I admit it took me a moment to realize it was a lychee, but then all I could think about is how good they taste! Vertical labret and labrets by Chris at Poke a Hole Body Piercing on Kalakaua in Waikiki (inside of Skin Deep Tattoo).

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12 thoughts on “Mmmm!

  1. My 1st thought was “god DAMN that twisted CBB gonna get snagged a lot!”.

    I get my vertical labrets caught on all sorts of crazy shit (coke can’s pull-tab, helmets, forks, etc) and mine are bent barbells.

  2. Wonderland… you make a good point, however…

    i find that the old-looking chipped off naipolish gives the pictures a sense of being candid and sudden. Like it was just a wild idea that suddenly struck her and she was caught in those positions. .. i dunno.. its just a good sense of the rushed wildness.

  3. I somehow always manage to plant one of the beads on my V. Labret barbells into the end of straws. Its really quite suprising evertime. I’ll be leaning in to take a sip, and my lower lip is being pulled towards my chin and the straw keeps moving.

  4. Haha, totally thought that was a testicle too…damn you bmezine :P

    Great photo! Although seeing as those paired off-centre labrets are only a week old (said so in the image updates), I shouldn’t think they would be too happy with lipstick smeared all over them.

    Looks awesome though! And I like the chipped polish, looks like in her madness she has nawed away at her fingers :)

  5. First thing I noticed was the white drops on her fingers in the right photo which I thought was cum…..
    Each with his/her own obsessions I suppose…..Well, yummy either way….

  6. *smiles*


    Lipstick does not make me a chick.

  7. when i’m not wrong, than she is licking a cock head until it’s dropping splash – wouh, wouhh, wouhhh – i believe, i have to milk my twins now!
    dreamly hot!!!

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