Getting pierced at the squat

Isn’t what I’d recomend, especially without gloves… I’m sure they know that now, and I’m sure everyone reading this knows why, so I’m sure we can spare the lecture.

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38 thoughts on “Getting pierced at the squat

  1. I’m digging on homeboy’s arm cast, as well – just to REALLY drive home that at no point was hand-washing involved prior to performing this piercing. :P

  2. I love the blurred eye shadow from her tears.

    I always think its SO cute when the younger girls do that in my shop. I know you can’t help them, even I do them, but it’s still cute.

  3. nice. she can afford mac eye makeup and fancy “punk” clothes but no gloves .

    gosh shes soooo punk rock.

  4. peepeepoopoo.. probably isn’t mac makeup anyways, looks more like UD than anything (yes i’m a makeup snob). but i do agree with your statement.

  5. Peepeepoopoo — All you can see is a bandana, black shirt, and what appears to be a homemade necklace. A bandana can be easily stolen, or even found (I’ve found more than a few). I would imagine making your own necklace is cheap, and that shirt could be 10 years old for all you know. She may have stolen the make-up, too. A box of gloves, on the otherhand, is much more difficult to cop and rather wasteful if you have no use for the other 98 gloves.

    You have no idea how much money she spends on her appearance; stop passing baseless judgements.

  6. Ironic as it is, with the text subject above it,
    its funny, I actually do know Lauren, she squats in London and is on the dole, so there ya go, not a whole lotta £££, just to end that debate.
    I must say, Its good to see we’re still putting up these kinds of pictures…

  7. haha none taken, working at htt, theres no fucking chance id be there!
    you read my diary chadam, you know my stance on it all…

  8. Wow, i need to stop being so canadian and start lookin’ up european language and subcultures, because as much as those two pictures look SO wrong, after reading the comments i’ve managed to peice together that somehow this … isn’t as bad or as taboo as i think it is? (i.e. what’s a ‘the squat”?, what’s “the dole” ?, who the hell is Yttrx?, what’s “htt”? and if shannon finds a reason to not lecture this evidently blatant disregard for aspectic technique, why?)

    That said, whoever said “make up or infection?” … Maybe’s its just that i’m a nurse, but really, OBVIOUSLY not so.

    As a side note, i agree with cuncumber on the comments about her dress and makeup and finances.. impossible to judge, especially that god knows she might not have even thought about wearing gloves in the first place.. its not necessarily common knowledge in some rather low-educational regions/area..

    .. those were my two cents for the comments..

    as for the pictures.. the first picture makes me squirm, her eyes are so tightly and snugly shut, it looks like her eyes have been sutured shut… a true visual illusion..

  9. well even if her clothes are cheap/stolen, the hairstyle/colour would have cost money. and stealing a box of hair dye is no easier than stealing a box of gloves.

  10. A squat is a empty house that people are staying in illegally (ie, an abandoned house being used as a place to stay in by homeless people).

    The dole is government provided money for people who are unemployed.

    And I’m assuming Shannon asked for no lectures because we’ve seen it all a million times and it gets boring.

  11. Shannon still puts these things up to show that there are still ignorant people that are oblivious to what is right or wrong with the way we modify are bodies.
    I believe that the way in which you do it is what divides the beautified from the mutilated. Doing it to enhance your apperance does not harm you. Thus people cannot truely say you are self mutilating yourself. When they way you do it is in complete disregard to your health and saftey and in this picture the health and saftey of the kid doing the piercing is self mutilation. It is that fine line of harming or making more beautifull our bodies.

    These are the people that give those that try to do it properly a bad name. It is for the outcome of some of these “home” (or in this case homeless)piercings, that laws are written outlawing some types of modifications. When this kid ends up in the hospitol due to an infection. In some cases specially under these kids cercumstances not wanting to go get medical attention due to lack of insurance or funds. These infections can have serious effects. So there is another negative statistic that some asshole can present while getting mods outlawed.

    Shannon keep posting this kind of stuff. If you stop we here will have nothing to laugh at. Peoples stupidity is the funniest thing.

  12. Aw…good old gutter punks. I dont think the cleanliness factor matters much in this one..

  13. Irony factor Re:Gloves

    When you tint your hair, usually you NEED a pair of gloves at least. If you’re THAT punk you would do your own hair and have either A. borrowed, boosted or straight up stolen a box of gloves-as you do or B. Have stained hands.

    And sorry, but any punker worth his or her salt will tell you a box of gloves is about 5 dollars(That’s US currency) and even cheap ass hair dye would be around the same-much less the day-glo stuff. Its only charming to live in shitty squat squalor if you have no choice. Otherwise your slumming and having dye all over your hands just isn’t very cool. Neither is having Hep C, but something tells me cross contamination is NOT on these people’s radar. And a cast…talk about a location RICH in bacteria. There’s fun waiting to happen!

  14. not to diss on all the punks and squatters out there but the thing that makes me wonder…if they dont have the money for all the things people are listing, then who the hell has the camera and internet access????

  15. As much as I congratulate them on their OMFGz I R TEH PUNKX!!!!!1 stylings (okay I don’t), I’ll stick with my warm, clean, underfloor-heated flat in yuppieville and my mod artist with sterile conditions.



  16. Geez, so much judgement, on every post… all the time…
    Modified people are no better than anyone else.

    Few of you even know the circumstances here, and you still feel “better” (than the people in the picture) enough to spout off? Oh holier than thou…
    Ever heard “he who is without sin, cast the first stone”? Obviously not.

    Internet access can be free at libraries.
    Cameras can come cheap, could have been a gift, could have been found or stolen, and maybe a friend who doesn’t live at the squat took the picture and uploaded it to BME.
    All of my clothes and make-up are hand-me-downs, old, handmade, gifts, or stolen. So was the only camera I ever had (a gift).
    Hairdye is easy to steal from Hot Topic and similar places without cameras, whereas glove-carrying pharmacies often have cameras.

    I’m not condoning the lack of gloves or anything else that isn’t sterile, but I’m not downing on the people wanting to be modified either. I don’t know the situation here, and even if I did, I wouldn’t say a word unless they were trying to be punk and dirty and get an infection… (which is probably not the case).

    There are thousands of possibilities, and reasons. Am I the only person here who’s been judged by someone without knowledge of the situation?


  17. Ideally, they’re so punk they neither know nor care what us bunch think. Which defeats some of the point of your lame piss-taking. Also, sterility, meh. Things (such as my ear) get infected even with yer precious gloves and handwashing involved. Also also, none of you mentioned that the needle itself might not be sterile, instead focusing on OMG no gloves.

  18. Well speaking of gloves, you can go into most fast food restaurants and grab them, most people that work there tend not to give a shit.

  19. yeah, chill out with the whole “no gloves” thing. gloves are not magical. you can put gloves on, touch or brush against something, pick up some bacteria, do the piercing and spread it to the new wound. just like you could if you werent wearing gloves. and it always cracks me up when i see pics on bme of kids doing their own mods while wearing gloves… what, are you afraid youre going to catch soemthing from yourself??

    id be more concerned with the sterility of the needle and jewelry than the gloves.

    and if they are gutter punks, they obviously dont have the money to spend to get the work done professionally. so how else was she gonna get pierced?

  20. It’s her body, I love the OMG IGNORANT MUTILATION comments. I like going to a professional, but if I wanted something more personal, I’d let my fiancé pierce me without gloves. He doesn’t have anything, diseases don’t just sprout in you the minute you pick up a needle. When you’re done wanking off here, are you gonna find some indigenous tribe somewhere and tell them to autoclave the twigs they stick through their noses?

  21. Axle —- gloves are important for yeah avoiding bacteria, and obviously you don’t understand the concept that your very own bacteria can make you just as sick as another person’ bacteria. As for the “brushing up against something and picking up bacteria”, gloves are either nitrile or latex and they are made not to adhere as easily to microbes, as well as the fact that if you’re using gloves, its because you know what you’re doing, and therefore won’t go touchingshit all over the place with your gloves on.

    When i see kids doing their DIY piercings with gloves on, I give them major props for being much more with it than alot of kids these days. They understand that the stuff living on your hands and skin is bacteria just as well and can be dangerous. Yes, you can infect yourself with your bacteria.

  22. yes this is not a good idea at all, but come on, does everybody make the safest choices for everything in their lives? Besides, I have seen worse from people who could have afforded professional piercing. I’ve seen a girl stick an old safety pin into her earlobe in the school bathroom. Then, she took it out and said that she would put an earring in there when she would get home that evening. I couldn’t help but say “AT LEAST disinfect that, please”

  23. I like the fact that int he first picture she is squeezing her eyes closed so tight that you can’t even tell she is wearing neon pink eye shadow!!

  24. Punk’s not dead. It’s just a little under the weather fighting off infection and hepatitis

  25. The tears make me go “aww”. Is it just me, or does it look like the medusas going to be off center?

  26. she’s got great teeth for a gutter punk. and i really like these pictures, they remind me of my friends and i! aren’t i just the punxest.

  27. Im familiar enough with the squatter punks and people in the london punk scene to have seen her, and this peircing isnt infected or anyhthing, so whats the problem? Lots of disinfecting and care is just as important as what materials you peirce with.

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