Half full or Half empty? Lemons or Lemonade?

The fact is that surface piercings reject or are otherwise usually not kept permanently. The second fact is that there will usually be a scar left, ranging from something almost invisible to something that looks like a mole but slightly the wrong color.

When the surface piercings that Ron (at True Blue Tattoo) didn’t turn out, she had Kelley at World Famous Tattoo in Austin, TX improve her situation. I like the tattooed results and the way the dotted stars and negative space work with the scars from the piercings.

8 thoughts on “Half full or Half empty? Lemons or Lemonade?

  1. wow, what an interesting way to incorporate the scar into the tattoo! i’ve seen surgery scars turned into zippers or the scissor / “cut here” thing, but this is ingenious and really quite pretty!

  2. Ive probly seen too many rashes in my lifetime.. and despite the great idea and talented tattooing, all i see when i look at that are really itchy looking welts.

  3. the colors in the tattoos are amazingly bright and smooth….but I’m not one for scars

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