"I hate fashion"

Thanks so much to IAM:lonely pancake for this lovely photo. Her tattoo is by by Sacha at Tin Tin Tattoos in Paris. Oh and so no one gets mad at me, that’s her quote not mine.

“I’m a student in a fashion design school, and I work part time for a french lady clothing company… Years ago I use to be interested by fashion, but as I’m into it all day everyday, I’m getting so bored of it! From the inside things are so different than what I expected them to be. It’s so superficial and can’t stand talking about fashion and clothes any more! It’s less and less important to me…”

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2 thoughts on “"I hate fashion"

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    Posted on 04-18-2006 12:25:34 by .
    She’s hot!

    Posted on 04-18-2006 16:45:31 by jaelbait
    she may be getting an overdose on fashion, but that dress is fabulous!

    Posted on 04-19-2006 01:44:52 by dream3r
    fashion is a very superficial area of work, but it looks like she has a great sense of style; she’s gorgeous.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 02:03:56 by glider
    Oh, she does, and she is. Amazing.

    Posted on 04-19-2006 04:58:37 by Jo
    i totally agree, jaelbait.. i want that necklace!!!

  2. Hi my name is John Monaghan and am 34 years old
    I remember when I was just a young teenager and the obsession was training shoes and tracksuits. I can remember wanting the latest shoes so I could impress my friends and be part of society.

    In my later years in school I remember fashion got so ridicules and I suddenly realised though I cant wear that just because am supposed to and started to think it would be cooler to be myself and not part of a crowd. I wanted to rebel against it all. Then I got into Rock music grew my hair long and wore leather jackets and cowboy boots, very rebellious and rock star like. Which I was comfortable identifying myself to, even though in a sense this was a kind of fashion but not boring and like the sensible thing in society plus the rock scene was better and more fun and people were friendlier.

    I then reached 30 got bored with tying my hair back and wearing motor bike jackets, when I didn’t even have a bike. I do still love rock music to this day and still go to lots of rock concerts because am loyal to my music. Where as people who follow fashion never stick with what they like there to afraid and have to change to suit other people. I am glad of those days in fact am proud to have had long hair and wore rips jeans when they were not fashionable and certnely don’t laugh at my past like people who follow fashion always do, that’s another reason why I hate fashion. Nowadays I am always trying to be cool and be my own person and still at heart a rocker and have a simple box leather and leather boots and love black. I have always loved the rock star look but without trying to copy them just being loyal and enjoying these great clothes and not part of what you’re supposed to wear. I believe in wearing what you actually like wearing instead of just pretending to like something so you don’t get laughed at.

    Lately I have been looking at the fashion around me and laughing at the latest designs such as long shorts which I loath, white trainers and worn jeans. I also dislike fake women looking all the same. Such as Fake tans, fake hair extensions and tattoos. I prefer natural and beautiful women who don’t need all the fake stuff. Someone like Nigela Lawson, who has beautiful skin and hair, who doesn’t need all the fake stuff and is a classy lady, which by the way you cant but class from a shop its something your born with. I Just prefer beautiful people who our themselves and don’t need the fake stuff or dime of a dozen women.

    My problem I have with the fashion world as well is your limited to any other clothes. I can’t buy clothes anywhere I like because fashion takes over and someone is getting rich from these brainless scams. For instance I want ordinary jeans but you don’t see them anywhere and some cool shirts, but there all stripes which I loath.

    I love the fact I am my own person not just with clothes but also with my way of thinking. It’s the same with television such a trash T.V and reality shows, which I hate and all this patriotism for England football team. I feel am just an individual who happens to have been born here but without any say in the matter and I don’t feel I belong to any country, just a breed of society who is interested in anybody no matter were there from. My heroes are people I admire not matter what there nationality, I am just in the end me wearing my own clothes, not sharing the same wardrobe as everybody else and would one day love to start my own website with anybody who has similar feeling about cloths and society, meaning they want to escape like myself and find a place were we they feel comfortable.
    So anybody out there wants to maybe create this kind of website contact me on [email protected]

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