Robin is Armed and Dangerous

Tattoos by Chapman Fury, Mild2Wild, Fort Worth, Texas. I really should post a big gallery of gun tattoos… they’re very popular these days…

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2 thoughts on “Robin is Armed and Dangerous

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    Posted on 03-25-2006 02:14:11 by outmywindow
    I’d like to know if the majority of people who get gun tattoos for the coolness factor actually know how to handle their real-life counterparts…

    Posted on 03-25-2006 11:16:36 by Jason
    it makes me wonder why so many people want something that represents violence/ killing/ that they are a cold motherfucker or whatever.. its not something that i would personally want to glorify in a tattoo

    Posted on 03-25-2006 13:09:12 by fre_k
    Maybe they’re trying to prove they’re *hardcore*. Of course if you have to prove your hardcore, you’re probaly not.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 16:33:07 by nana
    maybe it’s aesthetically pleasing to her.
    just like everybody’s tattoos… they have their reasons. whether it be spiritual, aesthetic, or for no reason at all. (still a reason)
    why should we judge her on what she might like and what she might not like?

    Posted on 03-25-2006 19:01:28 by glider
    Guns are a big part of American culture. I don’t see that it’s strange or has to imply anything about violence, fake toughness, etc… It’s just a prominent element of the environment and thus part of the language.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 20:33:09 by fre_k
    I wasnt trying to critise, just give a ‘maybe..’
    I do like her chest piece alot.

    Posted on 03-25-2006 21:56:05 by *MissM*
    Guns are antisexyes

    Posted on 03-26-2006 13:08:04 by J
    It’d be awfully weird to be going down on her, and look up to see a gun in your face o_o

    Posted on 03-26-2006 13:54:47 by bootsy
    Forget the gun, I like the David Bowie haircut.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 17:21:42 by pop
    I was thinking rod stewart for the hair personally.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 17:59:10 by bootsy
    Could be, yeah — but it could also be Ziggy Stardust if she spiked up the top a bit. She’s totally got the cheekbones for it.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 18:04:10 by pop
    She just needs the orange hair-do and she will be ziggy.

    Posted on 03-26-2006 18:27:45 by JJ
    Girls + guns = hotness. That’s really all the explanation one needs.

    Posted on 03-27-2006 04:33:58 by jackpot
    I’ve often thought of getting twin pistols tattooed up my spine, but wondered/worried what popular reaction would be. Would I get stopped by rough guys in bars, them assuming I had some kind of gang affiliation? Would initially enthused admirers turn violent when realizing they were mostly aesthetic? My main reason for wanting them, is mostly a sort of symbolism to myself, that “I have my own back”, maybe her tattoo signifies something similar?

    Posted on 03-27-2006 08:58:02 by penski
    Hehehe…It’s pointing at her fajita.


    Posted on 03-27-2006 11:44:57 by yhgfkuy
    like the guns like the one on ANGELA (about three pics down from this one)
    I think they’re cute!!!

    Posted on 03-28-2006 12:48:39 by ammre
    i own a lot of guns and i’m so non-violent i’ve never even slapped someone or thrown a punch.

    the only thing i kill is targets.

    Posted on 03-28-2006 15:01:51 by outmywindow
    Yeah, I don’t have a problem with guns at all (target practice is FUN!!!), but I as just thinking how embarrassing it would be if someone asked about the tattoo and you said it was a different caliber than it actually is or something. Kind of like the pistol version of bad kanji coming from people who don’t speak Japanese…

    Posted on 04-12-2006 00:54:12 by asdfghjkl
    anyone see the news today? homedude sexually assaulted 2 women he was trying to give free tattoos

  2. dude. chapman fury is a lowlife, piece of shit.
    the comment about him molesting some chicks is completely correct. he does it to all of the girls he tattoos.

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