"Purity in Honesty"

Pauly Unstoppable recently reopened his cheek cuttings and added more on his forehead.

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35 thoughts on “"Purity in Honesty"

  1. ok. we have the beautiful Pauly to begin with
    and then you add some freshly done cuttings
    with blood and in all his large piercing glory

  2. only thing i’m not too into is the vine eyebrow tattoos and the straight edge tattoo… i enjoy ice cold beer and ganja way too much to be edge… i wonder how much his lip plate and stretched nostrils get in the way of smoochin’ the girlies… or maybe boys in his case, i’m not too sure

  3. such a far receading(sp?) hairline and hes so young. cant wait to hack up my face. im excited. they look good tho, cant wait to see how they heal up

  4. Thats sort of cool… freaky as hell though. It would be hard not to stare at someone walking down the street wearing all that.

  5. dude, your eyes really stand out in that photo. They really pretty.

    I’m curious too about the nostrils getting in the way of kissing actually… I’ll attempt to get in contact but really duno how… :-P

  6. You know I’m 38 years old,and when I was growing up the only people that really did this stuff were the hardcore punks etc; I don’t have any Tattoos,or piercings – except my ears being pierced. I’ve watched over the last dozen years or so as the tattoos/piercings went more mainstream, and I think alot of it is really cool,but this extreme stuff that I see here,and there……..Why? When is it enough? Apparently it’s never enough for some,and I think it’s sad what they do to there bodies. I really think some of them need psychiatric help. I’m sure this won’t be a popular comment,but it’s just my opinion,and I respect yours as well. Peace.

  7. hm… well, the scars are cool, but that nose! *gag* it’s just a little too much, dontcha think?

  8. his nose looks like shit, but he’s really cu te. :) & he’s so cool for doing this.. But i just hate the front of his nose..

  9. really got fine, dense consistent eyebrows, and such nice long lashes…
    Hope this wont make you feel self-conscious, but
    It’s still your eyes yhat seat your soul
    rilly your eyes verily stand you out Mr. PaUl.

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