutting. They are awesome!

    Posted on 02-22-2006 21:12:47 by Jol
    cuttings I’ve seen.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 21:13:54 by bleeding hearts show
    that is beautiful

    Posted on 02-22-2006 21:32:53 by hyacinth
    wow. that is amazing.

    Posted on 02-22-2006 23:14:33 by j.
    that’s just beautiful….

    Posted on 02-22-2006 23:42:00 by sneezy
    I would have to say that looks more like branding, and less like cutting but what do i know it is nice though

    Posted on 02-23-2006 08:15:50 by emdotdee
    my first post to modblog to say that this is amazing!

    Posted on 02-23-2006 13:22:56 by Pippa
    wow that is amazing, I also love her flower tattoo on the shoulder.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 16:05:45 by l.g.g
    i thought it was branding, but whatever its amazing. Is the spiral in ink? or something else?

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:17:19 by sweetcheeks
    Stunning! Unique and exceptionally well done.

    Posted on 02-23-2006 20:21:40 by discrete little cuts
    wow! these stars are so beautiful and big… not like the two tiny little lines that i cut into my finger :)

    Posted on 02-27-2006 13:24:20 by Halo
    I love them! It’s images like these that make me really want to get a cutting done.

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