How many times can I post and say wow?

Pauly Unstoppable (who I’ve featured here before) is now up to 1 1/4″ with his immense stretched nostril piercings (jewelry by tattooedheart). I seriously can’t say enough how much I like the appearance that he’s building up. I think it’s wizardly (like really amazing and not-quite-real at the same time) or something.

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51 thoughts on “How many times can I post and say wow?

  1. Forgot I had the page open, and was flipping through my tabs really quick and thought it was bozo. Apparently I need sleep. I think it’s a very individual look and taste, and I really like it! Very awesome.

  2. His nose looks like some sort of a butt. That’s cool and all, if you’re into butts.

  3. i would like to see what it would look like if his septum was as stretched as his nostrils… like all aligned and shite… lil’ slits for nostril holes… that would be like ice cream in my pants

  4. some how i like the sideview of it but the frontview is just awful. the way the nose goes doesnt suit me at all… but as the say each on their own :)

  5. Too bad about his personality. He seems like a dick, judging by his better-than-thou myspace.

  6. Dont judge people by what they say on the net! (Irony) Wait till you meet them in person! I love the jewellery. Pauly is it hard to breath through your nose now, any major differences or difficulties at all? or is it all good! :)

  7. Pauly is the man!
    never met him, but talked to him on iam a few times, seems like a great guy!
    Nostrils are lookin friggin awesome!

  8. The only negative perceptions I get from him are because of all his “MILITANT” forums (I don’t give a shit if you don’t do drugs, but if you try to kick my ass because I do, that’s fucked up), and I believe I read something on his page about the fact that he was posting in an “Aryan” forum and defending himself over it (Aryan – enough said).

  9. Except for all the militant crap, and hanging out in Aryan forums, he might be nice.

  10. His personality is totally irrelevent, he is an asset to our culture and he is free to act and think the way he likes.

  11. right, like “aside from killing kittens and eating babies” mike is a pretty nice guy.

  12. um i never posted in an aryan forum ever i dont even know were the fuck you are getting your information

    i think you should stop talking about stuff you dont know about

    i am not even white idiot

  13. It’s funny how with the internet, people can post anonymously and make claims about other people without any proof. Regardless, his mods are really quite amazing

  14. Very nice mods, don’t agree with the Straight-Edge/Animal-Rights/Vegan thing but hey – That’s because I like interesting ales (had a bottle of awesome Banana Bread Beer last night – check and eating meat. And cheese. Conflicting opinions are no reason to dismiss anybody. You’ll just end up talking to people who think exactly the same way as you do…And that would be fucking boring. Arguments/heated discussions pwn.

    From all I’ve been able to read, you seem a pretty sound guy and, unlike many people are wont to do, I wait to pass judgement on anyone until I get a chance to speak to them properly for any length of time.


  15. Well, like I said “I believe” I read something on his page about the Aryan forums. It’s possible I could have read it on someone else’s page, I guess.

  16. I think Pauly is truly amazing, the commitment to the nostril stretching…especially in these modern times is mind blowing.

    Although, I am disheartened. One of my favourite senseless humor video/pic sites has a member who is also one here at BME, who has been posting pictures of Pauly for ridicule. This has had me fuming and am wondering on how much the copyright on this image covers it distribution.

    Have a look at and scroll down to the bottom of the page for pictures, thats if they haven’t been bumped of the page yet.

  17. i saw the pics on that site helena… i was unimpressed to say the least… people who have to ridicule others and things they do not understand are just scared, lost little bitches who are affraid to be themselves… live and let live

  18. .. somehow, this forum went from talking about how great his nostrils look and are.. to people spitting out things about what kind of person he is… people who are either anonymous or just feel like judging.

    For god’s sake, if you have nothing good to say then just shut the hell up. Fuck, i wish people would grow up. I’m glad Pauly was able to defend himself, but he should not of had to. I hate it how people attack individuals because they are online and they never go STRAIGHT to that person, they do the run around and tell everyone else what they THINK he MIGHT of THOUGHT of POSSIBLY doing that the person THINKS he did. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP.

    ugh, shake it out..

    Anyways, i think i’ve been to your page once or twice Pauly, cus.. someone knows you that i know or something :P. Anyways, i use your page as an example of extreme mods when my friends don’t understand of believe me. Surprisingly, most of the liked your nostrils. :)

  19. I looked at the website MuchoSucko…
    There are actually a LOT of pictures on there of members of this community. Pictures of BEAUTIFUL work by some of the best artists out there, and tons of people making very negative comments about it. Comes with the territory I suppose. I couldn’t find any of the pictures of Paul, but I don’t care much to see them, especially since I know how the comments about the picture will follow without even looking at it.

    Terrible, really. I’m sure there are people saying the same things about nealy all of us though…

    In any case. I will be the first to admit that I think Paul really is incredible…and maybe a little crazy, and that’s what makes him so amazing. I’m usually a fan of nostrils around 8g-0g…but I have always been in awe of Paul’s.

  20. Judging by his virtual personality (Myspace) his mods seem more like an act for attention, rather than a form of personal expression… But who am I to judge.

    It looks interesting, the say the least…

  21. wow, pauly.

    you have time to respond in a rude manner to people who have commented on your personality – which has only proven their point to me.

    but you don’t have time to reply to everyone who has said that they think you are awesome and incredible? or to answer questions from people who are genuinely interested (like the one about breathing through your nose)?

    i would not have judged you before because i didn’t know you. from your comments on this entry however you don’t come across as a very pleasant person to me.

  22. Sheesh. Pauly gets attacked, ignores it for a long time, and then finally responds — rather politely given that he’s put up with people threatening to kill him on a regular basis in forum comments — and suddenly HE is the bad guy? Give me a break.

  23. I would like to also point out if you go back to my main enrty i do very much thank everyone for such amazing comments and i thank shannon for the honor of being in myspace….i do truely appreciate it all

    The thing is i put up with alot of negative feedback on a daily basis be it on the street or on myspace or well on here.

    i recently had to message 3 seperate websites to have my image removed because they used it without permission…..and the soul reason they put it up was to redicule and make fun of me……..and many iam members will remember last year when i had a large string of internet message boards that made threads with my picture just so they could make fun of me and tell me how much it would be fun to kill me….about 15 of those that i knew of

    so you see i would have liked to come on and anwser lots of questions cause i know people are curious……but i dont care to respond in a place were people are making rude and baseless comments and insults against me

    i dont enjoy attention at all but alas i must expect to get it…..but as a human i can chose to ignore what i find to be rude and offensive to my nature which is what i sadly had to do with this forum

    so yes i do apoligize to anyone that had a serious question that went unanwsered and to anyone that made a nice comment but wasnt thanked(though i cant be expected to personally thank every person that leaves a comment)

    if anyone has serious questions to ask me and not just death threats ( i get enough of those….yes i realize i am a fucking freak fag who needs to have my teeth kicked in…i got the memo) then you can contact me via

    [email protected]

    thank you and good day

  24. Actually, it’s human nature to judge. Period. I hate when people say that, human interaction is based on judging things and other humans. Anyone who says they don’t judge someone, is a outright fucktard.

    And yes, that was a judgement.

  25. Yes, it is human nature to judge. But no, it isnt right to judge someone without knowing them first. Its human nature to do a lot of things, but lets face it, humans are far from perfect, and pretty much assholes by nature, so fuck human nature, thats no excuse for coming on here and talking shit about someone you dont know the first thing about.
    Paul is in fact one of the best people i’ve ever known. Its unfortunate if you cant bring yourself to find that out. Shame on you, seriously. And honestly, if you think he’s a bad person for doing what he does or for having a website be a certain way, you probably dont deserve to know him anyway.
    And dont assume people do things for attention. If you really need to know why, fucking ask for christ sake. Assumptions 90% of the time just lead to false conclusions, making you a fool.
    Anyway, I love pauls nostrils, but really it doesnt matter if any of us like them, because theyre for him, not for you.

  26. people are gonna judge people no matter what thats just how we are as a human race and you just gotta remember that no one can judge you only until you are six feet under, then you can haunt them for it.

    i’m sure hes a real nice guy, his mods did kinda throw me off at first but now i think they look really cool

  27. dearest Pauly,
    i believe you are an inspiring figure to the bod mod culture, for the future that you have affected is now more UNSTOPPABLE than ever.

    thanks for your insight on life, expressed through your own body.

    ~kevin (the crackhead lolita visionary)

  28. You truly are and astounding and beautiful person. Well I speak only as far as the eye can see but you just seem like an all around beautiful human being and your modifications and absolutly wonderful.

  29. wowwwwww
    hes really cute
    except for his deformed nose
    everything over a 0 for nose stretching,,, is just kinda bleck.

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