Tiger Lillies (in progress) Tattoo

On PureAngel by Jared Phair at Dragon FX (West Edmonton Mall) in Edmonton, Alberta.

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19 thoughts on “Tiger Lillies (in progress) Tattoo

  1. I think thats lovely as it is. Maybe thicken up and clean those lines, but leave all the colour as it is.

    Nice simple design.

  2. Ooh, nice in progress work. I’m trying to save up to get a big tiger lily piece on my back in a year or two

  3. I’d forgetton how much I adore tiger lillies before I saw this tattoo. Its beautiful – I can’t wait to see the final product.

  4. But the question is, is it finished? I think it’s AMAZING, if it is. Filling in the lines may actually detract from the simplistic beauty.

  5. It looks beautiful.
    Quite a simple idea but absolutely stunning.
    I’d like to see this finished.

  6. -No, its not finished, it is a work in progress. Being on my ribcage, it hurts so much to get done, so I can usually only sit for two hour sessions. Only one more left!
    -We do intend on going full colour, as well as cleaning up the lines.

    For the month after he completed his apprenticeship, I think he did an awesome job. Tiger lilies have always been my favorite flower, and he got them exactly how i wanted!

  7. I really like the partial colourwork, think it looks fantastic like this… but it’s your body :O

  8. That is gorgeous. My mom loves tigerlillies so I had to show her, she said it was one of the prettiest she’s ever seen and she isn’t really a tattoo fan.

  9. Beautiful tattoo. Once its done I am sure it will be stunning. I have always wanted a tiger lily tattoo. I was born and raise in saskatchewan and left after high school. I wanted to get the lilies as a shout out to where i came from (seeing as tiger lilies are saskatchewan’s provincial flower). I hope mine will look as good as yours….wow.

  10. I think its beautiful!! The color is amazing!! Just the right amount to make it really pop…

    I am getting a tattoo of easter lilies for my birthday, in remembrance of my grandmother who past when i was younger. They were her favorite flower.

    I hope my tattoo artist does as great of a job as yours did!!!

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