Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Are you really sure you want to see this?

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34 thoughts on “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  1. gah that was pretty disapointing. It’s a cool picture, but I was really thinking that I would at least be slightly offended or disgusted…damn

  2. I thought it was quadruple labial piercings, I love this place, I can play guess the body-part and be wrong…

  3. Hehehehe, that’s not disgusting, that’s my ass after mexican fest., Tues. night.

  4. I was wondering why you went to such great lengths to cover this one up :p. I’m still not disturbed though, better luck next time!

  5. Wow…I didn’t know that could be done, haha.

    I too wouldn’t have realized it was a butt if you didn’t clarify haha

  6. ha I thought it was a vagina, I just thought it was bruised or swollen or something. It’s mildly more disturbing knowing it’s an anus.

  7. ..tricked me too. ..i actually like it more now that i know it’s an asshole, haha. ..but i guess i should ask whether it’s a dude or a chick before i decide exactly -how much- i like it though, haha.

  8. whoa there.. yeah, i definately thought that was pussy too. impressive.


    i guess i’m with everyone else on this one, haha.

  10. Woooh! Stretchy butt-skin… there’s something you don’t see everyday.

    Unless you’re a stretchy butt-skin examiner…. then you do.


  11. lovely…–yummy..punk..waht ever u want say..

    great shot

  12. “old hat” perhaps not, but after all the blurring you do, and you don’t blur the healed penectomy, i think we expect something real damn extreme when you do blur a picture…

  13. It’s…. very stretchy. I love “guess the body part”, brought to you by BMEzine! Seriously, Shannon, you should make it into a board game or something. I’m sure it’d sell quite well.

  14. I think he blurred it in response to people’s reactions on others he didn’t blur.

  15. i dunno, it still seems like a vagina to me…it seems like a lil less skin that a vagina, but like way too much for an asshole
    id realy like to see a picture of the whole pubic area

  16. haha! i was totally all, “oh please…” until i realized that it was not, in fact, pierced/pulled labia, but an anus. well done.

  17. geez, am i the only one who immediately knew that was an anus? i mean, if my box looked like that, i’d be really nervous, lol. maybe it helps that i’m gay…

  18. umm… i’ll be ok, i just vommited in my mouth… that must be Dick Cheney’s last fishing trip… haha… Dead Eye Dick is a fabulous fisherman and equally as good of a hunter… meow

  19. Count me in with those who thought it was a pussy. And actually, I was really hoping it was. When I saw the warning on the outside, I thought “it’s definitely going to be a cock.” Because of course guys cringe at seeing weird shit done to male genitals, right? So I was glad it was female genitalia…and then I saw the comments, and it was an anus, and I was slightly more shocked but slightly less pleased…

  20. oh. my. dear. god. thats…. pretty damn stretchy! I can see how people would mistake this for pussy. If i hadn’t read the comments first, i would have too.

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