Ouiji Board Tattoo

Thanks to Rich (who I hope will pop in later with his studio details) for sending me this Ouiji board tattoo that he did. I suppose if you want to communicate with the dead, you need to take a handjob to its logical conclusion, and see where fate lands, ha… Well, it can’t hurt to try anyway.

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29 thoughts on “Ouiji Board Tattoo

  1. As always, I thought that I was the first person to come up with this idea…

    and then someone else got there first.

  2. Aye, or some damn weird ones.
    ‘Dave, your penis is moving’
    ‘What? Oh no! It’s possessed by the spirits of the dead! Who are you? Speak!’
    ‘Spatupon? Spitpin?’
    ‘No, wait, it’s not long enough to reach the A! Satan! Satan is in your penis!’
    ‘Fuck off. If I believed that I’d have to become a fundamentalist Christian’
    ‘I’ll stop him Dave. If I consecrate my mouth my saliva will count as holy water!’

  3. I’m scared man……. but I liked the unusual tattoo..is it true that you can talk to spirits through Ouija board… do you believe in this…. have you tried it?
    However, I’m including this ouija in my blog….I liked the Ouija tattoo on a whole :)

  4. The wierdest thing ever when I was tattooing this thing at my shop someone from earlier had a cd in and they had no idea I was doing this tattoo and the guy I was tattooing said “this is my song” and I was like what? It had something to do with ouija man… it freaked me out

  5. Nice exprience to make me believe in ouija Rich…. but still i’m in labyrinth… :( Can we get the messages on his body tattoo from spirits…..

  6. Rich N is the Artist on this ouija. He currently works at Exodus Tattoos, Gibraltar Trade Center, Mt Clemens, MI
    Show some loyalty Rich.

  7. Hello!
    Hey the evil will always lie never say the truth because they are fallen angels. Question: who is really speaking to you the dead? according to the bible the dead are asleep until Jesus returns for jugment day therefore the ones that speak to you through the quiji are the demons that are condemed…convincing you to believe in the supernatural world of the living dead betrading god, there for you have a carnated tatoo of a portal for which Satan and his condemed are using you to back stab GOD! Good Luck…
    you are living proof of the books of revelation were people will begin to tattoo the devils symbols !

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  13. does anybody that works at eternal tattoos know of a tracy? she referred me to you guys for my first tattoo

  14. A Tracy that gets tattooed by us or works for us? If it is someone we tattoo we talk to so many people and tattoo just as many.

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