Punching a big nostril

Photo from Graham at Holier Than Thou in Manchester, England.

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23 thoughts on “Punching a big nostril

  1. I can’t understand the large nostril piercings (or dermal punches in this case). “Hey, check out the inside of my nose! Notice my boogers! Cool, ha!” I have large lobes that I’ll have for the rest of my life, but what do you do when you get bored of your 1/2″ nostril piercing, leave the jewelry out of it so people can check out your nose hairs. I don’t know, I’m just not a big fan of large nostril piercings….

  2. what do you do when you get bored of your large lobes, leave the jewelry out so people can check out your massive cat butt?

    anyway, that’s a reeeeeeally cool procedural pic. hee.

  3. I love (with a capital L-O-V-E) big nostril piercings. I want them myself someday. Gorgeous picture.

  4. Now now, no need to get all pissy people. I was just making a comment. I thought someone might have something insightful to say to make me understand better.

  5. A lot of people dont realize that your nose hairs arent all the way up in your nose. Nose hairs ‘usually’ dont grow but around the bottom ring of your nostril.

    Therefore. In my 5/8″ ones (small compared to some) you cant see any nose hair. because what your looking at is mostly nose cartiledge.

    And actually, yes sometimes there is buggers. but its much easier to keep it clean this way.

    I liked the look of them at 0g so thast what i wanted for a long time. wound up with them like this.

    This is my personal limit, as the front of my nose is almost flat

  6. Interesting. I didn’t realize the thing about the nose hairs. Ya learn something new every day.

  7. This photo answered a question I hadn’t even considered-what manner of theing one might use to keep from dermal punching right on through the septum. That’s why I love BME-answers to questions I never even thought to ask….and a few I really didn’t want to know in the first place, but am probably better off for knowing, anyways.

  8. Yay Manchester… nice to see things close to home…

    And who wouldn’t want a second set of nostrils? Helps you blow more bubbles underwater.. :D


  9. Seriously though, what happens if you don’t want large gauge nostrils any more? Are they just like lobes and will shrink down to a certain point?
    I think larger gauge nostrils are pretty badass. To badass for me but I like the look on others.

  10. And all I can think is… ‘It’s got to be uncomfortable to have that tongue depressor up yer nose.’

  11. i love this piercing! i personally wouldn’t get this done just for the simple fact i hate my nose,and i’d be scared i sneeze the poor jewelry out and lose it.

  12. Cool and interesting, juct one quick question :)
    Do you intake more air with the bigger gauges? Just very curious thats all

  13. I have no problem with dermal punching as a mod. On a personal level I am not so sure I would want to have a whole chunk of flesh removed from my face at one time though, especially in my nose. in the day and age where it seems like everyone on the site has a one or more piercings they grow tired of, or they “lost” or whatever, I would wonder how this type of piercing could ever be closed up without a serious change in the structure of the nasal passage or the nose itself. And that sounds a whole lot more consequential than a simple lobe reshaping. Anyone have thoughts on that?

  14. I had 6 g nostrils and my wife finally told me they had to go, so i took them out after having them for 10 or 11 months and they closed fully after a week or two and now all i have is 2 little white bumps as a reminder of the wicked pain it was for the moment and the cool looking spikes that i had in also, i would get them redone but that would mean that my marriage would be undone which would not be ok so for me it is a bigger picture that keeps me from redoing them. The dermal punch looks fun but it is not for me really, does anyone know if the pain is less then a needle ?

  15. oh my god OW.

    Though I guess BME has made me a little indifferent to the blood and the holes punched through peoples body parts and whatnot, because what seriously made me cringe is the extent to which that damn chunk of wood is shoved up his nose.

    Love the expression on his face, though, so serene. Guess he’s in the zone. ;)

    I would never do it myself but I can appreciate how good they look on some people. And I think they’ll look fabulous on him.

  16. The pain is different because it’s over with REAL quick since it does all the puncturing at one time, as opposed to piercing the skin and then pushing the rest of the needle through. Hope this makes sense. I actually thought it felt good when I had my lobes punched at 10mm. Maybe I just thought it felt good because it was different than piercing.

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