The Devil Himself?

I often wonder if it’s person who makes the mods or the mods that make the person… A year ago, Dragon FX Kingsway tattoo artist, Mike Gibson was just a “normal” dude. His most “extreme” features being his tattoos and long hair.

Now he’s rocking silicone horn implants (by Phish), a tongue split (by Dirk Sullivan), (removable) Fangs and red contacts, UV responsive facial tattoos (self-done), and he’s even an ordained priest!

It’s really interesting how his attitude has changed. I don’t think I have any pictures of him before his extreme modifications. He was impossible to take pictures of as he’d always put his hand up to sheild himself from the camera. These days he’s clearly more confident… because he clearly owns the underworld.

4 thoughts on “The Devil Himself?

  1. thats awesome, have his eyes been modified much? i mean, are the contacts THAT bright and vivid? or have they been photoshop-brightened alot?

  2. Nice one. His look is quite awesome and totally scary at the same time.
    I’m sure Halloween will be filled with candy for him this year. :)

  3. he looks how i feel, having just found out exactly how much university is gonna cost me.

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