Girl’s Best Friend Outline

I’m not sure if miss_murder (pictured pulling in the entry below) is a Girl’s Best Friend, or if she’s saying if you want to have fun down there, you’d better have diamonds ready… Tattoo by Chris Jones at Abracadabra in Cefn Forest, Wales, UK.

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16 thoughts on “Girl’s Best Friend Outline

  1. Isn’t that only if it’s possesive? So here, (without the apostrophe), it’s saying “Diamonds are a girls (plural) best friend”?
    I might be wrong though…?

  2. Possessive of girls should be girls’, logically. As girls’s would look weird. But it wouldn’t be just girls, on its own.

  3. Since have tattoos had to be grammatically accurate?

    Also, if we’re nit-picking, Hazz that first ‘i’ should be capitalised, tokyo wars you don’t need the commas and brackets at the same time, Ghobian there was no need for that question mark, pr0ncess your full stops and comas are all over the place.

    In fact Volatile is the only one in this link with excellent grammar, and i shall point out, before anyone else gets the chance, that my ‘nit-picking’ paragraph did not utilise commas properly or full stops at all

    Fun things to do when you’re bored on a wednesday night eh?

  4. i love it when people take the piss out of me. but yeah, thanks jonn and volatile for not being so fucking petty :)

  5. Leaving punctuation out in a tattoo is pretty common. Hell, in many ‘headline’ fonts, punctuation characters aren’t even rendered because people don’t need/use them.

  6. I wasn’t being petty, merely responding to the comment above mine :)

    RE: My poor grammer? I almost failed my grammer subject last semester lol! I wasn’t taught proper grammer at school, and now my uni work is suffreing ;(

    And pr0ncess? Not nitpicking, rather an interesting piece of trivia; regarding the plural of s, such as in the case of tokyowars , (according to my linguistics lecturer) it is now linguitically correct to write tokyowars’s as opposed to tokyowars’. Can’t say I like it myself, and I’ll probably just always leave of the extra s, though as the readership of modblog has seen, my grammer sucks. (Even more so because I can never be bothered proof reading my comments :D )

  7. The tattoo is nice (although I would have gone with proper punctuation), but these comments just made me nine percent dumber.

  8. If that tattoo was on me, it would irritate the HELL out of me. I’ve seen similar things on flash sheets; things like ‘SAILORS GRAVE’, or ‘DEVILS RIGHT HAND’.

    Missing apostrophes are as bad as spelling mistakes for this pedant. They make my teeth itch. MM, there’s plenty of room for the artist to put an apostrophe in (between the L and the S) – just ask him when you go to get the colour done!

  9. ^^^

    Or the artist could put it after the S in girls to make more than one girl’s best friend.

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