Essie’s tattoo work is by Needles of Last Rights, and the stunning scarification is by a variety of people including Keith Alexander and Erik Sprague. The scar really makes it just stunning…

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30 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I agree the tattoo looks amazing, but that scar looks practically juvenile — although i’m sure these things are much harder to do than i imagine

  2. I admit the scar looks great with the tattoo.. but on its own its really not that pretty.. the lines are crooked and don’t match in lenght… I wonder what the scar is supposed to be?

  3. The colors with her skin makes her look like a comic book (and I mean that in the most complimentary fashion possible).

  4. The vibrance of the lightning bolts (and sun) sure are something else, aren’t they? Wow. Great backpiece, that’s for sure :)

  5. I agree, Miss Kat. The sides especially look comic book-like, I think it’s the lightning that gives it that look. Everything we can see looks beautiful, but it looks like it wraps around to the front too, and we can’t see that (I’m sure that is beautiful too).

  6. i was going to make the exact same comment… i’d like to see the front of it.
    and i love the lightning!

  7. Wah! Omgosh, that is one beautiful backpiece and that scarification looks pretty darn eye catching too.

  8. The backpiece is incredible. The scar… I don’t know. It doesn’t flow well with it- something more curvy and fluid might work better, but that scarification just doesn’t do it for me :(

  9. No I agree I do not like the scar aswell. When I first look at it and went wow it lost it due to the scar. If it was there before the tat was done then I guess there is nothing much can be done. I would like to know what the scar symbolize.
    I guess if you tat over it you will still see but not as much.
    Maybe the scar was suppose to look like somthing eles?
    Interesting tho.

    msn:[email protected]

  10. i agree, mo. i’m not digging that scar at all. especially after seeing some of the AMAZING scarification work on this site. but the tattoos are beautiful. the lightning bolts look almost cartoonish (in a very good way, very vibrant).

  11. I don’t particularly think the scarification is bad or anything…I just don’t get it. It just looks random with the tattoo. If it was clarrified what it was or what it meant, I think it would be more appreciated.
    The tattoo work is beautiful, though! Definately breathe-taking. It appears to wrap to the front. I would love to see what that looks like too.

  12. WOW
    the scarification does seem a bit random but it does seem to draw you in more.

  13. BLahBLahBLahscarBlahBlahBlah

    I personally think she’s spent way too much time on her back to hear stupid stuff about scars.

    I think what she has done is PHENOMINAL. I personally felt my mouth gape a little bit loooking at her work…

  14. I didn’t like the scar at first at all. Now I do… it breaks up the tattoo in a really striking way.

    I think people may not like it because… a lot of the scarifications that get put on BME are very symmetrical and detailed, at least when 1) freshly done or 2) early in healing. I think people are comparing it to that and wanting it to be precise rather than… a body doing what it does.

    I find myself wondering how many of the really detailed ones stay like that, and how many lose detail over time, or wind up asymmetrical when they were not originally that way.

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