Slashed Tendons Tattoos

These tattoos of stitched up slashed Achilles tendons kind of squick me out, but maybe it didn’t help that I was watching Nightmare on Elm St. 3 as I was processing it (Remember, with the marionette scene? And the hilarious freakin’ awesome Dokken soundtrack and music videos?). Tattoos by Justin at Big Mojo Tattoos in Indiana, PA.

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4 thoughts on “Slashed Tendons Tattoos

  1. I agree totally on the general eekness of slashed achillies tendons. My vivid memory of movies with this was Pet Semetary where the kid did the old guy from under the bed. Then lately, Hostel reminded me again how badly it makes my skin crawl.

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    Posted on 05-28-2006 03:42:38 by DjL
    HAHA how about the scene from Pet Cemetary[sp?] when Fred Gwynn (of Herman Munster fame…) got his achilles sliced in a similar manner by the evil dead-reanimated child?! Now THAT’S a squicker!

    And wasn’t it “Dream Warriors” that Dokken performed for the soundtrack? (Which I never heard entirely) but there’s MUCH better stuff they did that never got due praise. George Lynch is a sick motherfucker. I’d cut off my [right] pinky to be able to play with such talent; the wide natural vibrato, right-hand-on-neck blah blah well I drifted off the subject again, lol :) Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

    Posted on 05-28-2006 04:53:58 by choice
    try watching HOSTEL.

    i nearly shit myself on a certain related slicing..

    Posted on 05-28-2006 11:07:49 by glider
    DjL – Part 3 is Dream Warriors…

    Posted on 05-29-2006 00:49:18 by c0rrosion

    Posted on 05-30-2006 03:08:54 by DjL
    Ahh, thanks Shannon! :) When I posted that I wasn’t 100% sure. Killed a lot of brain cells back in them days. Oh sweet squandered innocence.

    (wanna go back MORE squandering to be done! ;))

  3. This tattoo is so kewl i thing a deffinate statement of individuality! i always stand out in a crowd most of the time i have pink hair and i am just loud and crazy i love it!!! keith is an old family friend of my dads i am getting my tragus pierced there this weekend hope too see him its been a while!!

  4. I like the idea, but f you knew anything about an Achilles tendon rupture then you would know that the scar is vertical, not horizontal. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience…

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