BME Video Trailer #4

I’ve released a quick new trailer for BMEvideo. It goes without saying that this video is extremely explicit, potentially disturbing to some sensitive viewers, and definitely 18+.

Extremely graphic content -18+ Only – Viewer discretion is advised!

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

58 thoughts on “BME Video Trailer #4

  1. I think it’s a sign that my curiosity has gotten the better of me when I know that watching one of these videos is going to disturb me, probably on several levels, but I do it anyway. :)

  2. Oh my… I got a whole 10 seconds into it before i closed the window as fast as a could.

  3. mmm. right when i was eating lunch

    only a couple of things disturbed me

  4. i think it was morbid curiosity that led me to click. ;)

    three years ago i would have run for the hills. good proof of how BME has desensitized me when some of the shots actually turned me on. ;)

  5. WOW…..i really don’t understand…..but can’t stop watching….I think it’s more fun to show others……keep up the good work….and the sound track rocks!

  6. I thought it was weird that my nips got hard, but I don’t think it was from the video. Hahaha. Although BME has desensitized me in some way, some parts in the video freaked me out a bit… like the rawness of the anus. =/

  7. I adore watching those. I am either staring at the video blankly or smiling and giggling.
    i wish you could make one that was LESS penis and more pussy though.

  8. Just wanted to leave a comment. I found this site last night and have looked through every page of the blog, read every story, seen every photo now. Amazing stuff. I got to the end and was a little sad because I wanted to see more. Props.

  9. I love these videos. I remember the first modcon book and the steak knife in the guys ass. I don’t think muc hbothers me anymore. I would go for more pussy though.

  10. i just completly freaked out my plainskin flatmates and girlfriend with this trailer they really hated it but watched every second with amazingly contorted faces. cheers shannon that was such a good reaction.

  11. I am proud of myself for watching that :) a few things made me cringe a bit but in the main it was ok. The raw anus did look very very sore though. As was said by a few other posts, maybe a year or so ago I wouldnt have been able to watch that through. Now I am :D Cool music also ;)

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  13. every time i watch one of these i have to use eyedrops after cos i always forget to blink when it’s on.

  14. The very end was great!

    None of the content itself really disturbed me, but the cartoonish video editing made it slightly uncomfortable to watch.

  15. .. this is definitely something i’ll have to watch with the mute off.. however, i kept waiting for the conservatives to attack from behind.

    Disturbing, but.. wow.

  16. holy crap that was some scary shit, wow that hurt just watching it some ppl are in to some really odd crap, but what ever floats there boat i guess

  17. I have been waiting an entire day till I was on an x86 system and not in the middle of my studio to finally play the video – seriously worth the wait! Loved it.

    I would have to agree, the male-to-female ration was a lil one sided. More pussy plz Shannon.

    Can’t wait to put this on the PDA and freak the fuck out of some friends/innocent bystanders.

    Props on yet another awesome video, truly the non-caffeinated wake up I needed @ 2am (Australia).

  18. what the hell was that man cutting out of his ass?! i seriously hope it wasn’t a part of his intestines because that’d be the only disturbing thing about that video: i almost fainted when i saw that part.

    i really like the guy who pushed the butt plug out hehehe

  19. the butt plug was my favorite part, i giggled, just shows my immaturity i guess, but good video nonetheless

  20. These kind of sadden me, because at least from the ones I’ve seen they all seem to be men finding interesting ways to masturbate… I wonder where all the heavy SM fun with other people is, and wonder if these people are lonely… Maybe they’re not and are just showing how they jerk off, but I always want to give them hugs because I keep imagining them doing these things alone because other people don’t understand. I hope I’m wrong.

  21. Then again I’m single too… if I weren’t a top maybe I’d be doing shit like this to my labia and taking pictures too? *shrugs*

  22. someones gotta be holding the camera for SOME of those stunts!!

  23. LIke many people above, I can’t decide if being desensitized is a bad thing or a good thing…or if we’re all just evil for having so much fun watching bloodletting and masturbation and then critiquing the whole thing…..Me, I vote for EVIL! hehehehe

  24. Oh man!
    Those cigarette burns…i saw the pics of a similar “member” on the following site and …ouch!

    And I still can´t get it:”Are testicles this resilent?”
    I see now way any organ could stand such things…crazy

    By the Way: I now do see, why Germany has indiziert BME.
    It´s OK and I think it is the right way to keep disturbing material away from youngsters, they still have to find their Way to sexuality and even to themselves. Showing them such extremes would give them a false image of the real world. It is not that common, otherwise it wouldn´t be that catchy.

    but I´m rumbling along…

  25. I showed this to my mate’s nan, and she threw up…

    Ah well, guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


  26. Yes, I’ve been around the world, yes, I’ve seen a lot.
    I’ve seen a lot of nice, good, sexy, heavy, hard and very extreme bodymods.
    This is great, amazing!

    Is this guy really cutting off his rectum?
    Unbelievable . . .

    Cool Soundtrack, btw . . .

  27. Holy shit i like play piercing but damn i could never do these things. My fav part was then the guy had four play needles in this knob and took them out and blood was everywhere, then he starts jerking it hard lol great shit man. I’m interested in play piercing my dick but i cant find the strenght to try it i got a piercing cock and all but i just can’t do it. ONE DAY………..

    PS more pussy would be nice and just male and female sex would kick ass but i still liked it all

  28. WOW>> man wat was dat..? unbelievable. never cud just imagined dat in my wildest dream. the scene in the 43 and the 50th seconds were holy crapsss… Man this guy could be a national treasure. i wud like to know , that how many guys do that. How uncommon is this. bcoz i never imagined this. but NY ways Gr8 job shannon. keep this at the top of the list man .and i wish i cud see their facial expressions too

  29. This is one of the few places left of any value. To paraphrase another -

    ‘net 15 years ago – a university

    ‘net 10 years ago – a shopping mall / fast food chain.

    today – static / whitenoise, morons drowning out content.

    This is always guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor.

    God bless you creeps.


  31. excellent. j’ai toujours eu envie de me couper la queue et les boules. je vais le faire.

  32. BIITER, I emailed you earlier today, but yes, I can confirm that’s what that is. It’s “04/01/05 Friday” from the Fantomas album “Suspended Animation”.

  33. Thank you for posting this video. What an outstanding collection of preview again! I enjoyed it.
    What’s the song playing on the background..? And what language? Sounds baltic to me.. :) anyway, didn’t find it disturbing whatsoever.

  34. this shit scares me on so many levels and i have no idea why i watch it i guess curiousity im not going to sleep well tonight

  35. LOL, just saw this one. I saw the bme painolympics and the spankwire one as well. Kinda fucked up what they do to themselves. By reading the comments I see that there are a bunch of fucked up people that actually enjoyed watching this one, lmao. I didn’t enjoy it, but wasn’t shocked either. I want crazier compiliations! Internet, you haven’t shocked me once! I win :D

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