Is this mean?

I’m posting this picture of Tina to irritate some of the commentators in a previous entry with her in it… Is that bad? The photo is by Angelinpayn, and the 17-point corset piercing is by Sir Swirly of Wanx at Dragon’s Lair Tattoos in Brisbane, Australia.

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Shannon Larratt is the founder of BME (1994) and its former editor and publisher. After a four year hiatus between 2008 and 2012, Shannon is back adding his commentary to ModBlog. It should be noted that any comments in these entries are the opinion of Shannon Larratt and may or may not be shared by LLC or the other staff or members of BME. Entry text Copyright © Shannon Larratt. Reproduced under license by LLC. Pictures may be copyright to their respective owners. You can also find Shannon at Zentastic or on Facebook.

70 thoughts on “Is this mean?

  1. i remember her…so i’m assuming these healed?

    oh hey, didnt YOU have an objections to this type of piercing?

  2. do the piercings go up both sides of the back, or just up the one? either way, i like it. i’ve always had a fondness for corset piercings.
    didn’t she mention having scarification work? i’d like to see that too.

  3. The scarification work I talked about in my last entry was refrenced about was all natural.. hehe try goin form 48kg to 75kg in 9months and see if u don’t come out with a few scars :P
    Sorry to mislead..

    Thanks again Shannon

  4. The piercings go from the bottom left, to the top right of her back….we just decided to do something different.
    For more pictures from the set, just check out my IAM page. :)

  5. hahaha…. revenge is sweet… but the sweet, sweet nectar of a women… that is what dreams are made of…

  6. Hahahahaha, that was beautiful, Shannon! Much love.

    And I really like the corset, I think it’s awesome that you put a spin on it and had it curve across her back instead of just taper straight down.

  7. OH EM GEE SHANNON, you have a crush on this person, you posting this makes modblog boring -runs away crying-

    Lets try this again: No this is not mean, frankly, you can put whatever the hell you want on modblog, concidering its your damn site. But the fact you keep it interesting is the reason you have so many people supporting the site, and losing that one person who likes to bitch about you posting a picture of a beautiful, modified person really isnt going to hurt a damn thing.

    In addition, she is beautiful, and this courset is ravishing, not to mention the photography. Great picture. Thanks for keeping modblog and all of BMEZINE the best site for our viewing pleasure. :)

  8. So, another picture of Tina….
    who cares when the photos look this good? :P

  9. Why is Shannon a dick?

    For posting whatever the fuck HE wants as the maker of this site?

    And yes, I think the corset piercings is gorgeous. :)

  10. aww i really like that corset, i think its a really good idea, and the photo is really ace too

  11. HAHAHAH , aweesome @ shannon , And you have a dick too? , YAY / JOY / UNHAPPYNESS-NOT!! (sorry Basil said youse did in post no 8 ) :) , heheh…… NICE PIC TOO @ FELLOW BRISSY iam-ER

  12. Jesus guys, ITS HIS WEBSITE.
    Personally, I LIKE THEM.
    I’m a girl. I like looking at modifications. Especially pretty modifications. Especially on pretty girls. Then again I’m bi, so… ;]
    Seriously, though, guys. Lay off. This site wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Shannon, he has every right to post whatever he damn well pleases. Yes, it’s nice to please the general public, but again, he can do whatever the fuck he wants to do. Don’t like it? Too bad. Shut your trap, you’re reading modblog for free.

  13. Stick it to the haters :D
    I couldnt care less if you posted the same person everytime, the photos are lovely.

  14. - I’m on shannons side…. love @ all…. basil just sucks a dead mans arse (and in a bad way too- altho im sure he will settle down when he reaches puberty :))… shannon can show any pics he wants….modblog and BME is the bees knees :) … maybe some peoplez dont get my sence of the humor?

  15. i seriously dont care whose site it is…i personly feel that shannon is a wanker…

    personly i like the corset. but it isnt about the corset…

    fuck off all you fucken gay shannon suck-ups, grow a pair

    peace out

  16. This is the REAL basil.
    Basil’s alter ego, basil, is being a complete bastard.
    He is jealous of Shannon in reality because Shannon has a bigger cock than basil, and has grown-up hair,i mean grown A PAIR! *ahem*

    Please disregard previous posts by this imposter basil.

    Would the real basil, please stand up.

    Love basil basil III

  17. I think i need some time in front of the camera some time soon haha…my model is taking over!!!!!

  18. Basil sure is angry.
    If I didn’t like someone I probably wouldn’t spend time on their site let alone posting mutiple times.
    Sigh… Sometimes people on the internet confuse me. So angry.

  19. d1983, i was over it. untill people on the internet and start having a dig at me

  20. BASIL go eat shit and go jump as u r a complete fuck…ill have a fucking dig ya cunt….

  21. Whoa. This is getting out of hand.

    It’s Shannon’s blog, guys. If he wants to limit his portrayal of the female body modification community to nubile young women in provocative poses, then he’s the one who’s got to ponder the ramifications of this decision. As for all of us chubby chicks, well, we could submit sexy photos if we felt so inclined!

  22. is there a picture of her whole back? i’m glad i’m kinda lost on why people are getting angry at shannon for posting multiple pictures of a person on his website.

    i’m sure if more people that you want to see start sending in photos that they’ll end up here…or somewhere on the site.

  23. Isn’t it funny how basil and Basil always post anonymously

    if i’m honest i’m kinda pissed off that picture of me on the beach in a bikini with all y mods on show never made it to modblog….my nuts looked so nice hanging out the side of my speedos

    haha seriously though, Modblog, Bme and Iam are all run superbly and Shannon’s a cool guy so people should lean back and give the guy some air

  24. Aw, but it’s so pretty. Permanent or not, they’re pretty. She’s pretty, bright tattoos are pretty…
    Mmm, the lighting is nice, too.

    I liiike it. thank you.

  25. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

    Tina and her mods are great and should be here on ModBlog.

    Everyone should be on ModBlog atleast once. There are so many people on iam with cool and interesting mods and I am sure as time goes by most of them will be featured here.

    Even Basil might even show up.

  26. Sade.
    There are more pictures of her entire back on my IAM page (same name as I’m posting here) in my modtracker, or if you are not a member of IAM, they are all on my personal website as well –
    Feel free to browse through either site.

  27. “personly i like the corset. but it isnt about the corset…”

    uh…actually…yeah it is.
    it’s a mod site — it’s about the corset. so what if it’s accompanied by a pretty girl? so she’s been featured for her tats…and her piercings…now the corset. different features for different mods. s.f.w? get over it.
    this has just gotten ridiculous.

  28. Dragon’s lair, you say?

    I think I know where I’m going on my lunch break tomorrow…..

  29. yay it’s so intelligent for people to post insulting comments using other people’s names, just because they have a differing opinion. how open-minded of you! as if it wasn’t obvious it was “basil” or whoever you are.

  30. I agree with the things that Basil and Glenner said in the previous entry, the scene has gone shit. The same standards and role-models of “attractivness” that are being thrustened by general society are being imposed here, and that’s not what you fucking expect from a subculture that is supposed to be free of any stereotypes and encouraging originality and daring instead of following the mainstream ideals of female looks.
    If you are not fucking blind you can see that there is a certain type of female looks that is being favoured on Modblog . You’ve got all these clones trying to fit into a certain type of appearance that totally follows the dominating system of aesthetics and is not that different from what you can see in a mainstream female or whatever magazine.
    And it’s funny how the people who dare to say opinions that are different from Shannons or what’s written on modblog are getting pissed at. You have to conform here as you have to conform everywhere, and even the rules are not that different.
    And i’m not irritated Shannon, i can hardly get more sick of this scene that i’m already are.

  31. Sheesh, this is getting nuts.

    Inza, here’s two things I think you’re missing:

    1. For me, it’s not about a “scene” or a formal definition of how people in that scene are “supposed to look”. It’s about a state of being, and being who you want to be. I’m into tattoos and body modifications because it’s WHO I AM not because I want to be part of a “scene”. So I really don’t care if mainstream ideas about fashion protrude here as long as body modification of all sorts are fundamentally respected and permitted. So I don’t have a mohawk and I don’t dress in punk clothing, nor do I cling to the idea that people should resist looking good in the eyes of the mainstream or WHATEVER THEY WANT.

    I think you are WAY out of line telling Tina (or other girls or guys that have been posted) that they’re part of what makes this “scene” suck because you don’t think they are fat enough or hairy enough or whatever. That’s just not fair. People have a right to look how they want, and if this is how they want to look, LET THEM AND ENCOURAGE IT.

    2. The fact is that most people who submit photos for ModBlog are “attractive” by both subcultural and mainstream standards. Yes, that means that many are thin and fit. Don’t blame “this scene”, blame it on the fact that people these days IN ALL DEMOGRAPHICS exercise more, take care of their bodies, eat well, and so on. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.

    And remember, I do post people of all sizes when I have the opportunity to, and they generally get excellent feedback.

    Let me also add that I find it interesting that people complain like crazy that I post too many conventionally attractive women to ModBlog, but virtually zero complaints when I post thin fit men. I guess it’s OK for guys to be fit and healthy, but not women? Who knows…

  32. yep… i’ve gotten four?
    she’s only on 3 still… pssh… i’m the real fangirl here. haha.
    i love you shannon, keep posting whatever you want because to me, all of it is incredible and beautiful.

  33. Wait, people are complaining about seeing pictures of cute girls? … Yeah, that makes sense.

  34. Thank you Inza, i feel releave that some else feels the same way i do.

    and sneezy its [email protected]

    i’ll be sure to read your shitty little immature comments.

    “hay every one i posted a picture of a big girl, im so cool”

    i would like too also see some big dudes on here, but some people wouldnt find it attractive so why would mr. popular shannon larrett do it.

  35. Given that I post people who relatively accurately represent the demographic breakdown of modblog submittors, what exactly is the objection? That I don’t go out of my way to give the false impression that the average contributor is obese, when in fact they are not?

  36. Shannon, reading your reply i have the impression you totally didn’t get what i was saying.
    1. First, i’m the last person to care about any scene or community, and i thought you could know that. I’ve been always talking only for MYSELF and things I believe in, i don’t feel a part of any scene at all. I just used this term because it was used in the posts before.

    “I think you are WAY out of line telling Tina (or other girls or guys that have been posted) that they’re part of what makes this “sceneâ€? suck because you don’t think they are fat enough or hairy enough or whatever. That’s just not fair. People have a right to look how they want, and if this is how they want to look, LET THEM AND ENCOURAGE IT.”

    What i was saying was not about being fat or hairy, that’s a very shallow understanding. And that’s the point – most of the people don’t look like THEY want, they look like society or other people want them to look, and what society and other people dictate as attractive. And may be they THINK that it’s what they want, but it’s just because people are brainwashed and bombarded with images of how they should look like since their birth, so they loose the ability to REALLY decide for themselves.
    And you don’t have to try hard to encourage this kind of look as fitting and conforming is already the easiest thing to do, and that’s what most of the people are doing.

    “The fact is that most people who submit photos for ModBlog are “attractiveâ€? by both subcultural and mainstream standards. Yes, that means that many are thin and fit. Don’t blame “this sceneâ€?, blame it on the fact that people these days IN ALL DEMOGRAPHICS exercise more, take care of their bodies, eat well, and so on. This is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

    You really think it’s a good thing? For me it only proves what i was saying before, that the society’s conditioning,programming and brainwashing of how people should look like goes so far and deep as to reaching the subcultures.

    “Let me also add that I find it interesting that people complain like crazy that I post too many conventionally attractive women to ModBlog, but virtually zero complaints when I post thin fit men. I guess it’s OK for guys to be fit and healthy, but not women? Who knows”

    That’s not true in my case, i very rearly leave comments but i did leave a comment before on the entry i was revolted by where you were talking about some guy as a “real man”.
    Just this entry was dealing with women, so that’s why i was talking about them.
    But generally women are more objectified and more subject to conditioning towards their physics, so that’s why you have more feedback about them.

    To Basil – you can be sure there are other people and not only me who share your opinion, but the majority always stays sheep.

  37. To answer your question Inza, yes, I do think it’s a good thing that more people are fit and in shape and healthy. Do I think outrageously thin is something people should strive for? Of course not. But fit and healthy? ABSOLUTELY.

    And I understand that the mainstream has been brainwashed by itself, but so have we, and so has everyone. The goal in my opinion is to be happy and as unique as one chooses/needs, not neccessarily to strip oneself completely of all societal attachments.

  38. When Modblog is posted, there is normally say like 8-10 images.. with 90% of them being unique in there own right, then 10% with attractive modified female/male’s that are only used for viewer’s pleasure or something.. I dunno but I appreciate modified people who are looking after there bodys and keeping themselves fit..

    Its everyone’s objective wether or not they can take the second to flick over a image that does nothing to stimulate/appeals them or they can just post endlessly in here bitching about a ‘perfect world’

    Shannon has done an amazing Job creating and maintaing this website and i respect him for that.. If you have credits like that on your resume then go hard and tell him how to do his job.. but I honestly don’t think many people boast that achievment .

    I’m apart of BME and IAM because i love Body Modification and its culture.. I’m not here to put people down or tell them how to do there job..

    Your the people who are bringing a ‘scene’ into this culture.. people who have the same styling as you and you put them down and class them as ‘bimbos’ and other deogritory comments .. your no better then high school 14yr old girls…

    and thats where it should end.. right here.

  39. Come on people! I refuse to believe that if Shannon received a nice picture of a plus-sized girl/guy with interesting mods he wouldn’t put it on modblog just because of the person’s size. Maybe it’s just that fit/thinner people feel more confident to submit their pics and that’s why there’s a lot of them in the site.

  40. hey shannon would a picture of a S&M tool company get me anything if i submitted it to you lol ? and thnax for posting you are making my life a little better, I got hurt in jan, blew out 2 discs the L4 L5 and the L5 S1, so see cool things and reading up on some of this stuff is keeping me entertained, not that i agree 100%, this is your thing and you can only post what you get, and dude keep doing what you do and dont let idiots say otherwise 10 to 1 there are more that support you then dont. but really let me know about that picture (the one mentioned ^ lol)

  41. “Do I think outrageously thin is something people should strive for? Of course not. But fit and healthy? ABSOLUTELY.”

    Saying that people SHOULD strive to being fit and healthy is just supporting the society’s fascist approach to the body. And supporting the fact that those who don’t want or can’t (like freaks from birth or handicapped people) should suck ass the way they do in our society.

    It’s fucking outstanding to read these kind of views on body modification website.
    That’s my final comment as it really feels like talking to the wall.

  42. I am very late on this, but I believe Inza is the closest to sensible of anyone who’s posted here. BME is a forum. Shannon may be its creator, but ultimately – and through Shannon’s own making – it is a community of people that have a demand for an accurate representation of their demographic. Being a skinny white female, I know for a fact that the majority of people I know are not skinny white females, yet the vast majority of women represented on ModBlog is such. And it’s not only weight – consistently, the women are almost always white, attractive, passably conventional looking (in terms of hair, clothing, or makeup) and with unextreme modifications. I refuse to believe this is an accurate portrayel of BME members, especially looking at the profile of people on this site such as Inza or my own boyfriend. If Shannon wants to post ‘whatever the hell he wants’ because it gets him off, then he can be the leader, the corrupt dictator that he so often rails against. He is not god just for being a webmaster; his biases get in the way of his work just as much as anyone else, but the fact that he refuses to question his motivations is more and more making me think he’s a bit of a fraud in the philosophical manner he presents himself.

    And incidentally, Shannon, there is a vast difference between “healthy” and “skinny”. All of the unpleasantness that can come from eating disorders in an attempt to be skinny – including amenorrhea, osteoporosis, stomach distension, constipation, heart problems, and emotional and psychological issues – are hardly “healthy.” Be aware that what you present to your readers influences them. Don’t play dumb.

  43. Sheesh.

    First of all, I don’t choose the pictures; Phil does the initial processing and I have a smaller pool to choose from that he leaves for me. However, I do monitor the process and I don’t believe that what he’s submitting to me — people posed or photographed in a fashion that is suitable for this category of post — are demographically non-representative of the submissions we get.

    However, if you disagree, please, email me URLs of people posted to BME who you think would be more suitable or representative than what we post right now (as in their pictures in the main galleries). I’m completely open to suggestions, and I think your “dictator” freak-out is a little silly. It’s as simple as this: if you don’t like the way I’m doing something, just tell me how you’d do it better in specific terms and I’ll do my best to consider what is shared.

    And as far as healthy vs. skinny, I’ve consistently emphasized that it’s healthy that’s important. Skinny is nearly irrelevant in fact, because your body will maintain it’s ideal weight if you are healthy. So I’m not really sure why you’re angry at me since we appear to be in agreement that health is the priority?

  44. I don’t know about other slendour people.. but i eat like a pig, not bad foods.. I just eat a hell of alot.. I just have a fast metabolism..
    Just because someone is naturally slendour dosn’t mean you can box them into having a eating problem or a disorder… I’ve been overweight for my size before after having a baby, but i ate the right food, i excersized and this is where its got me.
    I’m not shitting on anyone… you should take shannons advice like he has cleary stated thru out all of these modblogs and SEND in the pictures YOU think are more suited instead of bitching about them not being shown!

    I still think Shannon does an amazing job and couldn’t really be assed gettin into all the politics of body sizes and shit.. I’m here for body modifications on all levels.. both to learn and to observe. I think everyone is losing sight of the big picture of why where all here..


  45. iam:Stewy (basil) Thats your opinion.
    Why you being a little bitch about it..
    like banning me from your page and such…
    and when I msg you to ask why, you just never respond?

    At least if your goin to bag me out be a man and use YOUR name and not your pet snakes!

    Its funny how people change in such a short time period, you can really tell there personality’s.
    I just feel sorry for you that you can be so heavily influenced…
    If putting me down is the only entertainment that brings you joy then I’m sorry to dissapoint you but Its not gettin to me..

    This modblog is so old and you were so quick to repond to it.. is that all you do at work is check my modblog feature??
    Meh.. goodluck with everything u got going on.. your got an awesome oppourtunity, theres no need to become bitter and change your whole personality as soon as u set foot up there… .. thats your webpage to by the way Stewy.

    Lets see how long it takes this time for you to reply…
    I look forward to your ‘attempt’ to put me down…

    I’m still smiling Buddy!!!

  46. “Awww, and now you and Stewy are super besties. Isn’t it cute how people forget?

    Posted by Lori on October 25th, 2006 at 11:38 am”

    Or forgive?????????

    I HIGHLY doubt anyone’s forgotten, love.

  47. Yeah Stewys Awesome!!

    He makes me the best egg sandwhich’s ever!!

    Its all good.. People in REAL LIFE tend to speak less bullshit..

    how about it.. I know your in the neighbour hood.. wanna push your keyboard aside and meet me??

    Up to you!!

    I’m keen :)

  48. Beautiful work, i admire it very much! Shame its surrounded by so many angsty posts, detracts from the beauty of the piece, i’d consider re-submitting it!

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