The ring looks a little low on the (real) nipple?

This bb post about explicit vintage watches made me think of this funny pinup tattoo where the real nipple is the tattoo’s breast. Tattoo by Tattoo Magic in Southampton back in 1997.

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12 thoughts on “The ring looks a little low on the (real) nipple?

  1. after snickering at the tattoo i got a closer look and the size of that cbr is making me cringe.

  2. oh yeah, didn’t even notoce that, but yah that cbr is not right

  3. oh my… that’s such a bad nipple piercing that it isn’t even a nipple piercing anymore! it’s more like some kind of lower areola thing or something

  4. wow… is there anyway that it could have migrated there? or would it had to have been actually pierced in such a dodgy spot?

  5. It is possible he requested it to be pierced there. I’ve seen stranger places requested so it doesn’t have to be “bad placement” – maybe just an odd request.

    Nice tat, btw – made me chuckle a bit.

  6. that doesn’t even look like a nipple piercing…it looks like it’s through the arreola,and has migrated.

    that can’t be good,can it?

  7. I don’t know what is making my squick more, the genderfuck tattoo or…god I’m hoping its migration or something. If it was placed there, the ring is WAY too small anyway…its practically a surface piercing but I doubt it. Look at how much tissue is being pulled towards the ring itself and how there is no extra room inside the ring. Euwwww!

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