Wolverine or Freakboy?

It’s just temporary. Piercing on Freakboy by Jimi at Diabos Mutantes in Sao Paulo, Brasil.

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533 thoughts on “Wolverine or Freakboy?

  1. Aw damn he totally should have done that for the x-men premiere. That would have been awesome.

  2. Good idea…aethetically. This would be far from applicable in the way a lot of people may be thinking. In any case, it is pretty cool.

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  4. thats the first time ive ever seen summat like that, but sadly it CAN only ever be temporary, imagine if he tried to wipe his arse with those? or even worse getting one of ‘em ripped out. ouch.

  5. I have to also say, as much as I love them, that I’m not loving the sticking one through a septum piercing thing he’s got going on. All I can think of is how nasty his claws would smell with septum funk all over them. And that mental image is very much the opposite of badass. :(

  6. you will really think highly of this when you get older. you are a great example for when you have kids. Do you wonder why you can’t get a good job? Do you blame others for not “understanding” you? Have a great life, or get in therapy and work these issues out before it is too late.

  7. I would not want to get that stuck somewere, imagine if they were to rip-off from his hand… ouchhhhhhhhhhh…

  8. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, this LOSER comes along and proves you wrong. The only good thing that could happen is to have him trip when that is through his nose and puncture his pea sized brain. ARSE HOLE!!!

  9. “she laid back on the pillows, and he spread her legs. he extended two fingers and pushed them slowly towards her, forgetting about his gay-ass piercings.

    so he threw the body in the dumpster and moved to africa.

  10. What a great idea! I’ve always something like that attached to my hand when I’m at the mall and I lose one of those little screws on the temple of my glasses and I have to replace it. Did Freakboy need a note from his mother to get all that surgery? Cool.

  11. i like how these idiots are calling him stupid but they got the link from skoopy.com
    they’re temp guys. like he probably only wore them for this pic. if you dont understand the culture dont comment on it.

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  13. Looks mental but how the hell does he do daily things, like………….errrr wash up? I suppose he would be number 1 guest to invite to your B-B-Q though, kebab sweker anyone?

    lol, he could give Edward Scissorhands a run for his money!

  14. Have your mommy and daddy apologized yet for not ever hugging you?

    “Because daddy never hugged me! Because daddy never hugged me!”

  15. I think anytime you place foreign objects into your body leaving large gaping holes it’s very cool.

  16. Sheesh, them piercings seems to have pissed a lot of people off, why does it piss you all off? I dont get it, do the tribes men of various jungle tribes who decorate their body in various ways piss you off? Why whats wrong with it? why does it affect you so much?

  17. Um..can you say uber dork? Fucking guy even looks like a whiney little bitch!

    Sorry dude, you’re not cool and you look like a little fag.

  18. Indie, nobody’s pissed off. Just disappointed. If someone thought they looked cool and bad-ass sitting on the side of the road beating their own head with a hammer, that would be frustratingly stupid just like this.

  19. ok it was wrong of me to single Roxor out, every single one that doesnt like it can shut it

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  22. f**k what everyone else says, i think it looks cool as f**k.
    the only people who have left gay messages on here are ones that are just too f**king pussy ass to get any piercings or tattoos done. respect dude

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  25. i bet it looks pretty badass when you constantly have to walk around with your hand covered in neosporin jizz to keep your hand from going gangrenous.

    and since those spikes are cylindrical they probably keep getting turned around. that kinda cuts down on the cool factor I bet…

  26. i bet it’s pretty badass constantly covered in neosporin jizz to keep the hand from going gangrenous

  27. OMG! Well…He dosent look like hes in a jungle tribe to me first off..and WHAT THE HELL did your momma say when you came home with THAT!?!

  28. wow, nice man!
    I think those have a huge cool factor although they also gross (me) out a bit. I think when somebody goes to the end of some insane trip it’s awsome; like “wow, omebody who doen’t think job and money is everything in life”. Special stupid points for all those saying he’s seeking for attention while themselves posting on it!

  29. And for those who wonder, being cool doesn’t mean waiting for mainstream TV and brands to follow a trend before going for it.

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  35. He wonders why he can’t get a job. Come on, guys, this kind of stuff is just so stupid. Seriously. Think about this and the implications. It’s not just about being cool or getting some kind of misguided respect from people who want to mutilate their bodies.

    I have much more respect for people who take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and striving for greater strength, intelligence, and open mindedness. I have respect for people who build things and are productive members of society.

    Look, everybody does things to get noticed and to rebel against “the man”. I did it 35 years ago, and Keith Richards still does. But destroying yourself for the sake of being cool just isn’t there. That certainly isn’t what it’s all about.

    If you really want to change yourself and the world, become a part of it and make the change happen from within, not from the fringe.

    Now you can flame me and tell me to go stick it, because I don’t know what the heck I’m talking about. I must just be some old dude who doesn’t know his rear from a hole in the ground, blah, blah, blah. But think about what I said.


    Your Dad

  36. wow. seriously, how can anyone who looks like that ever expect to get a job other than working at the local goth store or tatoo shop?

    Way to go, good luck finding any success in the real world, Mr. Wolverine boy.

  37. OK here’s the final word on Freakboy: F.B. you can self-mutilate and benefit society, here’s how: Get pledges from your many admirers for say, $5.00 for each new spike you skewer yourself with, then give a percentage of the money to your favorite charity, MAAD, NAMBLA, etc.
    And by the way, isn’t it about time you got some cool tats?

  38. Very interesting, and in my personal opinion, fascinating. Unlike many of the commenters, this temporary piercing certainly does not frighten nor irritate me. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I would definitely stop and talk to the person sporting it. Kudos for doing your thing, and also sharing the pictures.
    P.S. – you’ve been BoingBoinged…and I’m sure, Farked as well.

  39. What I wonder, is do they make a screeeeeeching noise when they drag across the inside of the windshield as he drives?

  40. Nice. This should replace whatever picture is currently in the dictionary for ‘idiot’.

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  44. i work at marvel comics in NYC, and we are all laughing at you… you suck!!! wolverine would poke your fucking eyes out if he could !! i guess your just a big comic book dork who never gets laid, at least you wont be injuring any poor girls… hah

  45. ugh. Sickening.
    yes, I’m talking about the way the responses descend into narrow minded ignorance after if got linked to outside sites.

    it’s not my thing, but the job’s well done.

  46. I think all the rude comments that were left are pretty stupid. If you dont like the stuff on modblog, why comment on it?

  47. wow, you guys sure are acting scared and intimidated, considering this is something that’s so absolutely irrelevant to your life. they’re just holes through skin, deal with it. there are MUCH bigger issues at play in the world, quit freaking out and hating on a dude for doing something silly.

    and just for the record, i think bike-riding comic book geeks are the hottest thing EVER.

  48. well at least hes more orginial than writing “loser” or “fag” over and over and over annnnddd oooovvvveeerrrrr………

  49. Apprently it isnt customary to read the entry before you fucking post anymore

    keyfuckingword TEMPORARY

    its like the old saying goes

    if you dont have anything good to say SHUT THE FUCK UP

    (directed at all the people that chose to pass judgement on others for useing there freedom as individuals to express themselves anyway they see fit)

  50. Amen Justa. Wow, I can’t believe how angry these people are getting over something that doesn’t affect them at all. They’re definitely the ones with the issues!

  51. “I work at marvel comics in NYC, and we’re all laughing at you.”

    Why can I not believe that? Would someone who worked at a place that made comic books really call someone a comic book dork? No. He’d be one himself. So… you know… if you’re going to flame someone, do it right and don’t claim to be something you not. It’s rather lame #91.

    Anyway, having two sisters who mod their bodies, I don’t find this strange at all. It reminds me of the temporary corset piercings that some people get, except alot less pointy and perhaps less dangerous. I understand why you would want to do this, although I’d have to say I’d never want to do it myself. Kudos to you for doing your thing. Don’t let anyone get you down.

  52. first off, the numnut is just looking for attention, pathetic, poster boy…. Second, to Pauly, the numnut shouldnt post his freak ass self on the internet as if hes not going to get comments. So F off.

  53. Temporary or not, it does say “wolverine” piercings…and they fail rather badly at that. Like some have said already, metal tubes do not a Weapon X make. Even if they have a strnage bend in them, and come down to a point. At least if they’d been the right shape, and he hadn’t posted the nose pic, it might’ve been cool. Being a big Wolvie fan myself, I can see the motivation, but the execution of the idea sucked.

  54. I can’t believe how many people have responded negatively (and childishly) to this posting.

    Bob Dylan said it well: “You can’t criticize what you don’t understand…”

    THESE ARE TEMPORARY, he’s not going to try to heal them. He probably took them out as soon as he verified the photos were good.

    The rest of you who are slagging this guy just for doing something creative with his time sound like a bunch of automatons.

    What’s the big fucking deal?

  55. Mind you, no judgement of the individual, or his tastes, culture, et cetera are involved in the above post. While I have no ‘bodmod’s myself, I have nothing against them, issues of health and practicallity aside. I just don’t have the level of interest…or cash, to go and play in that sector.

  56. It actually saddened me reading the mindless hatred flowing off of the rest of the internet and flooding the revered Modlblog. I think they look cool as very temporary piercings go. Way to go freakboy, fuck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

  57. Looks painful, they run over the knuckles, probably a lot more comfy with extended fingers..

    Anyway cool :)

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  59. If people don’t like something why don’t they just stop looking? Why do they waste their time posting nasty, mindless rubbish about something that has no effect on them?

    Oh well. It’s just a shame that these people can comment here, in a community of friends.

  60. i am now starting to see why BME is a gated community…

    anyway….maybe writing in capitals will do the trick…


    ie. he will take them out almost immediately. they are for effect only. what part of that, or Shannon’s original diary entry is so fucking difficult to read or understand?

  61. hahahah i like how the ignorant assholes are now trying to defend themselves by saying well if he didnt want comments he shouldnt have posted them

    where in the world does it say that if you post things on the internet it gives people the right to call you names and tell you you are insane

    yeah thats right nowhere……so dont try to play that shit off like you are in the right for doing so

    if you dont like body art dont look at it just hit the back button and go on your way…..we dont go to your websites and call you fag and losers so we expect the same respect

    so again i say if you dont have anything nice to say SHUT THE FUCK UP

    have a good day

  62. “where in the world does it say that if you post things on the internet it gives people the right to call you names and tell you you are insane”

    Where does it say you cant?

    I think the strangest part of the picture isn’t the prongs stickin’ outta his hands, it’s the goofy “I’m a badass” look on his face.
    What a bonehead.

  63. I didn’t intend to comment again, but the mindless malice directed at Freakboy and his TEMPORARY piercings compelled me to add another three cents to my original two. Not everyone who came here from offsite left nasty comments – I read BoingBoing daily. On behalf of those of us who are not narrowminded or negatively judgemental about things we ourselves might not do, I offer the following, courtesy of Captain Obvious and the No Duhs: Intertards are a dime per thousand. How ironic that when we’re children, we pretend to be superheros and “Good Guys” when playing. As adults, the vast majority seem to instead revel in being complete assclowns. Pitiful, yet typical. Perceived anonymity has a way of turning over rocks that would have been best left in place.

    Ah, well. Sorry you (and the site) got invaded by Trolls. Poorly educated Trolls, by the looks of it – quite the sorry example of “badder grammar and speeling.”
    (For the record, though I have no creative piercings, I do have a Hell of a lot of tattoos, and very much enjoyed cruising around this site checking out the individual areas)

  64. Y’know what… I’m more disturbed by the judgmental namecalling by you posters than by Wolverine wannabe here. Why’s he an “idiot”? It’s his life, his body, his knuckles. Maybe he’s smart enough to avoid puncturing his asshole when wiping it…

    I’m with Pauly Unstoppable…

    “if you dont have anything good to say SHUT THE FUCK UP”

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  66. Amen!

    Seriously, people, why the fucking hate?
    Live and let live, this guy isn’t hurting anybody, whether you like his TEMPORARY piercings or not. Additionally, anybody that frequents this site knows that BME is about acceptance and respect, so even if you see something that isn’t for YOU, there is NO need to slander it. Self expression is subjective, and if everyone liked everything the world would be a terribly boring place, but calling someone a “stupid fag” for the way they choose to decorate their body, whether permanent or temporary, is just plain ignorant.

    Ok, I’m done. I read ALL the comments on this entry, though, and I’m pretty upset. Why can’t we all just get along?

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  68. I’m curious as to why the people leaving the nasty comments are even on a site like this, if body modification turns their stomach so much that they have to rag on someone who actually has a creative idea.

    Lighten up, people. If you’re on this website you obviously have some sort of curiosity about body modification, so for God’s sake, try to be open about it, or don’t waste your time. GO outside, play a game, go fishing, watch tv. Just know that your rude comments aren’t changing the world or providing any sort of provoking thought. You just sound uneducated about body modification.

    So by all means, educate yourselves! But please, don’t let your friends tell you how to feel about anything, make your own descisions. And remember, that nostril piercing you begged your mother you could have, doesn’t make you any less a “Freak” than the rest of us. ;)

  69. Man, the IQ level of ModBlog just plummeted with all the dropouts from the Rush Limbaugh School of Pharmacy showing up.

  70. If I had a job, I wouldn’t even bother posting. But the company I used to work for went out of business a few months ago, and I’m bored. So I’ll just try to make everyone mad.

    For the people who are criticizing this guy – you go to a body modification site and criticize someone for getting body mods? What kind of loser does that? Look at yourself, decide what the hell is wrong with you, and fix it. Don’t take it out on people on the internet.

    For the record – no piercings or tattoos on me, and I never will have any. My actions are what define me as weird and interesting, and most people I know dig it. I try not to notice the ones that don’t dig it, and I guess I’m pretty good at it. Almost everyone I’ve known with body mods are so incredibly boring that they’ll disfigure themselves in order to show how “different” they are.

  71. Welcome to ANGRY, population YOU GUYS. :( I’ll never figure out how people can be continue to use the internet if they get personally offended by everything they don’t understand. Better not leave the house, you might see something scary.

  72. the angry comments come from this page being linked in various news blogs. regular, standard people take a look at something different and find it repulsive. just regular reactions to something uncommon and scary to them.

    by the way, freakboy, how far would you to just to stand out in the crowd and be noticed?

  73. I’m reminded again of why I choose to have an IAM page and not a MySpace/Livejournal/whatever location. At leat on IAM I can mostly say what I want, look the way I want, be the way I want, and not have to worry about everyone else in the world.
    For myself, it’s not about wanting to stand out, it’s about wanting to be me. I don’t like people, I don’t like dealing with the public in general, and so I certainly don’t have tattoos/piercings/brands and implants so I can be singled out for unwanted attention. I do have them so I can be happy with the person I see in the mirror every day. I would wager that most of the people featured on BME feel the same way.
    Another point: yes, I have a real job. I work for Pitney Bowes in a legal support position, and have worked there for four years. I’ve had most of my piercings and tattoos for the entire time that I’ve worked there.
    First note: didn’t any one of the people posting negative comments graduate from high school (or the local equivalent for those outside of the United States)? Your syntax, grammar and spelling are atrocious. If you should choose to post comments in the future, please check your spelling and sentence structure; it would make your comments easier to read and make sense of.
    Final note: if you wish to argue against something, please check here.

  74. It’s unfortunate that not everyone appreciates the wolverine piercings, because I think they kick ass.

    Seriously; who didn’t read those comics and want to do the exact same thing?

  75. If anyone actually looked at his page, they were just regular knuckle piercings with long screw-on ends. And to Fritz, he has tattoos. Now everyone (moreso, the itards who aren’t from IAM and have no links to their name), just take your panties out of a bunch and step away from the computer.

  76. I personally don’t find the modification appealing.

    That said, it’s not my body, not my life.

    To those who are interested in this, don’t let people shame you! Your life is your own and you’ve only got one life to live. DO WHAT YOU WANT AND BE YOUR OWN MASTER!

  77. I can’t wait for the nuclear apocalypse, after which we will roam the earth, raping and eating those fucking plain-skin idiots!

    Go Wolverine!

  78. Wow, I couldn’t even read all the comments. Besides the nice ones, they were really upsetting. I can’t believe how ignorant and rude some of you are. Sure, you are allowed your opinion, but I would say accusing someone of supporting NAMBLA for NO REASON is crossing the line.

    How can you take things so seriously? So what if he stuck some metal shit in his hand. He’s not hurting anyone.

    Really, truly, sad.

    (also DearLover on iam)

  79. Oh look, I have something negative and mean to say too!

    People who flame other people’s blogs, CAN GO FUCKING DIE!. I’m 120% with Ray, and even though I’ve been told that tattoos taste better, I can’t wait till the people scared of body-mods go from running the world, to cooked well-done on my dinner plate, with a side of god damned french fries.


  80. Interesting – not for me, but interesting none the less.
    Of course, I like how so many people are flaming the hell out of him “How will he do day to day stuff” or “How will he get a job” and other negative stuff.

    If this guy is such a retard, how come all the flamers have missed the fact it’s a *temporary* piercing… Yeah, and they flame him… Smart one guys..

  81. Sarcastically speaking… “oooohhhhh that looks so cooool. Now it makes me feel like shoving a spike in my ass and out my DICK hole”!!!

  82. I’m not against body modification, but these photos make me cringe (and clench my teeth) with the idea that you could make one bad move, hit your hand on something (not uncommon), and have the skin of your whole hand be riped off. Yikes!

    But, if you want to do it… Best wishes and be very very careful!

  83. I read modblog when I can remember to do so, but a little bit ago a friend linked me to this absolute fiasco, and I still cannot believe people. Every day I am more disappointed and disgusted with humanity in general. *sigh* Well, here’s my two cents.

    My first reaction to this guy’s TEMPORARY piercings was “hey cool!” then I kinda got grossed out by the going through the septum thing. I shrugged that off and went back to the piercings themselves, and thought it would’ve looked better with four ‘claws’. I also thought that I would never do it myself, but it was cool and at least something I hadn’t seen before, even though it may be a more common piercing than I am aware of.

    Then, I read the comments. I swear…….who the hell keeps letting the stupid people breed? Can we PLEASE make the stupid ignorant people unfertile? *sigh*

    First off, it irritates me when people don’t read what goes with the picture or whatever it is being posted, or they don’t read the whole thing, and no matter where it is this happens. People instantly start posting stupid questions that would’ve been answered if they’d just read it, or ignorant as hell people start rampaging like this. I want to stab these people with a rusty bent screw in the genitals for their ignorance and stupidity.

    Where bodmods are concerned, I don’t have many. Just double pierced ear lobes. I have a long wishlist of tattoos and piercings that I want and intend to get when I am older (read as: out of the house away from my suffocating, narrow-minded mother), and have more money to do so. For me, I would feel better and more like my true self, and feel more complete. I would like what I see in the mirror a lot more, and I wouldn’t be getting anything radical or shocking, probably what most bod modders would call common. But I imagine this is how a lot of true bod mod people feel, more like themselves and complete. Its not about the mutilating, or doing something that would inconvenience one’s self (such as wolverine boy up here, IF those things weren’t TEMPORARY)….its not about rebelling (maybe in some cases with some people, but not the majority I’m sure), its not just about being different or standing out….its about being ourselves.

    You fags are allowed to cook yourselves in tanning booths, bleach your hair, starve yourselves to be super skinny, destroy your eyebrows through overplucking….okay so this is a dumb blonde stereotype, but that and other things women and men do that’s considered “normal” are really freakish to me, and unnatural. Plastic surgery is very unnatural to me, and makes some people look like utter freaks, but if they want to look like that, I don’t make a fuss over it. And no one else does either. Bod modding, to some degree though it isn’t my place to judge, seems more natural to me.

    But I also don’t see how plastic surgery is any different than bod modding? And plastic surgery is accepted, even for younger and younger people in their mid teens. This is accepted, but any form of bod modding that would appear on BME labels people as stupid, or as freaks.

    Good job being hypocrites -_-;

    And I’m straying a bit, so before I go on too long, I’ll say goodbye.

    Cool claws freakboy, don’t let these mindless idiots who don’t understand get in the way of being who you are. Rock on.

  84. i think the old adage of, ‘the difference between modified people and the mot-modified is that modified people don’t care if you are modified or not’ applies here.

    there does seem to be a clear distinction here between those that are and those that are not, though. there are some not very objective viewpoints are being expressed.

    it is also very easy, and very sad to sit behind a computer screen blathering away into the night, flaming people that don’t fit into your paradigm of what is ‘normal’.

    those of you who have responded with typical ‘herd’ mentality ‘dialogues’ should think about why you think you are coming across so hilariously, in your eyes.

    think about how intelligent you look posting such tragic, badly spelled, venom-filled ‘critiques’. maybe take a second to think about ways of changing YOURSELF so that the image you present to the world is actually the person you really are. rather than the delusion you seem to be under that somehow you are ‘cool’ or any of the other not-quite-developed emotions you are expressing with such contempt.

    there seems to be a general consensus with the ‘herd’ posters that somehow this guy is trying to ‘impress’ people or whatever. that little projection on your part says more about you and how you conduct your life, than him. how sad.

    on the whole, the point of body modification is to change YOURSELF. and on the whole, that is all that counts. it doesn’t matter what other people think or say. it reaches a point where one opts out of the herd and worrying about what other peoples feelings are becomes anathema to the primary purpose of modifying oneself to fit how one really is on the inside.

    certain posters above seem to be bent on trying to change OTHER people by inflicting their selfish opinions on them. it is very easy to point the finger at other people, because whilst that is being done, you are not looking at your own flaws, especially the one that makes you so arrogant to assume that you are somehow better.

    your postings do not concur with the deluded mindset you appear to be locked into that somehow your opinion is valid, well thought out or intelligent.

    BME/IAM is full of people as different as there are members. there are some pages that are filled with things that i would not personally do – yet. there are also lots of pages which have given me no end of ideas, which i have followed through because they inspired me, which i thought i would never do. but i needed to look at WHY i at one point didn’t want to do them. this leads to evolution of self and as such, becomes reflected in my choices of how i want to modify myself.

    interestingly, apart from the odd lunatic who delights in ‘pointing the finger’ at how ‘fucked up’ people are, BME/IAM is a pretty peaceful place regarding other peoples mods.

    on the whole, my experience has been that IAM’ers are highly intelligent people. respect for others views, opinions and lifestyles is one of the main factors for the atmosphere of mutual and collective collaboration, on the whole. this keeps what is ultimately a benevolant anarchy ticking over.

    people like yourselves, who cannot read, write or think out of sheer ignorance and stupidity are not welcome and are usually rooted out and booted. you normally show your true colour pretty early on, as you don’t have the intelligence, or the spine to keep your mouths shut.

    Anton LaVey was absolutely spot on when he said that the most problematic war in this world was not between races, colours of creeds, but a war between intelligence and stupidity.

    next time you feel you have to express such a knee jerk reaction, make sure your face is just above your leg.

  85. Wow, I can’t believe some of the hateful comments on this thread. The stupidity is lower than fourth grade playground slagging.

    It appears someone left the gate open at the asshole petting zoo again….

    And thanks to all those other prats who link to our illustrious MODBLOG which wipes the ground with most of your blogs with one arm tied behind its digital back. Take that!!

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  87. I am shocked at the amount of hate so many of you are spitting forward. I’d rather have these spikes driven into my hands than hang out with you hateful judgemental people….and I hate needles.

  88. Fuck all you fucking fucks. Its a stupid picture of some faggot with spikes in his hand. STFU

  89. What a complete jack ass. Not only does he look like the worlds biggest douche bag, but how is he going to get anyone other than a big fattie to respect him. Complete moran. Your all fucking morons for admiring this.

  90. Hmm. Well, I’m sorry to intrude on your body modification page. I’m not going to be a hater, since I too have body art on a few choice places of my epiderm. But, I gotta say for the money that musta’ cost it wasn’t the best idea in the world. I can understand the…uh…statement, or attempt at one at least. I aggree that most of the votes against this piercing are pretty hatefull, and this boy doesn’t deserve any of the animosity, but I also aggree that its not a very bright idea. To stoop for a moment: When I was 12 I would’ve been extremely jealous and in awe. Now, just dumbfounded.

  91. Goodlord does being faceless in a croud ever give people the gusto to say what they’d only dare think were this the real world. Lucky for everyone we don’t hear what people think of us when we walk down the street or I’m sure we’d all be much nicer people on-line. I’m glad I don’t leave the house much! To each their own guys, come on. He’s a fellow person, find your common ground and work with it, anything else is just being futile, why waiste your life and precious time being crule?

  92. What a wanker. It’s like getting fake pirhana teeth dentures or having collagen injections around your dick–it’s pathetic because it implies that you’re tougher/bigger/more interesting than you really are. At the end of the day, he’s just some little man with holes in his hand from his Halloween costume. Sad, and disgusting.

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  95. Is it the knuckle piercings themselves that are temporary, or only the spikes? They look awesome, but of course I’d worry whether it was endangering piercings he’d otherwise planned to keep. Either way, I’m betting he knew the risks and what he was getting into, so enjoy Freakboy.
    IAM: Into Accepting Modification

  96. as much as i dont like to exclude people from certain things

    i really think there should be a registration process to be able to post here

    we dont deserve this shit

    its not necessary and its rude and no one should have to put up with such treatment

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  98. Pauly Unstoppable wrote “i really think there should be a registration process to be able to post here

    we dont deserve this shit”

    HAHAHAHA!!! This is HILARIOUS!!! Are your feelings REALLY that hurt by the above comments? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yeah, I’m totally trying to add fuel to the fire. Maybe someone will even break down in tears and start crying. That’d be great! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  99. Again, I repeat. THEY ARE TEMPORARY KNUCKLE PIERCINGS! The wolverine ends are screwed on. He wore them for the pictures and thats it.

  100. robin- you dont hurt anyones feelings we could really care less what you think of us


    just like you dont like when free thinking individuals come into your nazi youth websites and forums and express there views to you

    we dont like to be name called either on our website where like mines are aloud to exists peacefully

    so yeah shut the fuck up already

    atleast come up with original insults…..how many times can someone call us and him a fag and loser and say something about liking attention and wiping his ass and how our dads didnt hug us

    HEARD IT ALREADY…..try again

  101. HAHAHAHA!!! I was wondering how long it would take before someone got upset w/me and went crying to their momma. 3 hours, I’m a little disappointed. Must be loosing my touch. You want I should send you some chocolate chip cookies? Make you feel warm and loved and accepted?

    Hmm. Don’t you think this guy would look really funny walking around all day w/his claw/hand hanging out of his nose? I’m imagining him in the check-out at a grocery store. Be kinda hard to get to your wallet…

    I am TOTALLY gonna visit this site more often. You guys could potentially provide me w/hours of entertainment! HAHAHAHA!!!!

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  103. That’s the coolest fucking shit I’ve seen yet. Forget about what everyone else says. Life is short. Enjoy it while you can. If it’s ever an inconvienience, or you feel like you don’t want them anymore (especially since they’re temporary), unlike a tattoo, you can remove them.

    To everyone else, go worry about the war, the poor, or the children dying every day to hunger.

    If you don’t have any idea still, I’ve got some bills you can worry over for me.

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  108. ok it was wrong of me to single Roxor out, every single one that doesnt like it can shut it

    Yeah! If you don’t agree with everything I say, then don’t you dare have an opinion!! Why can’t you all understand that I’m different…like everyone else?? LMAO!! WTF? It looks stupid. If you don’t like the fact that other people may not agree with your idea of cool, then DON’T FUCKING POST IT WHERE THE WHOLE WORLD CAN SEE IT! If you didn’t want all this attention (good and bad), you wouldn’t be hanging bits of metal from your body. If you’re going to be “different” then you better grow some thicker skin.

  109. cool piercing… for about 2 days. but really cool none the less. I guess if those “fake nails so long I can’t wipe my butt” chix can do it, he could get by. lol. seriously, a little too commercially based to be “body art”. whats next, a spiderman tattoo?

  110. Muito style! queria ter tido essa idéia quando eu era um nerd, lendo gibis no ginásio.. SNIKT!

    awesome, dude! i wash i had that back then when i was a comic book geek, back in school.. =p

  111. Why do people keep supporting this guy with the argument that it’s “temporary”??? That’s just telling me that this guy is only part-time stupid. I’m waiting for someone to eloquently explain why body mod makes sense, but I haven’t seen it yet. Maybe that’s because it takes a certainl level of maturity, that would most likely prevent the body modding anyway, to be able to formulate the words? Is it the attention? Just hang a sign around your neck that says “look at me”. Is it the pain? Step out into traffic a couple times and see if you get lucky. Is it both? Do both. Because each of those scenarios are about as equally intelligent as the body mods. If you’re waiting for “society” to evolve enough to accept you, then you’ll be waiting forever. “Society” will never accept stupid. Different? Yes. But never stupid.

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  113. F. Boy: I did the *temporary* hand piercing thing a few years ago, and I can tell you it’s VERY uncool. My mom and my girlfriend weren’t happy about it, and my dad never got over it.

  114. Aproveita q vc tem garras de Wolverine, junta um grupo deheróis e vai lutar contra o PCC! XD

  115. that´s one fucked up man. what a crazy idea, althought I enjoyned it, I kept imagining it getting ripped off while he atempts to stab a friend or something hahah.

    I hope you dye with infection you poor fuck, and go study bitch, stop messing with your body.

  116. I’m too squeamish to get piercings and tats myself, but as a comic book geek, I have to say, that is freaking cool.

    Though I do hope your nose was pierce [i]before[/i] you stuck that thing through it… :p

  117. The bodymod isn’t that great – it just dosen’t seem to sit right, but since it’s a temp that’s no big deal.

    then again, it’s still way cooler than the chodders posting “YOUR GAY LOL LOSERS LOLOL!!” comments. If the internet wasn’t anonymous would people still act like such utter pricks?

  118. nossa que lixo vc….

    coloca um desses no rabo!!! mané.. e fica fazendo essa carinha de homem mau hauhauhauhauhauhhaua aiai

  119. What the hell?!?!?
    that’s both incredibly cool and…..incredibly stupid at the same time. I wonder if he was on any pain medicine? o_O

  120. horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllll

  121. Ah meu, deixem o cara, tá a fim problema é dele!
    E tem muito invejoso nessa galera aí…

  122. He look like a “corinthiano” in Brazil – soo gay !!!!!!!!!
    This “bad face” is a fake … I think he loves a cock !!!!!!!!!!!
    so good: “se é pra copiar … copia direito porra!!!”


  123. quero ver essa inflamação nojenta depois, nojo de você rídiculo, e nem parecido ficou

  124. Aposto que nunca pegou mulher na vida.

    Fica batendo punheta lendo X-Men e sonhando com a Vampira chupando ele…


    Crava essas garras no coração e se mata seu troxa!!!!

  125. Hahaha, que grotz! Pelo menos teve seus 15 minutos de fama (e fama internacional, hein?) Até que ficou legal, mas eu não faria não…

  126. .

    Fala sério seu bando de invejoso!

    O cara teve a disposição q vcs não têm…

    Ficou mto massa, e é temporário, oreia!

    Deixa os gringos babando um pouquinho nele aí…

    Ficou mto doido!


  127. Amanda.. You think I am suffocating and narrow-minded? Wait until you are old enough to get out in the real world, get a real job.. and if you want to like what you see in the mirror, try exercising and dieting. Oh, by the way, do you notice how you’re turning in to me?

  128. YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD. Either no mommy at all or mommy is really sister too or mommy just didn’t pay enough attention to the dumb mother fucker. Seriously, does shit like this make people feel cool? Hey look at me these claws can easily be ripped out of my hands and cause permanent damage that could make me a cripple motard instead of just a motard. He should put red dye in his eyes to be like cyclops. Stupid asshole. Have a nice day.


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  132. all these ‘it looks gay’ comments…

    hmmm…how can you possibly tell his sexuality by piercings on his hands?

    i am actually detesting plainskins more and more by the minute. which is very unusual for me to be so intolerant.

    it would be interesting for the people who have posted negative comments to post pictures of themselves somewhere on the net, so we can all critique how you look. that would be most interesting, as you all are positioning yourselves as the height of ‘coolness’ and whatever else.

    stupidity vs. intelligence…the eternal war continues.

  133. O cara tem é merda na cabeça.Não sabe o que fazer para aparecer. Sem talento nenhum apela para didiotices com essa. Fuck you stupid.


  135. bom para quem gosta. se Esse cara é capaz d fazer isso com o própio corpo, imagina com o corpo dos outros!!!! é uma arma branca ambulante. com tanta violência pelo mundo, ainda tem gente que apóia, comé que pode??!!

  136. sim, ele teve coragem. que cara mais corajoso, que inveja, rs.
    claro, é problema dele! e um puto problema, rs
    o que a droga não faz!!

    E não vem falar que é inveja não, num gosto de piercing e mesmo se gostosse num ia por esses espetos torcidos em mim e tentar fazer cara de mal hahahahaha!!!
    Se pelo menos fossem parecidos com as garras do Wolverine…

  138. Amazing… Id love to know if they were temporary like ‘play’ piercings or just a couple of nights or something…

    Can you imagine the chew on with healing if you left them in all the time… I’m sure with a surface bar, they would have healed ok, but you’d catch those f*ckers on everything!

  139. coldcell: If tattoos make you more intellegent, why don’t you start a ‘tatts for tots’ program? Make yourself useful. You hate ‘plainskins’ who don’t agree with you? You’re just another inky-dinky-doo!

  140. coldcell
    Something about the way you write tells me you’ve got LOTS of skin to tattoo.

  141. LOL at the “tats for tots” comment. I agree, to hate someone for their choice of HOW they wish to adorn their bodies is asinine and the opposite of intelligent, coldcell.

  142. well I just gave this a positive vote in Stumbleupon. I don’t know what’s more interesting, the photos or the comments below.

  143. I also gave this a thumbs up in Stumbleupon. Not for the photos, which to be honest was a nice piece of work, but just as Xickie has said, for the comments which I found entertaining. I guess all of us were born different, but maybe we could be more tolerant to those who are different.

  144. I wonder if it’s possible/feasible to track the IP of those who post to Modblog from external links? It would certainly make things more interesting for those that chose to flame from a static IP. Not quite as good as an address, but close.
    I find it interesting that not a single person has ever said anything like this to my face. The ability to post anonymously on a blog must be a lot like beer; it gives you the courage to voice the opinions that you would otherwise be too terrified to say.
    The world in changing every day. Two hundred years ago, women had next to no rights at all. Less than fifty years ago, inter-racial marriages were still illegal in most of the US. Homosexual marriages are now legal in Massachusetts, Canada, Spain, and one or two other countries. Fifteen years ago I would not have been able to find a job due strictly to my appearance. Now I work in an office on legal databases for a Fortune 500 company. It is likely that the world will continue to change, and that what is currently considered freakish will eventually become accepted (although not typical). Nothing remains the same forever; everything changes. If you can not accept that the world is changing, if you can not accept the changes, you will eventually be left behind, in the same way that sexism, racism and homophobia are being left behind.
    Mostly, I feel pity for the people who have written so many negative comments. With a closed mind, you cut yourself off from so many new and interesting experiences.
    Tsai Yu being asleep during the daytime, the Master said, “Rotten wood cannot be carved; a wall of dirty earth will not receive the trowel. This Yu, – what is the use of my reproving him?” -Confucius, Analects

  145. no ink…

    i think your name says it all.

    i didn’t say having tattoos makes you more interesting. you obviously can’t read at all. i said that people who tend towards body modification tend to have a higher level of intelligence.

    and where did i say anything about people not agreeing with me? i said it was cowardly to sit behind a computer screen and make huge judgements about people. simple as that.

    so, please re-read my comments. nowhere did i say anything about tattooed people and neither did i say anything about people not ‘agreeing’ with me.

    as for your second comment – nope. not much skin left really.

  146. anyway, let’s see what you all look like.

    get out of the trailer, put your mom down for a minute and lets see the pictures. preferably ones where you are not hanging out of your mom.

  147. you can thank break.com for stealing this picture to use on their site then directly posting a link to modblog. This is the second week in a row that break has stolen an image from modblog then showed numerous idiots where to go and criticize the whole bme community.

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  149. coldcell:
    oohh, grasshopper, you have learned your lessons well.
    Now go back to the ferris wheel and continue taking tickets until you have risen to a higher level of conscienceness, then say oooooooohhhhmmmmm. Then when grasshopper has earned a few extra yen, he can leave his duties at ringling brothers get another yin and yang tattoo. grasshopper will say, “yessssssss master!”
    and bow.

  150. oops, sorry Coldcell, my bad. I was confusing you with the other gay guy who wrote just before you. Maybe you know each other? Have a nice day.

  151. wat a fukin faggot a meen wit u been smokin ya fukin freek get a grip ae yersel m8 u must be aff yer heead nae danger ahahahahahahah

  152. Reminds me of the movie Nightmare on Elm Street, What made you go out and do that? Strange…..

  153. that looks like fucking shit. whoever likes that has horrible taste in piercings. fuck that.

  154. no ink.

    actually, my main problem with this whole thing was not the fact that people didn’t like what this guy had done at all.

    it’s just that there are ways of putting it…the tone, rather than the objection itself. such as ‘youre a faggot, kill youself’ for example.

    not exactly nice really. but again, i am still not sure how people are managing to extrapolate his sexuality from the photo.

    and no ink…you say the word ‘gay’ as if i would be offended…whatever gives you that idea?

  155. Coldcell:
    kudos to you for getting tattoos that are temporary. It’s certainly less painful and less expensive that conventional tattoos. And I like your choice of pastel colours too!! So cool!

  156. Wow, alot of these commenters are stupid. I really like them! Wouldent get them done myself, but its a cool idea

  157. no ink..what the hell are you on about now?

    you don’t seem to respond to any comeback from me that points our the blatant flaws in any of your posts.

    and what has any of your posts so far got to do with the way people are responding to the initial post of the pierced knuckles?

    and why the whole ‘gay’ thing. that’s just bizarre. i can’t see why his sexuality has got anything to do with this at all.

    anyway, i take it from your posts that you are actually siding with the majority of posters here, who are neither literate, or intelligent. what a bizarre decision on your part.

  158. coldcell:
    to answer your queries:
    sentence #1: I barrack for Collingwood
    sentence #2: that’s right
    sentence #3: nothing
    sentence #4: it doesn’t
    sentence #5: you take yourself WAAAY to seriously.


  160. After reading more of the other posts:

    1) I’m not angry or upset with this guy any more than I am with the nut who stands on the corner downtown shouting about Jesus or the evils of paintball for minors. My first reaction was pity for him. As for why I posted, read the link I included, especially the part of people seeing themselves as others understand them. I doubt few outside the bod mod culture would consider this “cutting edge.”

    2) On Aleph’s argument: “And for those who wonder, being cool doesn’t mean waiting for mainstream TV and brands to follow a trend before going for it.”

    Uh, piercing and tattoos are mainstream TV and in brand-name advertising – MTV has long been mainstream tv and absorbed that trend a long time ago and passed it on to frat boys who will go into corporate culture hiding their markings or having them surgicaly altered. This picture doesn’t show that excessive body modifications are cutting edge but that they have jumped the shark. When someone asks me 5-10 years from now what point I knew that the fad was over, I’ll recall this picture.

    3) MyDecay: you mis-quoted Bob Dylan; it’s “and don’t criticize what you can’t understand.” I think a lot of people who are criticizing this guy understand his motivations for attention.

  161. i don’t understand why everyone always blames our motives for being body modification on wanting attention

    is it so hard to grasp we just like it, think its beautiful, and it makes us feel good

    to be perfectly honest most of us hate attention but have to deal with in on a daily basis because we aren’t naive and realize that its different and there is going to be ignorant people such as most of the above that are going to stare point and criticize our decision

    i think you misinterpret this blog……its for people that love body modification….and we don’t chose to be put on it…..shannon choses the content……we cant even submit pictures directly to it…….so i really don’t know how that makes this guy hungry for attention

    this blog is for people with the same love to share in some things that alot of us might find interesting to share comments and pictures and so on

    yet its been invaded by people that understand nor appreciate the art and the motivation and come here merely to look cool to the rest of them by calling people they don’t know fags and telling them they should kill themselves…..and thats not being attention whore

    if you want to be ignorant an judgement whatever you do have that right…….but go take it back to your KKK rally where it belongs

  162. Sorry, Pauly.. I equate intellegence with vocabulary and grammer. I get the content of what you say, and that doesn’t work for me either. If you want to ‘modify’ yourself, just do it, don’t try to justify it. You don’t need anyone’s approval…do you?

  163. i don’t need your approval at all i don’t care what you think of me

    and i honestly don’t remember anyone saying that wanted anyones approval or really cared what anyone thought of them

    i don’t care if people like what i do, or like me for that matter they can hate me and want me to die and ill still do what i do obviously, i just laugh at you guys

    you are just annoying

    i just think its sad all you can do is pass judgement on people
    hidden behind a computer…..and the only real argument you can give is someones grammar and spelling are abit off

    whether i care what you say or not doesn’t over look common decency which none of you have

    i don’t go to message boards of people i don’t know and start calling them names and telling them to kill themselves

    sorry if i expect more out of the population then what you people are showing

  164. Why didn’t somebody just redirect the image address to a nice big split cock for long enough to scare off the rabble?

  165. hey i get bored sometimes to but damn man thats some serious shit keep up the good work and for all the haters all u do is make it more popular and mainstream….hope he can refine the design somehow to make them look more like wolverine…….and i havent seen anywhere that it says its sopposed to replicate wolverine its just the title of the percing like the septum or lebray…

  166. Why do people get body piercings, tatooes and body modifications?

    Some just wanna jump on the band wagon – baaah!
    Other are insecure and use the above as a means to seek attention.
    Others still are making an artistical statement – shame none of them can differentiate between art and shit!

    All of them have one thing in commom…They don’t think of any of the side effects be it immediate or long term, probably because their brain capacity does not allow them to.

    Having said that: Keep up the good work and give us all some more to laugh about!


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  168. What a fahkin looooooooooooser. Anyone who thinks that is cool should off themselves because they are completely brain dead.

  169. you people act like he did this to impress people and shit when he probably did because HE thought it was cool, you fuckin straight up say stupid shit like he did because his dad didn’t hug him or that he thinks he’s a bad ass….you’re all fucking stupid, i’ve seen wierder shit on people…you act like he pierced through his fuckin eye or something or like he pierced your mom and your freakin out, just shut the fuck up and let the guy do what he wants to his body and keep your negative ignorant opinions to yourselves

  170. Sean
    you feel you have to protect Freakboy and defend his actions? Sounds like you don’t want him to get his feelings hurt. You’re not his daddy.. let him fight his own battles.

    It sounds like you are very sensitive to critisism and have been hurt by others, probably parents. (?)
    Is someone trying to control YOU?

  171. Good Job you have metal stick in your fucking hand Yea…. i am sure you will be able to accomplish so much more in life with those babys. Well it looks like you can pick your nose and i am sure thats the only thing you hand rake can do

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  174. Y como coño te limpias el culo si eres zurdo ???
    tenias que haberlo pensado antes … ;)

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  179. Damn thats alot of posts.

    You wouldn’t think that a couple of piercings could piss so many people off, it’s quite funny in a pathetic-sort-of-way.

  180. all those critics have all that crap to say but yet they chose to visit skoopy to look for stuff just like that.

  181. Pingback: markattack’s hellfire » Blog Archive » Tontos haberlos haylos…. y en todas partes.

  182. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD if you narrow minded people dont like it why are you on this site? really, why? anyone who knows anything will about piercings or bodyjewelry would be able to tell you that A) surface piercings are temporary and B)the spikes could be unscrewed and replaced with ballbarings at any point in time which he probably did straight after this photo. personally anybody who can give a guy that much hassle for having some fun with something that, in my oppinion, does look really cool should get a life and worry about themselves for a while.

  183. Ok so he stuck metal shit in his hands and yer judging him. you dont see poeple freakin out if people shove metal through their dicks, or their nose, ears..etc. they are temporary, & with these rude comments? do ya think thats gonna make a difference? no. Respect man. at least you can say you’ve done it. wouldnt have been such a big deal if he put barbells through? didnt think so. you guys are soo funny comming up with sly comments. you certainly made my day. HAH.


  185. “yet its been invaded by people that understand nor appreciate the art and the motivation and come here merely to look cool to the rest of them by calling people they don’t know fags and telling them they should kill themselves…..and thats not being attention whore”- pauly

    “if you want to be ignorant an judgement whatever you do have that right…….but go take it back to your KKK rally where it belongs “- someone else.

    I agree. You either shoud have to have some kind of key, go through a registration process or be a memeber of BME to comment. Like, when I go to a gay club with my friends the last thing Im expecting to deal with are rednecks and homophobes. God! Some of you guys are assholes.

  186. I just wanted to say how incredibly sad all those lame-ass,
    close-minded comments made me. I read modblog every day,
    and while no, I do not participate in EVERY kind of modification
    featured on here, I trust that I can try and be understanding
    enough to not only let people do what they want with their
    bodies, but support them in their personal quests, whatever
    it is they hope to achieve.

  187. why do people feel the need to write insults for no reason? I guess their life is so stressing that they need to vent and they do it by typing stuff like “ur gey y0u shuld dye” when they see things that they don’t understand… find another way to vent, please. Go help people or read a book. that way your life will be less stressing and you won’t flood the internet with unneeded comments.

  188. Que estúpido!! Tinha que ser paulista mesmo!!
    Também… fazer o quê? … morar numa cidade que não se viver como seres humanos normais… tem que dar nisso. Não sabem nem a cor do céu…
    Ô, raça!!!

  189. Wow, you guys must have cleared a beach to get so much sand in your vaginas…

    I find it amusing that so many of the negative comments have such poor spelling and grammer and are just filled with uneducated rubbish, whereas the modded folk are generally well spoken with intelligent, well written responses.

    The blatent homophobia and suggested violence makes me really sad, however. I’d much rather be a “freak” than that much of a sparkly douchebag :/

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  192. For awesome stuff mate and I like the jewelry on your bridge. As for all of you people complaining about it, no one is making you look at it and we sure as hell do not care about your opinions. And I have to add this last bit, “BIG REY”, capitalizing your letters does not get your point across better than good speliing and grammar. That said, bad grammar and spelling PLUS all caps, makes you look like the giant fucking retard that you try to make Freakboy out to be. Congrats, admiting the problem is the first step towards correcting it.

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  194. -sigh- my first reaction from the fatherland is to reach out and SLAP THE DOGSHIT OUT OF HIM, lol …it’s a combination of the piercings+ his innately “punchable” face+ the ____ cheeky expression. it felt good2.

  195. Dear Mr. Freakboy,
    Please understand, I have nothing against gay guys. I think that peicering can be a good thing if you’re talking about ears. I even have compassion for people like yourself who have low self-esteem and didn’t finish high school. I donate to organizations for mentally handicapped individuals, so I’m not biased against you. I would be happy to tutor you in basic stuff like how to wipe your ass. Take care, remember, animals are not sex things.
    dah sis

  196. hey you guys… all i can say is…if that’s what makes him happy then why stop him? he’s not hurting anyone right? just get the fuck off his back and do ur own shit! besides, if u can’t do it then don’t criticize people who can.. and most of all.. when u say he’s gay or a fag, “IT ACTUALLY TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE!” but the truth is, u guys are the big fucking faggots! why don’t you just shut ur big stupid mouths or if not stick a big fat dick in it! ya’ll have a nice day now! lolz! ;-)

  197. and oh… u know who the real culprits are? the ones pointing fingers! ciao! maayo ra og mangamatay mong tanan! akong gi tawag ang mga yawa sa kinalamlan sa impiyerno og kuhaon ang inyong kalag og ihalad sa gabagang kalayo sa gingharian ni Satanas! hehehe! ;-)

  198. Dear Mr. Freakshow,
    You misunderstood me, I did not criticize Freakboy for being gay, I think he should embrace his gayness and explore his transsexual, bisexual, asexual side, and even experiment cross-dressing as different animal, like a wildebeest, for instance. I would encourage piercing any available loose piece of flesh that is available to him that allows him to make a statement about who he is, while drawing crowds of people to gawk at his cleverness. I would encourage him, no, I CHALLENGE him to get he ultimate piercing, available in South America, called a frontal lobotomy. Sooo cool, so blingbling. I applaud Freakboy for not being burdened with unnecessary crap like spelling and basic math. He has more room in in brain to think of new things to pierce and not worry about his mom who’s probably on his case all the time. Mr. Freakshow, I think Freakboy should be happy that he has people like me and you who support him and encourage him to do what he loves to do. I agree, people who criticize him should go suck a dick. (If they find that objectionable, that is)
    dah sis

  199. to the people who write insults for no reason… If I accidentally walked into your house and then started to say “wow this place is lame and dumb people live here!!”, I would be an idiot. So when you accidentally arrive on this website and then start insulting, what does that make you?

  200. Dear uuu, you,you, you,
    If I posted my “lame house with dumb occupants” on the internet and then encouraged viewers to critique it, I should expect that most normal people would conclude that I had a lame house with dumb people in it. Sure, there would be some who would think it was sooooo cool, but they would be dumb and lame.
    dah sis

  201. What a bunch of stupid envious people!!!
    Why don´t you all get your dirty asses pierced???

    That was fucking awesome!!!

    And for those who don´t know how to read

  202. Dear Magia,
    I totally agree with you, Freakboy is awesome, brilliant and fierce with his hot look. However, I think that FB’s piercing should have included some rhinoplasty. Have another look at him, he does have a very big schnozz. He needs something a little less Shrek, a little more Brad Pitt.
    Unless he’s saving the nose tissue for some unfortunate, unforseen accident where he loses his penis and needs a transplant, I see no reason to keep that big honker. He could also use some eyebrow waxing, and get rid of the peach fuzz.
    As ever, Da Sis

  203. To come somewhere for the sole purpose of making fun of someone anonymously is sad. To keep coming to make fun of the same person several times for days is just…well you need to get a life.
    If you don’t like what he does with his then don’t look.

  204. o-wings,
    I’m sorry your feelings are hurt. I think it’s cool the way you defend innocent people, like freakboy. Try to put it behind you, have a cup of hot tea and call a friend. Don’t let your mind go to dark places. Try and stay away from people who have different ideas than you and don’t have the life experience to appreciate and take seriously mod-bods.
    T Rex

  205. Wow… I wonder what would happen if all the ‘u r a fAg0T, go n dye u assdumfuk’ people saw some piercings that AREN’T temporary that some of us on BME have. Apparently we’d all be suicidal gays :)

    (ps – the claws are awesome. custom made pieces?)

    x x x

  206. Thanks for the compliments. I think my claws are pretty awesome too. Actually, I got them from my mom’s boyfriend’s bar-b-que. They’re shish ka bob skewers that I bent the ends of with a cement block. He’s gonna kick my ass when he can’t find them. I hate him. He’s such a dick.

  207. hahaha thats fuckin awsome i wish i could do that but i need to wear gloves all the time

  208. So, this guy put those claws on his hands just because he has no girlfriend and needs a way to scratch his back? FREAK!

  209. For those that are wondering, this entry is on Digg’s technology front page. And most of the people there are behaving as if they’ve never seen a surface piercing before.

    It’s a nice job, though, and definitely a nice example of creatively mixing two things you love. :) Don’t let the Digg trolls get to you too much. They’ll be gone shortly (articles tend to move down after hitting the front page pretty quickly). :)

  210. i dont see why so many people have a problem with it.

    as long as they were steralized, and all the shit was clean.

    and as for people calling him gay, fuck you bigots, if you think putting metal objects through your skin makes you gay then you can fuck off.

  211. 1. Useless
    2. Stupid
    3. Painful
    4. Impresses idiots
    5. Waste of time
    6. Waste of money
    7. Looser signal
    8. Did I say, stupid?

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  213. i think it looks alright…..i dont like that theyre round *i know they sorta have to be* if the were more like a v theyd look cooler, and he should link all 3 together so that they stay straight forward, i bet they flop around like crazy

  214. yeah, that’s the dumbest crap i’ve seen in a good, long while. wtf is this guy thinking, sticking sharp ass metal rods through his hands like that? has he possibly heard if nerve damage? or if there just happens to be a time when the holes he put in his hands could get infected? way to go, dumbass.

  215. That’s wicked lame.

    Seriously, I love X-Men and Wolverine as much as anybody, but what good are they? They only pierce his skin, and they don’t have sharp edges, only tips (if even that). If he were to try to slice an evil mutant with them, he’d just have some bleeding gashes in his hands. Stupid. Soooooo stupid.

    I’ll give props to the first person that has muscle and/or thought controlled retractable claws implanted in their forearms which lock into the hands in such a way as to be viable in unarmed combat. Less than that and you’re just a loser who can’t get through airport security.


  216. What a terrible idea..the “knives” look awful too. They’re round and don’t even point out straight. Good job loser.

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  218. what he shoulda done to keep them from turning is have sum sort of cross member to keep them still

  219. amazing, the lengths people go to make them easier to get their asses kicked in a fight. Those can easily be ripped clean off of his hand…imagine that. oooooo ouch!

  220. wow. some of these comments make me really fearful for our future – it sucks that i have to co-exist with such fucking morons.

    I’m SO glad IAM is a gated community – can you imagine if everyone had access to our pages?

  221. Yeah talk about a PUNCHABLE FACE, man! I’d pay handsomely to get the chance to hit him REALLY HARD in the fucking nose.

    Aside from this puke, PAULY UNSTOPPABLE’s nose, OMG…have you seen the fucking freakhonker on this numpty?!?!?!) tis the only thing I’d like to inflict pain upon MORE than freakboys detestable mug.

  222. Too bad they’re just crappy piercings, Implants would be much better…and more useful.

  223. u got to be the dumbest dood ever. what the hell r u thinking man u r not wolverine or part of the x men. remember this is just movies and cartoons. freak.

  224. Well if you go around picking pathetic fights like that in real life i’m suddenly understanding why so many of you don’t seem to have enough braincells to comprehend the word “temporary”.

  225. Nossa, Adão, bem se vê que você não sabe nada sobre São Paulo. Fica aí na sua cidadezinha de merda roendo as unhas porque você não tem uma cidade desenvolvida e civilizada como a nossa enquanto fala mal do que não conhece. Inveja pouca é bobagem, hein?

  226. O-rings.. you’re still on board.. I agree with you, it’s good to have metal bar-b-que rods coming out of your hands, providing they are only temporary. The thing that is not temporary is his face, he’s stuck with that for life, unless he does some face modding. I understand, the more metal he has sticking out of his body, the less people will be gawking at his punk boy face. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad thing to be ugly, or even unattractive, and I think we should all do what ever we can to improve our looks, or at least divert attention from the ugly parts, which in Freakboy’s case, is from his forehead to his chin. (His nose could use a lot of ‘modding’, or maybe just some more skewers) Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not being critical, like I’ve read in some of the comments. I’m actually praising Freakboy for the creative, wonderful, if temporary, piercing he’s done, and as I’ve said before, he should get another one call a ‘frontal lobotomy’, available in South America. It could help him cope with the pain too.

    I totally agree with you, Freakboy is awesome, brilliant and fierce with his hot look. However, I think that FB’s piercing should have included some rhinoplasty. Have another look at him, he does have a very big schnozz. He needs something a little less Shrek, a little more Brad Pitt.
    Unless he’s saving the nose tissue for some unfortunate, unforseen accident where he loses his penis and needs a transplant, I see no reason to keep that big honker. He could also use some eyebrow waxing, and get rid of the peach fuzz.

  227. The comments that I have read seem to fall into two distinct categories, those who have taken the time to locate, deconstruct and express their opinions and then those who have chosen to bounce back with retaliatory comments. The whole idea of having a comments section, as far as I am concerned, is to allow an open forum for people from all different walks of life (if they so wish) to post CONSTRUCTIVELY so that a discussion can follow. However, this works on the assumption that when people enter this online ‘community’ they are agreeing to act with a certain amount of decorum. The same amount of which would be expected of them within their own ‘real’ communities at home, sadly this doesn’t seem to be happening.

    Aside from ‘online etiquette’, my personal take on body modification is that it is a form of expression. If posters here haven’t come into close contact with people with less common piercing, tattoos or dare I mention..scarification pieces, then the easiest parallels that I can draw are how a person can express themselves through choice of clothing/political views/the books they read etc etc. In other words any other lifestyle choice.
    Surely a person has the right to do as they wish to themselves as long as it doesn’t infringe upon others and their rights?

    Regarding the safety and hygiene of the person in the picture, for those who are claiming that they are sick/unhealthy; I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve through these insulting comments.
    If you are trying to outreach to everyday readers of BME/ ModBlog/ IAM warning of the health risks posed in acquiring this modification then I would imagine that the comments aren’t required as there is a whole wealth of information available on practical issues/ implications in the BME QOD and BME Risks sections. This isn’t to say that the information provided there should be taken as gospel. Piercing practices may change, as with anything, according to innovation and experience.

    Essentially, research and consider before you disregard and rubbish a large community of people.

  228. wow…i bet your parents are proud of you.
    plz stick a gun on your mouth and squeez

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  230. That’s so fuckin’ querr man, what the fuck is he thinking? Have you been neglected faggot coz ur so fucking gay man peace out

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  232. Dear Ms. Lipa
    Thank you for your thoughtful essay on decourm of individuals contributing to discussions concerning the community of people who choose to puncture themselves and place foreign objects in their bodies. I agree, anyone who calls these ‘bod mod’ folks ‘faggots’, ‘idiots’, ‘losers’, ‘dumb ass holes’, are not being constructive, and shouldn’t be looking at the site if they find it objectional. I agree, hanging by your skin from a cieling fan is just another way to express your self, like for instance writing a book or painting a picture. Perhaps people who have trouble expressing themselves with conventional means, like writing and talking coherently need to put spikes and ink and skewers through themselves just to get their point across.

  233. what a fucking idiot. he should remove himself from the gene pool before he manages to procreate. people like that are such a waste of every resource imaginable. even worse are all the morons who posted here saying ghow cool it was, who then probably bee-lined to the nearest body-mod shop to get it done too.

  234. LUKE YOUR A FUCKIN IDIOT>>>>>GO HOME AN EAT YOUR WIFES PUSSY……OH YOU DON”T LUKE YOUR AN IDIOT REPUBLICAN…… fuck you as i say stupidity should be painful….and i hope the headach from that last comment give you a fuckin anurisum……fuck you

  235. Gnuh gnuh. Luke you’re an idiot. And a minority here. Read before you post and think before you type.
    By posting that you’ve just clumped yourself into the “clueless dumb-founded bystander” group, which is highly frowned upon. You might want to hang your head in shame now.

  236. Dear Mr. Leavethepoliticstomadmen,
    OK, you’ve got me interested now. Tell me what to read that will enlighten me and help me understand the deeper meaning to self-mutilation. Can people who stick schrapnel into themselves actually write? Communicate ideas? Are they interested in anything except themselves? Do they read books, go to art museums, ???
    I’m just guessing, but I imagine the typical ‘modder’ has very little independence, and screwing with thier bodies is the only way to assert who they are.
    T REX
    PS Luke knows what he’s talking about.

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  238. I’m curious as to who designed the “claws” and how/where along the top of the hand they were inserted. Additionally how long was the tempory for? Cool idea, however not very “practical” so to speak.

  239. I am a pretty open-minded person but I have no piercings or tattoos myself.
    However, I’ve been pretty shocked by both ‘sides’ here.
    There have been some terrible comments suggesting suicide from complete morons but there have been some very arrogant statements from those with piercings stating that plainskins are ignorant and childish. This is just completely not true.
    The fact is that there are just as many idiots who don’t mod as there are that do.

    Unfortunately, the “?” at the end of the thread title requests comments with a witticism on the pierced individuals screenname. So do I think he’s Wolverine or a ‘freak’boy? Well; I have to say the latter.
    The (very little) I understand about modding leads me towards the conclusion that it is done to further one’s individuality and yet he has done it to (albeit temporarily) look like someone else.

    I also find it highly ironic that modders are saying that those who disagree with this are ignorant and childish.
    Sure, some of the comments have been pond-level but to try and look like a cartoon character is just as pathetic.

    Why not ‘TEMPORARILY’ (why is this important again?) wear some Mickey Mouse ears or if X-Men is your thing; hire a wheelchair for the afternoon and shave your head?
    If you want a bunch of yes-men saying how cool you look; then don’t bother posting on a public forum.

    To be fair; I’m sure freakboy was happy with the results and his reasons for doing it and, if he’s more intelligent than many posters here will just ignore the negative comments and get a buzz from those who think it’s a good idea. And isn’t that what online community is all about; finding people with similar interests?

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  241. I agree with most of what you just said, as far as the rude comments from both sides thing.
    But I would like to point out the reason the word temporary was brought up so many times was because of comments about wiping his ass, getting on a plane, and getting them ripped out, which clearly isn’t an issue if its temporary. Thats the only reason it matters

  242. Also as far as posting them on a public forum, they don’t choose to have them here for people to comment on, they submit them to bme to be displayed only, the best get selected for here. But even if they picked it, you expect people to be relatively openminded about body mods on a body mod forum, even if they don’t really like it, especially since this isn’t that extreme.

    People can comment all they want really, like you said it is a public forum, but don’t they have anything better to do than come look at and talk about things they don’t like? It’d be like me joining a football forum so I could hang around and bitch about how much football sucks and everyone who plays it is moronic.
    Jut my opinion.

  243. Probably the lamest thing i’ve ever seen on BME. Kid must be REALLY starved for attention, but I see a lot of that around here. This is “Attention-Starved Central”!!

    …you take those claws and shove them straight up your CANDY ASS you fucking “HEY, LOOK AT ME” bee-OTCH

  244. Mister O-Ring,
    I don’t care if you decorate your nose with railroad spikes and hang toilet floats from your balls, what’s irritating is your lame attempt to justify what you do. If it’s just temporary, why bother? If you don’t want attention, why post your mutilated body parts on the internet? Enlighten me..why is hanging from the ceiling by your ass important, and also, do you have a job?
    T Rex

  245. Getting fake claws in my hands is not my idea of a good time but to each his own…

    This is purely cosmetic and it would seem obvious that the guy who had them inserted knows that. The fact that some people honestly think he’ll go around fighting with these shows that that they’re lacking in intelligence and have too much testosterone.

    As far as the rest of the hateful comments go, just more proof that anonymity generates some serious fake balls.

  246. Agreed. I’m amazed at how uninformed and ignorant so many of you posters are. They are fucking temporary! As in for show that one time, most likely. Other than that they are just standard surface hand piercings. You people are ridiculously sad if the best thing you have to do with your time is call some person you don’t even know a fag or tell them how much they suck. People have a right to their own bodies. You don’t have to like it. No one’s forcing you to see it orget mods yourself. Go find something more productive to do with your time than writing childish hate mail.

  247. Dear Mr. Smallfry
    Please educate me. What am I missing? I have to admit, I think people who mutilate their bodies are not very bright, as does 99.0% of the population, so enlighten me. You say people are ignorant and uninformed who disagree with your decision to stick automobile parts up your nose for entertainment. OK, Mr. Smallfry, tell me why you do it.
    T Rex

  248. *sigh*

    First of all, I think they look pretty cool. Not my personal preference for a piercing, but cool to look at.

    To those posting nasty comments, why do you keep coming back and talking to us if you think we are a bunch of freaks? You say that you are just “critiquing.” Critiquing means you are saying something constructive, not derogatory. It means giving an educated opinion, not foul-mouthed comments that are completely unneccesary, have no connection to body modification at all, and are just plain rude. If you don’t like it, then don’t click on the link, don’t look at the picture. It’s really not that hard to do.

    To those on the modded side who are yelling about how you hate “plainskins,” you are just proving to these people that you are as closed-minded as they are. My best friend has no modification. I myself have very little, but desire more. However, I have great respect for individuals on both sides of the spectrum. When respect is what you are trying to get across to someone, it won’t help to name call back.

    Please, people, this is supposed to be a peaceful forum where we can discuss body mods in a civilized manner. If you can’t respect that, then please just let it go, and post your derogatory remarks on a personal blog or some other forum where you and your friends can laugh it off together. This is not the place.

    I’m not asking for your acceptance, if you don’t like it and would like to say so, that’s fine. That’s your desicion. But you can say it in a more civilized manner than what has happened so far, without condemning someone for something you don’t neccesarily understand yourself.

  249. Wow.

    I’ve seen everything in this forum from racist comments to people calling him gay, or a fag, and even calling him retarded.

    First of all if you’re looking at these types of sites you’re going to see things that you may not understand…isn’t that why you’re here anyway? To see things you either feel a part of or are intrigued by in general? Why open your mouth? Just suck in the damned experience and educate yourself on what is out there.

    Second of all, I’m sure his choice of play piercings has absolutely nothing to do with his race, sexual preference, or mental capacity…tools.

    If you’re scared of things that are different and consequently try to exclude the unique or “unlike you” individual by barking obscenities and throwing sticks and stones – then congratulations…you’re “just like everyone else”…give yourself a round of applause…you’ll add to the staggering amount of people in the world that breed ignorance and feed on external approvals. By golly we need more of those!!! Bravo. You’ll always feel safe in your shoes while the rest of the drones rally in your corner.

    Why do close minded people always open their mouths?

    If you have an opinion by all means express it…but have some sense eh? An expression is usually accompanied by reasoning, fact, or the note of a related experience.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever heard someone say “that’s fucking stupid you retarded spick fag” and thought to myself…”interesting”

  250. well, i love it.
    Live and let live, if you want to insult the boy go right ahead, and make yourself look like dicks :) Come on, just start shouting “he’s such a tool!” and everybody else will just listen quietly, but in the back of their mind is a little voice says “dick”.

  251. Freak boy is a smart, resourceful person. In the kitchen can toss a salad, shisk ka bob monkey brains, and roast marshmallows with his pointy hand rods.
    He can rake leaves, weed the garden, and
    fight off all of the guys who will find him irresistible

  252. Freakboy is proof that body piercing can improve your intellegence. Now he can count up to 13.

  253. Watch out for those tendons man! It is a real pain if you damage them trust me. Jesus loves you!

  254. ms.-ter coldclimate,
    when I look at Freakboy, (pretend Wolverine boy,) I think, what an incredible waste of potential. He could be an allen wrench, needle nose pliers, socket wrench, but what does he choose? Two ice picks and a dip-stick. Yes, he is a tool, but the wrong kind, unless he delivers ice in a truck that needs a ring job.. Speaking of which, yes, I do think ‘dick’ when I look Freakboy’s pathetic “what me worry?” face.
    I also think ‘prong, shlong, dumbass and fag boy. Coldclimate, you should get out in the sunshine and fresh air more. The four things ALL of you bodmodders have in common, is that you take yourselves WAAAYY too seriously, you are all self-absorbed, you desperately need attention, and you have NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!
    Oh, I forgot to add, you spend too much time trying to justify stupid behavior, encouraged by the people who make money selling crap to you.

  255. Wow that looks like shit. In no way shape of form does that look cool or look like Wolverine if thats the idea.

  256. Shove a three 10 inch blades through each of your hands and bolt it to your knuckle bone then you may have something. These tiny little things are lame.

  257. I’m pretty sure if the claws were an inconvenience he could always switch the spikes to balls, that just seems really obvious though. Why is everyone being completely ridiculous and just calling him an “attention whore fag loser” et cetera, et cetera. If they’re temporary, and not on your body, and you don’t have to deal with it, then shut up about it and keep it to yourself. If you got a piercing you liked and it got on ModBlog would you like everyone to be like “L0LZORZ FGGT!” I doubt it.

  258. Kevin
    Not everyone is calling Freakboy an “attention whore fag loser”. Some people are calling him a dumbass attention whore faggot loser mommie’s boy wanker. I personally have nothing against his hiedous self mutilating hobby/ obsession. I can honestly say I derive satisfaction looking at his painfully (***temoprary***)stupid body piercings.
    Oh, did anyone tell him the scars are not temporary??
    I like your suggestion that Freakboy implant spikes in his balls. I hope I get to see that!! More! More!

  259. I didn’t suggest that he does that, but alright. I’m sure he’s aware that scarring is inevitable, but I wouldn’t really care that much if I got six dots on my knuckles from that. I’d actually like that. You just need to calm down and realize that’s it’s not your business and he can do as he pleases.

  260. Kevin
    You’re absolutely right, Freakboy’s activities are not my ‘business’, but more in the category of entertainment. Imagine editing scenes from ‘Jackass’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber’ into one symbolic photo and posting it on the internet. That’s Freakboy. What fun! I want him to do more piercing! Post more images!

  261. Eu sou Brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor.
    tinha que ser brasileiro, eu amo ser brasileiro, gostaram das minhas fotos?, tenho mais do meu grupo

  262. You are a moron! If you don’t understand what a moron is here is the definition a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment. a person of borderline intelligence in a former classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69

  263. I don’t see why everyone is generating such a huge response to this.

    It’s just a temporary piercing.
    Just in a larger gauge and in a place that most people don’t do it..

  264. Thats awsome, way to go the extra mile freakboy. I really dont get what everyone is getting so worked up about, after all this is the stuff that makes the internet so great in the first place. Open up your minds a little you bunch of losers, at least this guy has the guts to try something unconventional, PROPS fReAkBoY.

  265. I know noone’s going to read this, but everyone who posted scathing / derogatory comments, you disgust me. :(

  266. To each their own, I says. I’ve seen a pierced just-about-everything, but this one is original. Sure, there are practicality issues, but I’m sure that’s not really the point of this. And there are at least a few vaild points made along the way. Certainly, air travel with such decorations in would likely be a big no-go, but since they are removable, it’s not really a problem.
    Sure, there wouldn’t be too many places something like that would be appropriate in the professional world, save a shop specializing in such modifications, or the like, but again, this strays from the actual point, which I state again: to each their own.
    If you like it, great, enjoy. If you don’t, well, now you have seen something else not to ever do. There’s no use in hating what this guy’s done because you wouldn’t do it, nor pointing out all the complications associated with such a modification. Just take a look, and then go on with your daily life.


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  268. look dude your hand rocks k . all u ill mother fuckers who find it enjoyable in your life to take the piss out of some dude just coz he is experimenting with his body why did u even look u stupid mofo get a life and baby get a few piercings your self ( those who choose to look past the metal and plastic are truly enlightened) p.s u rock

  269. I like them because he got them to be silly. I’m sure he went potty before getting them. As far as what statement he’s making? He’s saying, “Check it out, I got claws..”

    I never have seen three pieces of metal make anyone so mad. I have no tat’s and only standard ear piercings (lobes and cartilige). He did domething that was original and cool. Besides, it got ALL of you talking about it and right now he is the 3rd most commented on picture on this SITE. I think he accomplished setting himself apart IF that was even his goal, and I’ll bet it wasn’t.

    As for all you “haters”, You are what’s wrong in the world. Judge me not by the color of my skin (and whatever I decide to put in it). Relax and remember, ever

    Freakboy, right on.

  270. I cant help thinking that all the people who left comments saying this is stupid dont know much about bodmods? I think these are soo cool, and obviously the guy in the pic likes them, so whats the problem?

  271. Ignoring all the annoying comments I actually have a question regarding this.
    Aren’t they just normal surface piercings there, that (for the moment) have longer jewelry inserted (probably as a joke).
    Basically what I’m trying to ask is if these normally have regular barbells through the piercings, and he just throw these in “for the hell of it” (Obviously keeping these in 24/7 would cause an issue).

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  273. I’m with Stephy. Are these surface piercings he usually has in and just did this for the shot?

    and to everyone else outthere hating on this kid- stfu. people in the modified culture can put 100 holes in their body for 10 minutes, take some photos, and take ‘em out if they feel like it. no need to rip this guy [and his awesome work] apart. Props to shannon for posting stuff like– i wish i could see after shots when he took them out– again, if they aren’t normal surface piercings that he usually wears short bars in.

    if this kid posts anymore stuff you should put it up shan :-)


  274. Dude, your peircings are the shit!
    I don’t understand why people are bitching at you, they think cause you have a cool, and lets admit it, a pretty one of a kind peircing, that it means you’re some sort of irresponsible psycopath. But the think is, you can clearly remove that whenever you want, meanwhile I know retards that get band names and lovers names tattoed on their left teat all the damn time. You can’t get rid of that shit. If x-men EVER (god forbid) becomes uncool in your lifetime, you can remove the peircing.

    Anyways, on a final note.

    What the hell is gay about wolverine?

  275. Eh. People taking this way too seriously…THIS is the freakiest thing you n00bs have seen on the “interweb”? Go back to AOL, kiddies.

    He’s got three holes in the top layer of skin in his hand. Big deal. The metal is in there temporarily, and the part the claws are screwed onto is pretty thin, which means the holes can go away if he wants them to, and he’s doing this for the hell of it, not as a permanent way of life. I’ve seen little old ladies with earlobe piercings all unintentionally stretched into long slits by too-heavy earrings. The holes in their ears are much bigger and more permanent than what he’s got. Get a grip.

  276. Ahhhhhahahahaha. I guess you love it or hate it, no in betweens. I agree with spongefile, you guys take this wayyyy too serious. Remember kiddies, no one is suggesting you do this. We’re not holding you down, and forcing TEMPORARY claws into the back of each hand. He wanted to do it so he did. You guys can’t tell me you’ve never done something merely because you wanted to.

  277. Wow ….. how long can you keep them in for ?… definaatly something i would want! pain on a scale of 10 ?

  278. I have to admit, my first glimpse of this mod made me laugh. The sheer excess of those piercings is comical to me. There is no doubt that the claws look nifty as hell though. The comments on this subject are just as entertaining. On one side you have the idiot masses spouting negativity as if they were expecting everyone else to agree, and then on the other side you have the modder’s society mooing about misunderstood artforms and intellectual purity. My opinion is that the depicted mod is nifty. That being said, I don’t think something is art just because it hasn’t been done before. Creativity and originality aren’t the same thing. Freakboy wasn’t claiming it was art, it was just something fun and interesting to do that he knew would get a mixed reaction. Sure, maybe most modders don’t ‘mod’ for attention. ‘Kay, but most modders don’t have a picture posted on the web with the caption, “Wolverine, or Freakboy?” I have seen a lot of tats and piercings that I would have no problem identifying with art, but stuff like this is only done for self gratifying shock value. I’m not judging the lifestyle, just the kind of thought process it takes to do something this mainstream specific. Anyway, my yahoo IM is seventhsoulfate, so if you disagree with me and wanna shout about it, you can do it live.

    Freakboy, art or not, your claws are nifty. Wish you the best.

  279. Its surprising that so many people even care to post a comment. None of anything that was discussed or done pertaining to this topic matters. we will all be dead before one knows it, so why bother worrying about what someone else does. plus what is the point of defending someone you dont even know?

  280. OMGG!!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!!

    I Wish I “CUD” Get This…
    But Its To Wayyyyyy Out There..Its to Freakish And No One Wud Want To Be My Frend Lmfao!
    Snake Bites And A Nose Stud is ENUFF FOR ME!..

  281. Well… first look and I liked it and then imagined him scratching somebody in rumble and…
    he would terribly pwn himself, because it will rip off with his skin… it’s on wrong side of hand and not fastened to his hand enough.

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  283. Haha! I agree with #499!
    It’s a waste of money, and not remotely cool.
    It’s one of those things that make one wish to encounter
    an idiot like that, just to see if the skin will tear off
    or his wrist will break first.
    So stupid…

  284. The amount of judgment, attitude and preconceived notions sicken Me… This is supposed to be a community of friends, we are supposed to be more accepting as a community… Instead it sounds like a bunch of religious zealots passing judgment… SICKENING.

  285. comment number 377, Your just plain and simple, an ignorante person, as are the other 200 or so people that commented this as “gay” or “stupid” or and medium in between that. Every thing Pauly Unstoppable ( :]] ) said, is right, really, everyone, grow up.

  286. I don’t see why so many people are getting pissed off over his piercings, and trying to insult him. :/
    They’re harldy ‘gay’, and he clearly isn’t ‘retarded’. And I doubt he photoshopped them on..

    Why bother commenting on something when your comment is just a crappy attempt to insult somebody, a waste of time, and makes you look like a complete idiot.

  287. THis has obviously been linked from some idiotic page with some kind of suggestion to flame him. They’re temporary, and they look awesome. These comments are just proof that there are a lot of stupid people out there who will never cope with this lifestyle.

  288. i love how mean people are about cool shit like that… but so supopsrtive of some of the most stupid shit people do on BME. i think its awesome.

  289. I read all these other comments and IN MY OPINION, I stress that because no one else seems to think they should, it is no body’s business what or where this person pierces his body. I’ve been in the body modification business for twenty three years and I’ve seen it all. I know men and women in thier 90′s who are still getting work done. Bottom line? Thier business what they choose to do, NOT YOURS. You don’t agree? That’s ’cause you’re an idiot.

  290. Wow. That’s pretty cool, I take it the “claws” were custom made? Cause I’ve never seen anything like this before :O

  291. *If you just want to prove that you can say the meanest thing about something you don’t understand, go somewhere else. This is a community of friends, and the IAM/BME TOS applies here.*
    Dude obviously not many people read that
    Regardless of if you think it’s cool or a piece of shite
    Do you honestly think anyone but yourself is going to care about what you think?
    Grow up.

  292. He just looks really dumb, is all I’m saying. If you’re going to pierce something, make it look cool. That being said, most piercings look stupid anyway, because the wrong people get them after seeing someone else who looks good with them.

  293. i don’t get most of the people here.
    it’s a temporary thing, let the guy be to be honest, i’m sure he isn’t stupid enough to wipe his ass with that hand or whatever else.
    and stop complaining so much guys, this is no different than what some people call fashion. ever seen any of those high class odd fashion shows? some things there noone would want to or could wear them for even a day, not even talking about a normal day with typical activity..
    why don’t you go complain about that instead?
    same shit really..

  294. I would imagine that would become really annoying after a bit, in terms of catching it on things and whatnot, but it is pretty cool looking.

  295. Why are some people so against this mod ????? ……………. someone cuts his dick in half and its like oooooh aaaaaahh wooooooooooooow ( it is cool i agree) but then someone does something so mild and innocent then its labled luncy ………………. sorry but i just think somethin is slightly wrong with this whole setup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe im wrong but thats me

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  297. I think if it was simply three surface piercings, it would never have made so much of a fuss. The fact that people think he’s trying to accurately portray “Wolverine” is silly. Title doesn’t help.

    Also, I have a beef with the notion that “modified people only want attention or feel unique” How is getting your picture chosen out of thousands wanting attention? (Knowing it is a unique enough mod to get featured?) Not ALL people want attention. Some DO do it for attention (although will probably never admit it), some to feel unique (also probably won’t admit this, then again, wanting to be unique isn’t such a bad thing), some to heighten sensitivity in areas (nipples, for example), some think it’s pretty, some want different sensations in sex, using piercings as novelty. There are many different motivations for modifying you body, you cannot say “[all] people do this to be attention-whores”.

    On the point of it being “self-mutilation”… Let’s compare this to tanning salons. People willingly submit their bodies to some process that modifies their appearance, in order to reach an image they will be comfortable or satisfied with. Tanning salons are generally not labeled as self-mutilation, digusting, or retarded, and that these people should kill themselves. It is socially acceptable to submit one’s skin to UV rays, to get a more pleasing skin tone. Now… I have to point out that ultraviolet rays are like cigarettes: even in small doses, it still has a negative effect on your health. No two ways about it. You can get cancer from tanning beds in some cases, and this could spread and become much more serious, even fatal. …No one has ever died (sorry for disappointing some of you) from a piercing, or from complications arising from one. So, no more calling this self mutilation. After a piercing heals, the skin inside becomes similar to the skin on the outside. Yes, scars form, but there’s nothing wrong with scars. Try telling that to the person who had open heart surgery.

    On the subject on not getting jobs or whatnot. I point out that women and black people had a hell of a hard time “getting jobs” too. Now, yes, we CHOSE to become individuals in a “minority” that is still partially socially unacceptable, but we have seen that non-modified people can also “choose” to be in a group that hinders employement options. Like having a beard? May affect job choice. Have a problem with getting to work on time? May affect job choice. Have kids? May affect job choice. Live in a certain area? May affect job choice. And these factors are still choices. Unlike being black or having boobs. Bad comparison, people.

    And finally, coming on a body modification site, to say you don’t like body mods, is about as retarded as you think we are. We all have different points of view on what is extreme/stupid/funny/ect… Which is fine, but you people don’t understand that there are ways of interacting with other human beings, respect, or at least the decency to not call him a fagot/loser/ect. If you feel the urgent need to express your opinion that he is, in your opinion, an idiot, please at least do so with some wit, humour and have as much respect as you can manage.

    That all being said, which hopefully will reach a few people… I wrote here not because “my feelings were hurt” but because I don’t like losing hope in humanity. I’m not optimistic about it, but at least I’m not going “fuck you primitive plainskins!!!!1″

    [[email protected]]

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  299. nice. I’m not for the piercings myself but it is cool, as long as their temporary. Still, I wonder if you can use these in place of forks when eating! :P Still, I wouldn’t want these getting stuck on my stake! XD

  300. this is.. pretty cool, but also pretty damn scary. They’re too thin though. If they were thicker, he’d totally be Wolverine.

  301. “she laid back on the pillows, and he spread her legs. he extended two fingers and pushed them slowly towards her, forgetting about his gay-ass piercings.

    so he threw the body in the dumpster and moved to africa.

  302. OMG! These are the best tmep piercings ever! I wouldn’t get them tho cuz I wouldn’t want to take them out lol. Go Wolverine!

  303. @ Josh

    “you will really think highly of this when you get older. you are a great example for when you have kids. Do you wonder why you can’t get a good job? Do you blame others for not “understanding” you? Have a great life, or get in therapy and work these issues out before it is too late.”

    It’s a play piercing, temporary. On top it even says it’s temporary! There’s no way he could keep those forever. He would be a great example for his kids–he’s enjoying his life and not giving a shit what others think.

    And why is BME always being trolled by all these haters?? You’re on a site ABOUT mods–ever heard of morphological freedom? Educate yourself!!

    Finally, Rebechka Essiembre, you win the Internet!

  304. Any other non-heterosexual or gender-variant people sick of these ignorant posters using “gay” like an insult?!

  305. Wow, if you don’t like this kind of shit then why are you even on this website?
    You’re really pathetic if you go on to random websites to talk shit to people over the INTERNET.

    Anyways, these are fucking sickk.(:

  306. My question is why does everyone assume that he has trouble finding a job? Maybe he has a job? A tattoo artist perhaps or he runs his own small business or something. And on the subject of his kids who said he has or wants any? Since this is a temporary thing it won’t matter cause his kids will never have to know that he did this, If he does decide to tell them he can explain why he did and warn them about the dangers cause when your children are of age there gonna do what they want anyways. And to dad who claims that he respects people for being open minded you must have much self respect because your closed mindedness oozes out in every sentence you wrote. You rebelled now let him do it for however long that temp piercing stays in. On that note i think it would have been more interesting if they were able to hide the ends of the piercing somehow.

  307. Im dying and not joking, if anyone can me the info on how to get this done, or how to get the blades so I can get it done, please help.
    Its on my Bucket list.
    Thank you.
    [email protected]

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