I assume this tattoo is race inspired, but that’s a pretty big assumption to make blind, so I hope I’m not assuming wrong when I make that comment. If it is though, I like the concept a lot!

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One thought on “BLACK and WHITE

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    Posted on 05-19-2006 00:25:40 by oy vey
    Seriously Shannon, could you possibly be more obviously uncomfortable and mushmouthed when discussing issues pertaining to race?

    Posted on 05-19-2006 00:52:38 by severed
    is that a joke? i’ve seen the little “this is what i think, but i could be wrong!” blurb on other posts too.

    for crying out loud.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 01:49:55 by glider
    Oh whatever. All I’m saying is that since no explanation was given I can’t be sure there’s not another meaning. It’s not as if “BLACK/WHITE” couldn’t mean plenty of other things. So seriously, give me a break suggesting that me not jumping to conclusions has some deep commentary on race-relations.


    Posted on 05-19-2006 04:30:34 by outmywindow
    I didn’t really think this about the blurb, and I’m not saying Shannon is guilty of doing this, but sometimes when you tiptoe around a subject metter too much, you kind of give away that you have a reason to tread lightly in the first place, if that makes any sense…

    Posted on 05-19-2006 12:30:59 by glider
    I’m not tiptoeing around it at all. I’m simply saying I DON’T KNOW. If everyone else wants to say there is no other possible definition and explanation for this tattoo other than race, fine, but I’m pretty sure that the expression “BLACK AND WHITE” has more than one meaning and I’m going to claim anything definitive if I’m just basically making it up.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 12:48:13 by hangman
    Thou doth protest too much there buddy.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 13:41:58 by _Stigmata_
    maybe its her favorite Michael Jackson song….

    Posted on 05-19-2006 13:48:07 by Branden
    Okay, look… you guys are talking about the guy who started BME which is completely based on accepting how people look, no matter what they look like. Shannon isn’t tiptoeing around anything, he’s just saying that he doesn’t know exactly what the tattoo means. You people gotta stop reading into these things so much.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 14:07:53 by Lys
    it was obvious what shannon was saying. give him a break!

    Posted on 05-19-2006 17:46:49 by silver
    Wow, I thought there was nothing strange about Shannon saying he wasn’t sure what the tattoo meant. I can’t believe anyone would make a big deal out of it.

    Posted on 05-19-2006 18:39:51 by t.thomas
    im gonna go with stigmata. i love that michael jackson song…

    Posted on 05-19-2006 20:03:58 by sneezy
    for the love of toast, everyone could be unsure of a meaning to a tattoo is no explanation is given, shannon i have a great quote for you pertainning to that jerk off busting your balls,
    I am 1005 sure as to what i am going to say, but the trouble is i dont know how you will hear(or read in this case) what i have said to you

    Posted on 05-19-2006 20:08:03 by sneezy
    ok i have no idea how 1005 got in there here is the revised quote lol

    I am 100% sure as to what i am going to say, but the trouble is i dont know how you will hear(or read in this case) what i have said to you

    Posted on 05-19-2006 21:37:29 by outmywindow
    Wow, did no one read the part of my post where I said: “and I’m not saying Shannon is guilty of doing this” ???

    Posted on 05-19-2006 21:43:18 by Antishock

    HAHAHA. In this little comment forum people, we see a very clear line between the common-sense smart people and the common sense dumb people.

    Its pretty funny, actually.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 00:47:05 by .
    black and white is a computer game as well. perhaps she’s a gamer girl? i doubt that’s what the tatts mean though.

    Posted on 05-20-2006 02:41:50 by Kanga43
    Or maybe she’s an extremest who isn’t into grey areas.

    Whats with the tension in the boards as of late? Never noticed it liek this before

    Posted on 05-20-2006 09:31:54 by Sneezy
    not aimed toward you outmwindow it was to that guy in the first post, and heck she could be into that game othello but again who knows or maybe she could just really find comfort in those colors, we will never really know i guess

    Posted on 05-20-2006 17:19:11 by Court
    Dude, does everyone that posted on this have PMS or what?

    Posted on 05-20-2006 22:20:35 by MishMosh
    Maybe she’s biracial. Or is that what the whole convoluted argument at the top of this message board was about in the first place?

    Posted on 05-21-2006 16:01:48 by :)
    so why did shannon shut down the comments on the “All Tattoos Are Not Created Equal”post?
    Was there too many or was he just tired of people saying he was wrong?

    Posted on 05-21-2006 18:34:46 by glider
    No, I haven’t even looked at it… Comments max out at 100.

    And honestly, the forum there answered the core question. People who knew tattoos and the industry could tell the difference, while many people who were less experienced couldn’t tell the difference.

    Posted on 05-21-2006 22:40:32 by gt
    We’re not worthy, Shannon. Please forgive our ignorance and our reluctance to bow down and exhalt your all-encompassing genius. Surely an individual so brilliant as to have sewn rapidly degrading (and ostensibly toxic) metals into his bodily tissues is to be regarded as the de facto expert on all things body mod.

    Geez guy, maybe your wife wouldn’t have left you were you less of an egotistical and dismissive ass.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 01:00:36 by Randy
    For the love of Bob, people, grow up. All of you. Every damn one of you. *except the logical guys rock* Enjoy Modblog. Do not turn it into a battle ground. You are litterally sucking the fun and enjoyment right out of this for the rest of us. Take your immaturity and childish antics elsewhere. I want to enjoy my time spent reading these posts.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 11:38:51 by glider
    Yeah, seriously, this is ridiculous. If you want to pretend that I don’t know anything about tattoos and mods and can’t judge their quality, be my guest, but please, don’t turn these forums into some pointless pissing match. I’ve been at this long enough that being insulted on the internet is pretty much the most boring thing in the world.

    I’m being dismissive because these petty anonymous personal attacks are ridiculous. As I’ve said over and over and over, if you don’t think I’m doing a good job here, start up your own blog. Hell, I’ll even gladly link to it.

    Doesn’t that seem like a better idea than spending your life whining on the internet about someone else’s efforts? Sheesh.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 12:21:11 by glider
    For the “anonymous” poster, here is the t-shirt I’m wearing today.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 14:45:35 by gt
    No one is criticizing the useful nature and value of or modblog, rather I’m saying your attitude sucks. Your “go start your own blog” comment is analogous to telling people you can’t criticize a nation because you need to either “love it” or “leave it”. That’s just ludicrous.

    Posted on 05-22-2006 18:33:28 by MaidenDisaster
    Wow, I guess you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Why don’t you lay off the snarky comments and start casting some stones at your own house, gt?

    Posted on 05-22-2006 19:58:39 by /
    gt the whole wife comment was uncalled for and just cruel

    Posted on 05-22-2006 20:07:27 by Rovylern
    Or at least grow some balls and/or ovaries and post non-anonymously…

    Posted on 05-23-2006 00:45:41 by glider
    “gt” (and yes, I know exatctly who you are) starting a blog is free and easy. If you want to do it, GO FOR IT. It’s not hard, so don’t compare it to starting a freakin’ country. The internet, yeah, it’s important, but it’s not THAT important.

    And your underhanded comments on Rachel and I, well, not only are they lame, but they’re simply factually incorrect. Yeah, I’m egotistical and narcissistic and a megalomaniac, but I’ve been that way for a long time-slash-forever and it’s simply NOT why Rachel decided to move on to bigger things.

    I don’t mind you insulting me because honestly, I just don’t give a crap, and any publicity is good publicity in my mind, but it’s insulting to Rachel to imply that she didn’t know any better and you’re WAY out of line on that.

    But if you feel like the big man to post “anonymous” attacks on my or my friends and people I care aboot, please at least try and keep your sloppy target fixated on me rather than people who don’t deserve your perveted anger.

    Posted on 05-23-2006 04:52:45 by Bear151556
    Hey glider, looks like you made a new friend. Some people have too much time on their hands. Seems to me that if the information and statements glider makes on HIS site bother you all that much bud, perhaps you should go elsewhere for your entertainment. I would not even comment about this , but that crack about Shannon and Rachel was bullshit dude, and if you have any maturity at all, then you know it.

    Now that I have vented, I want to say that whatever the tat may mean, the young lady wearing it looks delightful.

    Posted on 05-23-2006 11:48:52 by honore
    maybe only people with aim accounts should be able to comment on the pictures. i can’t stand to see people be so rude. i would gladly buy an account to filter these crap people out.

    Posted on 05-23-2006 12:01:00 by Nurse Gracer
    I think modblog is great for having the ability to do anonymous/non-member postings. I gauged whether I wanted to join IAM (again) by reading/posting on here, and I feel like the questions some of the anon/non-IAM posters raise are interesting, and such. Especially because Modblog is linked so often from other (non-mod) sites, where non-modded people can check out interesting stuff. Plus it’s a great advertising space (both for google and BME)

    Posted on 05-23-2006 19:02:47 by Jets
    WORST THREAD HERE EVER! She looks good, end of story!

    Posted on 05-23-2006 19:04:43 by Jets
    Seriously, when you attack Shannon (or anybody here) for no reason, you are turning BME into LiveJournal

    Posted on 05-24-2006 12:17:12 by Sade
    you now i have that damn micheal; jackson song stuck in my head…

    i’m amazed at the level of hostility’s fine to disagree,but don’t start attacking someone because they don’t share the same ideas.

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