Long fingers are overrated anyway

Voluntary extreme modification, care of the radically modified Burn Scarred. You can read more about the experience (and the strength he’s rebuilding in that hand) on his page:

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31 thoughts on “Long fingers are overrated anyway

  1. Oh if only I was an IAM member so I could read more about this! Shannon weren’t you working on a book about amputation?

  2. Um, his IAM page says it was from slipping on wet grass and catching his fingers in the fanbelt of his truck. I don’t call that voluntary!

  3. Well, his subconsious may have made him slip. Cheeky subconsiouses are always doing stuff like that

  4. Um, this does NOT sound voluntary to me:

    “Thursday I was extremely sick, and didn’t get any sleep. so at 5:30 am I thought I would check the fluids in my truck prior to going into town. I had the hood open, and the motor running, and was leaning over the front of the truck when my feet slipped out from under me due to the wet grass (and due to being tired, I was not paying as much attention as I should have), so when I slipped I immediately put my hand out to catch myself, and my left hand went into one of the belt and pullies, which promptly took off four fingers on my left hand. I went inside and bandaged my hand, and headed to the hospital. once I got there thet took a look at my hand, and forwarded my to one of the largest hopitals in the county to see the hand surgeon. a few hours later I was in surgery, and at 8pm I was allowed to go home. End result of a stupid mistake was 4 amputated fingers “

  5. Why, bodymod girl, does that sound so disturbing? It sounds like maybe only socially acceptable body mods are acceptible to you “bodymodgirl”…which, of course, is just ignorant on your part.
    I personally, have a very level head, I have my witts and I make good decisions. I’m envious of this man’s mistake. It’s not disturbing, don’t judge.

  6. Anonymous. If you’re envious of a mistake it sounds like you don’t consider it a mistake in the first place. She’s not judging, she’s saying its disturbing to her (though its not clear the way she is saying it). I don’t care one way or the other if someone wants to “accidentally” cut stuff off-as long as I don’t have to chip in for the medical expenses. I think if you ask most people, you’ll find a great majority of people find cutting off of their own limbs to be disturbing, AND the thought of doing so on purpose even more disturbing. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s human nature for a lot of us. There is ALSO a group of people for whom cutting off of body parts seems normal if not natural. if you belong to that group, do us all a favor and don’t point the finger back at the majority like everyone else is judging you because they don’t agree with your views. Its all shades of grey-not everybody has to like the same shade as you.

  7. Don’t judge what you don’t understand. Just because the majority of people find this disturbing doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. I don’t expect anyone to pay for any medical expenses for anyone at any time, but don’t judge what is not the majority’s vote.

  8. I do agree that there’s a certain irony to choosing the name “bodymodgirl” when you’re disturbed by body modification. But I understand that only a very small percentage of people can relate to amputation and truly understand how positive it is for a (tiny group of) people.

  9. “…point your finger…” that was bitter!

    Losing four fingers in an accident isvery hard for it affects all parts of your everydaylife.
    He´s “lucky” (i use this word for lack of a less positive alternative) that it´s his left hand.

    and if this was voluntary, i would be disturbed too. I mean they are your fingers…I´m using them rigt now to type this crap here. This would be so different to my “bodyfeeling/Körpergefühl” (dunno if this word exists in english…) the way I percieve my body and the way I am one with it…

    so I wish Burn Scarred all the best, good healing and head up!


  10. I can understand why some people do what may seem to be somewhat bizarre and extreme modifications to themselves but yet I have a hard time understanding how one could remove apendages that are used for so many activities throughout ones day, leaving the person almost crippled to a degree

  11. if this wasn’t voluntary, all i’ve got to say is poor guy!
    i hope his life is still as complete as it was when he had his fingers.

  12. You know…if it’s ok to think voluntary amputation is acceptable, it’s also ok to think that it’s disturbing. People who decry other people’s opinion in the context of claiming to be more openminded are just hypocritical.

  13. nemesis13: there’s much discussion on what constitutes a “modification” to modify is to change…. his body has been changed…. many people would call that a modification.

    I wish Burn Scarred a very speedy recovery :)

  14. Ouch!
    i don’t understand why anyone would want to cut off any limb or apendage,but as long as the person doing it knows then who cares?

  15. All of us who have mods, even “minor” ones (piercings, tattoos), have experienced comments of disgust towards ourselves, simply for carrying out our own version of aesthetic beauty on ourselves.

    I know I don’t like those comments, and I’m sure the vast majority of modded people don’t appreciate them either.

    Think about it. Certain comments that have been made on this blog about “harder” and less socially acceptable mods have a little too much of a resemblance to the comments I referred to above.

    People can have motives for getting mods that seem completely alien to others. No one is being asked to understand these motivations, I just think we would have a better environment on this site if certain people would be a little more accepting of them.
    And if that’s not possible, at the very least, we should at least have a little bit of respect and keep our mouths shut if the only things we have to say involve potentially insulting phrases.

    I know it sounds like I’m asking people to censor themselves, but think about it. Would you say these things to someone in person?

  16. afk612
    perfect response…as for loosing fingers I worked in a factory that built wire harnesses for trucks and such well one day this guy (he was an idiot to begin with) was running and old wire cutting machine (damn thing was from the 70′s and was like 10 feet long) well some of the wire got jammed up inside under the “saftey” grate and instead of being smart and shutting the thing down he reached inside to straighten the wire well it wrapped around his finger and tore it off from the second knuckle fucking greusome as all hell, anyway after he came back to work this guy had such a hard time doing anything with that hand for quit some time but he eventually got the hang of it. So to burned scarred good luck and hopefully you heal well

  17. Hmmm…. i happen to be making plans for a finger removal with a visit to a certain tribe it will be done with a stone blade. i dont consider this body modification just somthing i want to do do for very personal reasons ,but after visisting this site for the first time i now realize how my plans have had a shocking value on those around me .while I can feel what, some of the others are going through on this site.. some of the other post’s have had a somewhat shocking experiance to myself … while that dosnt dosnt stutter step change my plans,,,it’s just nice to feel the otherside of things sometimes ~_0

  18. Wondering bradly, which tribe this is you are talking about, and where they are located? Sounds interesting that they would do this, I would like to look into it more myself…

  19. to those people saying its disgusting… do you find tattoos / piercings disgusting? how about large stretched lobes? those were all concidered absolutely disgusting by most people until recently (some people still do)

    iv been asked to leave by another customer to leave a resteraunt as she found my appearance sickening due to my mods (septum / cheeks / ears / nose / tattoos) someone has to go first, one day this type of thing will get more press and become more common and I bet even if your not intrested you’l whistle a different tune.

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