Err, sorry. Pink nipple time.

Since I’ve got to go reboot the IAM server, let me make a quick note here that I’m doing so, and until then, enjoy this video of Pink getting her nipple pierced in Germany. The punch line for me is that it was done using injectable anesthetic. Now I’m not saying I don’t think anesthetics make many procedures safer and easier, but nipples? No… In my opinion it’s going to hurt more and add complications. But to each their own…

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51 thoughts on “Err, sorry. Pink nipple time.

  1. C’mon. For someone who portrays a “tough” image, and sports 22 tattoos, she had to use anesthetic?

  2. i dont get the point of anestesia for piercings, might be just me but isnt the healing more uncomfortable than the piercing itself?

  3. why does she use anestetics??? none of us had it:)…
    nipples piercings don’t hurt all that much, it’s a quick AW and it’s done with…

  4. you know,i got both my nipples done(8ga) at the same time and didn’t use anesthetic.well,ok,i’m horrified of intravenous needles but mainly,i just didn’t see the point in using a numbing agent because no matter what it’s going to hurt…oh well,maybe she wanted to put off the pain as long as possible-or bring it on.

  5. I think it’s quite possible that it wasn’t her decision, that it was just something the piercer does by default… Different areas have different procedural norms.

  6. It seems to me that whether you choose to use anesthetics or not depends on why you are doing something. If you only care about the final result, then why should it matter? But if you see the process as an integral part of the final product, then I can see why people would be irritated.

  7. Nyarlathotep, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with anesthetics — except in cases where the anesthetic hurts more than the procedure it’s supposed to mute!

  8. i’m with volatile on this one, doesn’t make much sense to me other than some wierd placebo, but pink looks modded enough to know the difference so i guess she just likes it witch is very cool.

  9. is it bad that the title of this post was Pink Nipple Time…and i was like, but aren’t most nipples pink?

    then i finally got it after like 20 seconds. sheesh.

    i’m with shannon, it probably is just something the piercer does.

  10. I have to agree with most of the comments. What’s the point of getting stuck with TWO needles? Just stick with the piercing needle and suck it up. Nice boobies though. But Ive always thought that.

  11. The power of the mind is strong…

    If you beleive that the anesthetic won’t hurt and make the piercing painless, then chances are that’s what its going to do. If she has the idea in her (which is what he have) that the anesthetic hurts more than the piercing, than it probably will..

    I’m really tempted to say it wasnt her choice though, becaues I’ve read an article on her piercings and tattoos before and she was asked about the pain with which she replied that it gave her a rush and she felt like she was on some sort of speed drug afterwards…

    therefore, i highly doubt it was her decision.

  12. I have been an admiring fan of Pink for many years (admiring not listening) and to finally get some boob footage AND be it of getting pierced… Well that pretty much rates high in my book :) THANK U SHANNON!!!

  13. Was I the only one that giggled when pink did a little dance before the piercer got to her boob? She looked really excited. Like a little kid or something.

  14. Most nipples? No, most nipples aren’t pink. Most people aren’t white. :)

  15. The anesthetic could be just what the piercer does. But, if she really does like the experience, like Leavethepoliticstomadmen said, then why didn’t she just tell the guy to not use an anesthetic?

    Oh, and she has fucking perfect breasts. Holy shit.

  16. Now I don’t know much about piercings, but in this case it was during a show, inbetween songs. Couldn’t it just be possible that it was going to be too uncomfortable to perform comfortably?
    And also maybe it is standard to use anesthetics :) .

  17. hey let’s whip out ego’s to see who’s is bigger..?… nice boobs… anesthetic, to each his/her own i guess but i’m not about rip on people or try to represent myself as more of something or better than someone whom i’ve never met and base opinions on “1 minute looks into the life of”…i feel shame for the ignorant, for i am human too…

  18. Lots of people stated things about the anaesthetic and Pinks nipples but no one mentioned the use of a cannular needle, just something I noticed…

  19. i was thinking the same thing as shannon in his earlier post… the anaesthetic may not have been pink’s idea, but just the way the shop / artist does things. *shrugs* i’m just happy i get to see pink nipples, lol

  20. whaa! thats mad, it just feels like a scratch when you get it done, buut . . . i suppose there is things that you get scared about aint there, but a nipple piercing shuddnt be one of them, and deffo not if your pink.

  21. so i got both mine done without any anesthetic.
    just like all of us had to do.
    My opinion was that my industrial in my ear hurt alot worse then both of my boobs together.

  22. surely tho
    INJECTING anaesthetic is piercing in itself?!
    defeats the object if you ask me…..

    i took the tongue piercing once-off
    wham! bam!

  23. NO NO NO! the pain is half the fun of getting pierced, well the 3 seconds that it lasts anyway. i got both my nipples re-pierced at the same time and there is no way i would do that. silly person…

  24. the pain is not fun my industrial hurt like hell with some kerosene not i’m in it for the result.

  25. The needle-in-the-bottle segment was just for “cinematic” effect – she didn’t really get anaesthetised! Look at her face as she gets pierced: that’s pain for sure, albeit subdued slightly by adrenalin!!!!

  26. WOW Pink you are truly amazing and when i grow up i want to be just like you. oh yer im getting my hair how you have yours in most of your video -nobody knows :D. i bet ur nipple hurts now laugh out loud xxx

  27. not everyone experiences little pain with nipple piercings. i had both mine done and they hurt more than any other piercing i’ve had done (including my vertical hood..that was a piece of cake compared to how bad my nipples hurt!!!). i had to take them out but i would love to have them repierced..however, i’d probably only do it *with* anasthetic, it hurt waaay too much to do it again without.

  28. it really bums me out that i cant watch this vid clip, cause im on an Apple and its a wmv file….
    it would be cool though to see how she reacted to the nip piercing, cause i definitely blacked out by the time the second nipple was pierced.

  29. Uuhm generally I think Pink is tool. Especially when she got all bitchy about the Australian Wool Industry (Yeah Pink, you boycotting Aussie wool products is *really* going to make an impact and a difference)

    But I do admit that she has a nice rack and is pretty hot. Too bad she’s dumb.

  30. I’m going to have to agree with #27. After having mine done I had to take the bus back home and I could barely move and every bump on the way home was just torture.

  31. If you mix the lidocaine with some bicarb it takes much of the sting out of getting the anesthetic. Old ER trick

  32. I read some of the posts and I think it is a great place! Are you playing with my ticklish assistance Wanna good joke? Who was Snow White’s brother? Egg White. Get the yolk?

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