Australian Ball Exposure

Sometimes you just want to know what life is like on the inside…

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31 thoughts on “Australian Ball Exposure

  1. There is a beauty ands symetry of the human body at all long did it take him to heal back ? Or was this a prelude to castration

  2. is ball exposure about the intense feeling or what’s going on? i think it needs an encyclopedia entry!

  3. scrotom. it’s just a sack of sjin, scrotom, it holds your testies in ! well, in this case not so much : P

  4. I believe this is a prelude to castration. Soon he will be a eunuch, which must be what he wants. His penis seems to have been bisected too. Why do men do these things?

  5. Splitting (which he as well) is usually done because once healed, it makes sex feel better because there are more surface nerves to stimulate, and it gives you more sexual options as well. Splitting is almost always motivated by the desire for a more sensational sex life.

    Ball exposure can run the range from extreme CBT to extreme curiosity (usually something half way inbetween), to simply being a prelude to castration (which I don’t believe THIS case is, but we’ll find out in the future).

  6. i was very curious too to look at my balls! That’s very hot and horny! But i never have done it.

  7. No, if a person is relaxed and into what they’re doing rather than stressed out about it, more sensation is a good thing and they’ll be able to decide when to orgasm… It’s under voluntary control to a large extent. Porn stars aren’t mutants; anyone can do it if they relax.

  8. first i will one days remove the membranes araund my nuts, than they willl hang longer. I had shorted my sac when iwas a young dude. I thought, the girls would like more the short tight ballsacs like to see at the greece statues!

  9. I’ll agree that what this lad has done is extreme, but I’ll be willing to take his call after he’s cut his balls off like I have.

  10. everything elese on this site i can stomach but… this makes my balls ache just looking at it. Splendidly perverse.

  11. Why,Why Do People do this crap to themselves?
    I’m going through a bad time in my life with Women – I can’t get laid to save my life. I would never in all my depression though do this to myself.

  12. I liked it so much, I did it twice – no infection if you are careful. I only have to be careful now I only have one left..but thats another story ;)

  13. Are you stubid as all hell or what??? This site MUST have the most stupid people on the planet doing the most STUPID things to themselves EVER! Why don’t people like this just go ahead and remove their own heads with a chainsaw? You would be doing the world a huge favor!

  14. wow awesome was concerned over the way the sac was openred. right down the cener line the raphe thought that you could expect all sorts of trouble that way. like to have my own done this way if theres no down side to it.

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