Lord of the Blade visiting the UK!

Some of you may remember the interview I did a year or so ago with scarificarion wunderkind Ryan Ouellette. Those of you that do will know what high regard I hold him and his work in. The gorgeous cherry-blossom cutting below is just one example of his detailed and innovative flesh-removals, and you can see plenty more on BME


I’m delighted, therefore, to be able to announce that Ryan, one of the best scarification artists on the planet right now, is leaving the wilds of New Hampshire for a few weeks in December, and heading for London, England. He’s going to be available for scarification appointments while he’s over, and as it’s a short trip, you need to get in quick to be sure of securing a spot.

If you’re interested in getting some work by him, drop him an email at [email protected], or contact him via his IAM page.

15 thoughts on “Lord of the Blade visiting the UK!

  1. that is beautiful. that man really does deserve the title lord of the blade. and he is coming to the UK. thats fucking awesome. just the thought of maybe getting under his blade is just so amazing.

  2. oh good lord, that is gorgeous… i love cherry blossoms, and i love whoever’s cherry blossom side torso scarification or skin removal or brand (don’t remember what it is) that’s already on BME, but i like these cherry blossoms even more! i have a thing for sakura…

  3. Just beautiful. I’m seriously considering scarification because of artists like this. Funny thing too because I didn’t even know that type of mod existed before visiting this site. Keep up the great work Shannon and everyone else who contributes :)

  4. Excitement overload….excitement overload!!! Heres hoping to him falling in love with London and staying FOREVER. We really need more Ouellettes’ in the UK, to put fear into the hearts of some of our more shody scarification artists here muhahaha :D

  5. I still cite your article when i want to talk about ryan. my cutting by him is still in the “in between” stage but… oddly… my dad loves it.

  6. No, many of us quite like him living where he is now :). I don’t think I could handle buying a roundtrip ticket to England EVERY time I wanted a piercing or scarification piece.

    (Yeah, you heard me. He is just that amazing.)

  7. How much exactly does he charge? I have never had professional scarification, but am definatley interested in getting some in the near future, but have no idea on the prices at all!

    I have seen this guys work before. He is astonishing!
    Wish I had some ideas of what I actually want, so I could try and get an appointment when he comes over.

  8. only problem with some parts of london is that it can be illegal to do scarification, i worked in the south london area for two months and couldn’t do any scarification work because of that.. i talked to some guy who was working for coldsteel and he also told me it was illegal in their area of london:S:S

  9. Wow…that’s beautiful. Forgive me for being so stupid, but is this after it’s healed? I’m new to scarification. :)

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