Maasai Ears

A few days ago I was talking about how I wanted to remove my anti-tragus; here’s a very nice photo of Rafiki’s big lobes with the anti-tragus removed.

25 thoughts on “Maasai Ears

  1. i have to say i really really enjoy that look

    i dont like my ears without jewerly in mine though

    but that looks really cool

    i would want to be able to wear plugs if i felt like it, i wonder if thats possible with that

  2. i think it looks good, my only concern is with that much of your ear missing, wouldnt it have potential hearing loss?? ive heard of people with rather large conch peircings having some hearing loss because of it. although it could just be a rumor…

  3. this is exactally what ive been looking into
    ive been interrested in this mod for some time now, i would like to be able to wear plugs also thought. we shall see

  4. It’s definitely aesthetically beautiful. I wonder, can you control how the ear shapes itself after the removal? Does removing the antitragus and surrounding area compromise the structural integrity of the cartilege? Does it ever stand any risk of collapsing the ear?

  5. Awesome picture…

    I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,a nd then got interested in doing it again.
    There is a movie that came out called “End of the spear.” and the guy that killed the main character’s dad (it was based off of a true story) came to my church one day….well, I talked to him about tattoos, piercings and stretching ears. He told me how his tribe did it, and told me the ‘tip’ to getting them so big was parting out the cartilage. (he also told my husband he needed to stretch his ears big so he could shake his head and hear them flap. He’s a funny guy.)

    I need to look up on that, because
    I would LOVE to do that…

  6. very nice…

    Hey Shannon i totally aprove!

    think of the giant jewlery you can use…maybe youll have to use oval ones to be confetarble :D

  7. That’s the traditional Maasai ear piercing technique… the antitragus and top of the earlobe are cut out, in a sort of football shape. The jewelry is very cool too… thinking about making a line of beaded lobe cuffs like that for my website…

  8. yeah, you see these all the time at home in kenya, and not just the maasai, but tons of other ethnic groups. my grandads lobes hung to hisneck w/o plugs in them!

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