Tattoos around surgery scars

My Russian friend Babakhin sent me this Russian Army Tattoo. I’m afraid though that I don’t know the story behind it, but I’d say that whatever injury caused that scar taught a valuable lesson — getting your blood type and specifics tattooed on you might not be such a bad idea!

IRASCIBLEVISION got this post-hospital tattoo around his surgery scar (look carefully if you don’t immediately see it; scars can be hard to photograph). It’s by Nate at Sacred Art Tattoo in Springfield, Missouri, and when it’s all done the banner will say “It’ll feel better when it quits hurting.”

I just thought it was a nice example of using a tattoo to reclaim your body.

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One thought on “Tattoos around surgery scars

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    Posted on 03-06-2006 22:03:26 by killertatertots
    “Using a tattoo to reclaim your body”
    I love that, that is exactly what I advocate for people with burns, disfigurements, BDD, etc

    Posted on 03-06-2006 23:34:36 by Dan
    I’ve considered tattoos over scars since a breast reduction. It’s hard to think of something that would look nice though. And I’m not currently a fan of flashing people I don’t know too well…. although it’s still always at the back of my mind.

    Posted on 03-07-2006 11:30:24 by Micrurus
    I’ve used tattoos to cover surgery scars, some doctors told me it was unnecessary because the scars could be removed using cosmetic surgery, but it would be far more painful and expensive than a tattoo, besides, even if I didn’t have scars in those parts I’d still want them tattooed.

    Posted on 03-07-2006 15:51:12 by Blank.
    Fun Fact.

    The Waffen SS used to tattoo the soldiers blood type under their arm, similar to the Russian Army tattoo about. There are some cases where they would even tattoo it on the foot.

    Even more fun of a fact.

    Some soldiers after WW2 ended, would burn the blood type tattoo off, so they could not be tried for war crimes.

    It is quite interesting what history holds.

    Posted on 03-08-2006 15:32:43 by mpatshi
    I love the birds with banner…I love how a scar becomes a part of a tattoo…

    Posted on 03-10-2006 22:33:28 by emozilla
    my mom wants to have a huge zipper done over her double mastectomy scar.


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