Amazing new invention turns all bras into underwire bras!

Surface pierced beautification by Juan Manuel Burgos at Face Tattoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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22 thoughts on “Amazing new invention turns all bras into underwire bras!

  1. that’s the point….as far as i know, they only get mad when she sleeps on em, nothing that a couple of days with a well done aftercare cannot deal with.

    ….and yeah…matter with bras is only when takin em off…:P

  2. that part of a womans body is amazingly sexy.
    and now its decorated.

    Good Thinking!

  3. well, most bras tend to move with you. maybe if she hunches over (like if she’s sitting) it could move down and bother them. honestly, i think a bra would get in the way a LOT with those, but maybe that’s just me. and that’s my assuming she wears a bra often.

    but it does look stunning.

  4. If she wears the right kind of bras, it shouldn’t be a problem :) And I’m not only experienced with taking them off (and let me tell you, having worn one since I was 12 helps extensively when fumbling in the dark). I do love the placement, though! Beautiful.

  5. That placement would NOT work on me seeing as how I have monster boobies which require an elaborate network of trusses (who can name the source of that quote?) to be held up…

    …However, since she can apparently pull this off, more power to her! :)

  6. bra’s are overrated anyways… free the blessed milk bladders and break out the cookies…

  7. Yeah that would never work on me either so i’m quite jealous of her. and it still seems like any type of bra would rub funny : /

  8. Yeah. Bras hit lower than you guys seem to think. It would at the very least put a lot of press ure on the top of the piercings. But if she doesn’t wear a bra, I think it’d work. I would die a horrible death without one, though.

  9. I think they look pretty cool. She could probably get away with comfortably not wearing a bra if she wanted, which always helps.

  10. Or I suppose you could get those silicone stick on bras I don’t think they would rub

  11. Yeah, those silicone stick-on bras would work fine because they don’t even reach the underneath of the breast.

    Those do look really nice! Excellent idea. :)

  12. ORRRR….

    Attach a bit of string to each nip piercing and around your neck, pulling the nipples skywards.



  13. no kidding penski, that comment just brightened my shitty day. You should try to market that to the modified community, hahahahaha.

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