Little Blue Dress

Thanks to CupCake for this picture… You know, I like my house and all, and I have a nice view from my balcony, but I’d much rather have a dock to sit on.

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17 thoughts on “Little Blue Dress

  1. Wow, beautiful. Excellent composition, wonderful colors and a beautiful model. Excellent job on the photo, the mod work and just all around.

  2. I tried to say something but I couldn’t express myself without slumping into a sort of drooling stream-of-consciousness-speak. There is so much right with it.

  3. thank you! *gush*!! Its not my dock tho… we had to sneak into an abondoned oyster factory to get the shot.

    This was taken minutes before the police came to remove us from “private property”, apparently some old lady saw us going the place through a hole in the fence and called the cops since I guess we looked like trouble… :)

  4. Like the model (although rather pale…not pale…reflective) the hair and make up was a superb job.
    kudos on the piercings as well not too many girls can pull off the spacers and septum
    two thumbs up but i suggest a little vitamin d

  5. Love the pale skin! I don’t often post on these things, but you are by far the prettiest girl I’ve seen on here.

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