Separated at birth?

Originally I was going to comment on how the new Cadbury’s Thins candy commercial (which is vaguely derogatory) has what are I think the largest stretched lobes that have been in a mainstream commercial (not including Art Aguirre from Church of Steel who was in the reality show Mad Mad House) recently, but then I noticed that she also looks disconcertingly like Xeni from boingboing (sorry for the crappy photos of my TV)…

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26 thoughts on “Separated at birth?

  1. I saw that a while back and thought those were the biggest I have ever seen on a commercial.

  2. UGH, i HATE that commercial… lol for the obvious reasons…

    I couldnt tell if those were fake or real, cus they don’t show it for long enough to tell if its just a big round earring she’s wearing or if there’s actually skin around it…, if so, thats awesome!..i think.

    I just find it makes modded people look bad, or ridiculous.. once again the mainstream hits us with this stupid commercial. It just pisses me off. Like they really needed to ridicule us.. they make us look like fools. Grrr.

  3. I can’t find the commercial online to save my life. I have no idea what happens in it and it’s bothering me that I don’t know.

  4. “some decisions you regret, some you don’t.’”

    aparrantly eating that junk is a good decision.
    celebrating your body, however, is not.

  5. I love this comercial. I thought it was hilarious when I first saw it. And that is some mad bling in her ears.

  6. I saw that commercial and I thought she was wearing the bling hoops from BME shop! The commercial is stupid, but it’s neat that a visibly modded person is shown on mainstream TV.

  7. Her left lobe doesn’t look right, I’ve seen prosthetic ear loops made as movie props and so I’m wondering if she’s ‘real’. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m sure someone’ll know her here if that isn’t the case.

  8. crypulse – I was thinking they were insulting the plainskin… To my ears/eyes, the modified person was shown as well adjusted and happy with their decision, but the plainskin was being told “you’ll never be more than a plainskin”.

    It could definitely be a fake stretching, but it looks pretty real in the commercial… and there are enough people with lobes that size that it would have been easier from a casting and production point of view to use a real modified person than fake it I think?

  9. I’m really curious about this ad now, but trying to see it woukd mean turning my TV on, yecch. Anyone got a digitized version?

  10. I like the commercial, just for the fact that it shows alternative culture. I dont think it was offensive in any way, I thought it was more of a ‘be yourself’ kind of thing. The tattoos and piercings are just use to accentuate the fact that the hairdresser belongs to an alternative lifestyle, while the ‘soccer mom’ stereotype shouldnt try some crazy hairstyle.
    On the subject of commercials like this, the bank my sister works at (I cant remember which one right now) had a poster saying “Let your bank account be as individual as you” and it has a picture of a girl with a half sleeve :)

  11. Theres a bank which is giving away free i-pod shuffles with student loans, and theres a girl with a red mohawk and large (I’d guess an inch?) tunnels on the advertisement

  12. The new hairstyle looks like it was based on Cloud (?) from Final Fantasy, maybe they were mocking videogame culture too?

    And you can see her hair through the tunnels in the second clip, so I’m betting they’re real.

    Haven’t seen the commercial, but now I’m interested. Hopefully if anyone finds it online they’ll post a link!

  13. The only other mention of this ad i’ve seen online was on a myspace page. It’s as if no-one else has seen it… ?_?

  14. I don’t think the commercial has anything to do with the visibly modified or the “plainskin” (that’s a word I don’t particularly agree with…but that’s another story)

    I think it’s about going to a shitty hairdresser and why you should look into your stylist before subjecting yourself to her talentless efforts! HA!
    That lady’s hair looks like shit! The fact that there’s a modified person is coincidental. I think one in every two or three people is modified so it’s really about TIME commercials and mainstream media aknowledge that.

  15. Okay, there are actually three commercials in this series. Its for Cadbry 100 calorie chocolate which is about the thickness of one of those Listerine Pocket Dissolving sheets…

    There’s one of two 20-something year old waving goodbye to the shore as the boat pulls away, but they have this really miserable look on their faces cus the cruise ship is filled , jam-packed with ONLY elderly couples. “Some things you regret, others you don’t”

    I forget the third…

    The the one with the modded girl.. It shows the girl the plugs chopping hair, and then they show the woman all miserable and give this half-assed smile in the mirror, but totally not actually happy, but the modded girl thinks its awesome. “Some things you regret, others you don’t”

    I find that since the target audience for this product IS soccer-mom’s and older, mature women. They count that this audience isn’t going to like the haircut and most likely roll their eyes at the hairdresser. It makes people with mods, with tattoos, with crazier than normal hair and just a real jubilance look incredibly foolish. As if we have no comon sense.. they are basically showing that this extravangtly modified person was not able to properly judge that this woman obviosly would not like the hair cut.
    Not necessarily only MODDED people… goth/”out-there” type as well.. anyone who expresses/abuses the freedom of expression…

    I dunno, that’ was my first impression and i can bet my bottom dollar that the when targetted audience sees that, they are thinking “those crazy tattooed people… tsktstsk she was probably doing drugs” or “Oh those crazy young people, they just can’t respect others”. I’m SURE of it.

  16. I just spend half an hour searching the internet for this commercial, with no luck. Going a bit crazy, so will someone please post a link as soon as they find it? Thank you!

  17. i got annoyed with the commercial because to me it’s like ‘oh that modded girl is CRAZY so she’ll give you CRAZY HAIR! watch out!!!’

    but i was excited to see her [someone modded like that] in a mainstream commercial.

  18. I agree with Lexci. And I think people are reading too much into it. It’s just a dumb commercial geared toward calorie-counting weight-conscious women. It’s not an insult to suggest that different people have different taste, styles, opinions and such. It just means that some things aren’t for everyone.

    As for the second commercial, I bet a lot of young single women wouldn’t want to go on a cruise with just old people. It doesn’t mean you hate old people, it’s just means it’s not what you are into. I see the first commercial as the same kind of thing.

  19. Hey i am the girl that was in the Bank advertisement in England the one for LLoyds giving away the free iPod shuffle. I model for an agency here in London and its great that people with Bodmods can also get modelling and advertising work. For those who where wondering yes my tunnels are real. I aim to change peoples misconceptions about those that are different, and i have recieved alot of good and positive comments from that advert.

  20. Re: body mods in advertising just to say that the guy in the casino adverts and the snickers advert is in fact Samppa Von Cyborg from Psycho Cyborgs in the Uk. He is one of the leading Body Modification artists in the world and yes all his BodMods are real,his transdermals and subdermals, both of us Model for Ugly models in London, me being the girl from the Lloyds and iPod commercial with the red mowhawk. And as i said before its great that we can try and change peoples negative views about these kind of things.

  21. Every time I see this commercial I get distracted by the pretty girl with the mods. Yeah the ad is pretty dumb, but most ads are.

  22. Hello debaters!! After receiving a few emails informing me that there was question on this website about whether my ears are real or not, I decided to come and visit!! Yes people, my ear are really stretched to 1 inch!
    Check out my profile on for proof. :p

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