No Pain, No Gain

I guess the aritst at Snake Bite in Dublin told Karin that she had crooked collarbones. I don’t know. I can’t tell. But do you hear any complaints from me either way?

I don’t know that the gain got left out, but here’s some pain care of Peter Sheringham at Piercing Urge X in Melbourne Australia, who I’ve featured here regularly:

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3 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain

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    Posted on 05-16-2006 00:36:58 by theredjesus
    more redheads!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 05:10:24 by 5am
    shes gorgeouuuuus

    Posted on 05-16-2006 06:41:42 by coconutjules
    look how the plugs bring out the color of her eyes!!! beautiful.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 09:16:40 by hiding in the basment
    can i take her home

    Posted on 05-16-2006 11:56:15 by U know who
    she is hot, but whats with the dreads

    Posted on 05-16-2006 12:14:42 by LostSally000
    What do you mean “what’s up with the dreads?”
    The dreads are the hottest thing she has, besides the eyes obviously…Tattoo makes her look even hotter!!!

    Posted on 05-16-2006 13:50:17 by ite
    Dreads= reverse conformity for white people.


    Posted on 05-16-2006 14:51:28 by joshua
    yeah, god forbid we appropriate something from the culture of another, ite.

    cough, tattoos, cough.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 14:59:20 by outmywindow
    ^^^ Well, tattoos have been found on ice-mmummies from the Ural mountains region, so the tradition of tattooing also has a bit more of a “European” past than some may think. Of course, I’m not saying that I’m actually a part of this ancient culture, but that ancient tattooing is more widespread than just Oceana.

    And yes, she’s gorgeous.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 17:54:49 by fre_k
    Shes gorgeous.

    And as for dreads… Vikings had them and they we’re deffinatly white, not that it matters anyway.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 21:10:52 by fucking lame.
    what the hell does it matter that she is white with dreads?

    god… next thing you know someone will say something like.. “Oh my god, a *girl* with dreads.”


    Posted on 05-16-2006 22:43:42 by uuuuu
    dreads look great! in my opinion, anybody who wants them should have them.

    Posted on 05-16-2006 23:30:34 by Jets
    And as for dreads… Vikings had them and they we’re deffinatly white, not that it matters anyway.

    So glad someone mentioned that :)

    Posted on 05-17-2006 01:00:35 by ivelia
    these are actually some of the better-looking whitie-dreads i’ve seen. i was just in DC for a student Darfur protest, and came to the conclusion that (all cultural issues aside) dreads just generally look shitty on caucasian hair.

    Posted on 05-17-2006 09:14:33 by Karin
    Oh, haha… this is strange. Thanks everyone for the nice comments :) Made my day!
    And to end this whole dread-discussion: I got them done because I think they’re pretty ^^ I dont mean to offend anyone or anyones culture.

    Posted on 05-18-2006 08:26:21 by spyder
    Karin, basically people just can’t handle the fact that your ginger, coming from a ginger myself i’d love to have hair like that and we will take over the world very soon, all gingers unite as one…

    Posted on 05-18-2006 18:45:21 by Wilburt
    I agree, my lil brother is getting dreads soon…and yes we will take over the world someday ;-)

    Posted on 05-19-2006 14:42:54 by anon
    Which snakebite artist did this?

    Posted on 05-25-2006 19:38:28 by Karin
    Anon: it was the French man, cannot remember his name, sry.

    Spyder: Well, Im not ginger originally… Im really blonde, and will bleech it all in a couple of weeks. That is basically just a messed up colouring, lol. But dont get me wrong, gingers rock ^^

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