Psycho Cyborgs

Photos by Regis Hertrich:

27 thoughts on “Psycho Cyborgs

  1. Doubleyou the holy eff. That is what I think of when I think ‘body modification’. I look forward to the day when healing huge chunks of metal is easy and actual cyborg-hood is a reality. None of this namby pamby piercing rubbish.

  2. reminds me of grnadma’s boy… that dude that wants to be a robot… i’m getting metal legs… lmao… love it… and love the balls of these bro-sephs… go team

  3. I’ve met Baawo, the guy getting his head nailed, you can’t understand a word he says =( It’s terrible – you feel so rude just staring at him blankly when he speaks to you. Sometimes it’s okay, but other times it takes like 5 minutes of repeating to understand. Other than that he seems nice enough.

    Oh it’s cos they are from Finland, hence the thick Finnish accents and no understanding.


  4. spirited-away: I’m glad you explained why he was hard to understand, because for a minute I was like, “What, does he talk like a robot or something?” and then I tried to imagine what that would be like. Now it all makes sense…

  5. That is very nice innovative jewelry-head gear. Where can i get my habds on custom made accesories like these. If anyone makes stuff like this please contact me.

    IAM: SteveBennett

  6. I’m going to say one thing to you all, “getting my head pierced with a full metal mohawk was the most liberating thing I have ever done, the only way to go when your hair has already gone:)
    May the road rise with you all

  7. Heheheheheheh!!!!!
    How funny!!!=)
    And yes! My accent is from future!
    Thats why u ppl donty get me so well!=)

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